She’s my best friend but I’m worried

So my best friend has a one year old daughter. She’s a great mom. I used to babysit for her. But now her husband stays home. Things she tells me what happens to her daughter. He stays up all night so he asleep most of the day, but he suppose to be up watching his daughter. She’s running around doing whatever with no supervision. She’s already got her foot swollen by they don’t know what, shes got into frebreeze and got it into her mouth and eyes, was running around with a knife, shes missed her last two speech therapy sessions. Seems like my best friend just makes up excuses for her husband. I told her I’m worried something bad is gonna happen to her daughter. Am i over stepping?

I don’t think so, you have genuine concern from what you’ve heard. Talk to her about it, she shouldn’t be making excuses for him when he’s letting that happen. Running around with a knife? What if she ran into a wall on accident while running and it stabbed her? God only knows why her foot got swollen. I know it’s her husband but she needs to take a step back and realize this isn’t okay. It sounds like he needs to grow up & start acting like an adult. And a dad.

Someone should be concerned! All it takes is 1 time for something bad to happen, and there are no “go backs” in life. I would have a very serious talk to her about them being neglectful in taking care of their daughter. If she chooses not to listen, I would notify child protection services. A child’s well being/life should not be left up to chance.