Scared to give birth

I am currently 39 weeks and 1 day with my 3rd child. I go in to the hospital tomorrow to start being induced. For some reason I’m terrified this time to give birth. Like I’m having the worst anxiety about it and I’m so scared. My fiancé may or may not be able to be there for the delivery because we aren’t sure who will watch our other two who are 1 & 2. I don’t know if I’m terrified because I may be having a baby and laboring on my own or what is going on but I am so scared. Any words of encouragement or advice ? Our babies are allowed in the delivery room I’m just not sure how a 1 and 2 year old would be.

Thank you in advance


Congratulations in advance but I will pray for a safe mama & baby​:heavy_heart_exclamation: :muscle:t4::brain:

Following. Good luck mama!!

When you are breathing pretend you are smelling roses and blowing out candles. That will help you relax. It’s unfortunate that he won’t be with you, but if he must be with the children then it’s ok. Maybe they would be ok with you too. Not sure because they are young. You will be strong and you will get through this. Stay strong and focused.

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Probably anxious about going home with a baby and a 1 and 2 year old . I had 7 children, the first 2 were 10 and 1/2 months apart then it was 6years before I had another and then I had 5 in 6 years. Very anxious with the last one going home to 6 more!!


It will be difficult to concentrate wih the little ones in there and nurses wont be able to watch them unfortunately. Ive got 4 kids and 2 bonus and the oldest was the only one in there.

My girls are 13 months apart and I went through the same anxiety. I had no one to stay with my 1 year old and didnt want my husband to miss the birth of our second daughter. Thank god my bff called out of work and wrote excuses for her kid’s schools and watched my 1 year old for me (ill owe her forever). I would watch your kids for you in a heartbeat, so sorry you are going through this! I really hope you find someone to watch your babies!!

Take em all! It’s a family event anyway. Maybe they have a sweet candystriper granny who’d help out! Congratulations!!


Bring the little kids with you, get them to rub your back through contractions. Bring plenty of snacks for them, and a small doll or toy for them to play with when they are bored. My boy was 16 months and was with us at the hospital until my sister could organise her shift to be covered

My 3rd was the easiest for me!! I was old too when I had her, I feel you’ll be ok, bond with one of the nurses on I loved one of mine. She spoiled me! Yay your having a baby!

Good luck. I hope he gets to join you.

Congratulations I pray for a safe delivery. Let go and Let God, just put everything in his loving arms

I had my 9 month old when i had my baby he came early. He did just fine in the room

Idk if you have a faith but what got me through with my 4th I had major anxiety but what got me through that was lots of prayer and believing He was with me and through everything HE was there. During my epidural it wasn’t the nurse or anesthesiologist it was Jesus’ hands I was holding . Jesus hands on my back putting that needle in. I trust him more than anyone lol it’s hard for me to explain but that’s what I did was trust God was with me and God would get me thru it. And he did ! And he could do the same for you. U just have to trust… it’s a life changing scary experience no matter how many times you’ve done it… so I can understand where ur coming from… everythin will b ok just trust ur higher power to get u thru

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omg do not bring the kids in the room with you. maybe in the hospital but not in the room. my mom did that to me and it was so hard watching her scream like that. as a child you don’t understand why your parent is screaming like that and it’s really upsetting that you can’t help them. a family member came and got me asap as I had a melt down. I was 5 years old and still remember it all. I’m 21 now lol. I have a 6 month old and going through child birth I would never bring her in the room if I had another. Goodluck!! I hope you can find someone to babysit. family, friends, you’re pregnant typically anyone is willing to help especially if it will help your fiance to be there with you.


I sure would not want children that young in delivery room. Could be very shocking for them and if something needs to take place you don’t want them there. Going thru labor can be a little rough at times.

Darling do what you feel is right my daughter had her 2 year old son come in she already had her epidural her husband brought him in an hour before she had her little girl everyone was great he was so excited to welcome his baby sister into the world he absolutely loves her because he was there for the first bonding and I think it makes siblings closer and I was there to watch both grandkids being born

I think my favorite thing about being induced was that I knew what day was baby day so I got a sitter in advance

I would call labor and delivery at your hospital. Also if they are allow r d bring like a pack n play for them and plenty to keep them entertained. I hope your man can be there.

I feel you mama. Induced with all 5 of mine and felt more stressed with my later births than first. Maybe because we know what is coming! LOL. Sending positive vibes, you got this!! :tada::blush: