RH negative and pregnant

Yes. I’m rH negative. It really depends on how far along you are for the risk. Most wont get the shot until the 3rd trimester and then again depending on the babies blood type. Out of 7 kids only 1 I didn’t have to get a 2nd shot with

Just had my second baby and I bled a little at 6 weeks and my doc sent me for the shot at 6 weeks and then got it again at the regular 28 week mark. With my first I just got it at 28 weeks, but definitely call your doctor. Depending on how much you’re spotting, they may be able to put your mind at ease without getting the shot twice.

I’m o positive but I was RH neg
With both my babies I had to have a vitamin k shot in my leg because
Their father had a different blood type to me

You get the Rhogam shot at 28 weeks.

I bled a lot my first, a bit on my second and not on my third, I would definitely talk to the doctor, you may need rhogam now!

RH negative with a positive father, I had 2 healthy pregnancies. My oldest is 32 and youngest 30. I did get the Rogan shot.

AB- here, dad is A+…I’ve had 2 rhogam shots so far and I’m 37 weeks. I know I’ll get another after baby is born. I’d call your OB to check n see when they’ll be giving you your first shot…just a heads up it administered in the hip and does hurt but not too bad.

Have four kids, no shots, rh neg. I dont think one has anything to do with the other. Is your partner rh neg or pos?

Call your midwife or doctor asap and get it checked out. What colour is the blood?

It can be normal but also you may need the Rhogam shot because I needed it when I was bleeding and pregnant