Second Pregnancy & Relationships

Hi Mummas,

A little back story - My husband and I have been together for 14 years and married for 9.
We tried for 8 years with multiple miscarriage’s and losses to have a child.

After a LONG time, we finally fell pregnant with our first daughter - He was so involved, coming to EVERY scan and apt, every blood test and was constantly checking in on me - He would do the cutest things every night and say goodnight or kiss my belly etc.

Our first daughter is about to turn 2 and im currently 32wks pregnant with our second child - and this time round he seems less interested which is causing me alot of anxiety and heart ache and creates arguments all the time of me feeling insecure about it. Hes come to the scans but none of the apts, he doesnt talk to this one or do the cute things, he doesnt check up on me, Ive got ALOT of health problems with this one (with me not the baby) and he’s seem like he doesnt care enough to do the things he used to.

our first daughter will literally have to force her daddy to say “night to sissy” because he doesnt…

Is this a thing? Like, I can understand the miracle of our first and the excitment etc… But does this happen? Do men just not care every added pregnancy after the first? Or is it something I should bring up more depth with him? (Believe me ive tried to talk about it and how im feeling but it creates arguments over him saying im just being stupid because he does care bla bla)

I think maybe he was so excited the first time was simply because you had been through a lot to get there. Maybe this time around he’s not feeling the same emotions. Tell him how you feel, communication is key in relationships but it can be very difficult.

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