Shoes that do not make your feet hurt?

I need to get some new shoes that don’t make your feet hurt lol. Preferably ones that I can just slide on that don’t


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Shoes that do not make your feet hurt?

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They arent normally the chosen one, but i have knee issues and i choose CROCS!! :upside_down_face:

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Tbh after about 8hrs on my feet any shoe hurts but I prefer my skecthers (spelling sorry) with memory foam. They have some out now that is a sneaker but slide on’s. I have 3 different pairs I wear depending on color choice of clothes I wear. 1 pair needs retiring though

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Sketchers. They are sooooo nice!

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Go to a Skechers store (a stand alone store, that only sells skechers) and tell them you are having pain and they should be able to help. There’s archfit, deluxe walkers, max cushion, go walks, go runs. they may be a bit pricey but if it helps your feet it’s worth it and a lot of stores have buy one get the 2 nd pair 50% off. Try them - they help!


Go to Costco Sketches lot of style they even have memory forms so you wont get lost when you leave home :joy:

My foot dr recommended asics or new balance, they are supposed to have some of the best arch support. I myself prefer the asics

Birkenstocks. Best shoe investment ever.

Hey dudes are amazing. I’ve had three pair and love everyone of them. They are light weight but give you a lot of support.

l Get paid over $120 per hour working from home. l never thought I’d be able to do it but my buddy makes over $15887 a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The possibility with this is endless.

Go to This.

Tom’s I found this shoes doesn’t hurt me feet

They might not be pretty but they are very comfortable

Hey dudes. I love my pair. I suffer from swelling and they are my go to shoes every time

What does anyone think of Merrill? I’m looking at an over ankle style. I broke my ankle in 3 places in 2019. Metal in then Metal out. I need arch and ankle support.

I have horrible feet. I got a pair of Hey Dudes a few weeks ago and am really liking them!

The best shoes are the mesh, breathable, Nikes. I walk ALOT and these are so nice to walk in, they never hurt my feet/ankles/heels and they look good with pretty much anything causal. I tie them loosely so I can just skip them on and off. I wear them without socks in the summer and they don’t make my feet stink either because of the breathable mesh!

Skechers go walk with the hyper pillars! They come in 6 different colors

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Skechers has a whole line of hands free slip ons. I have a tyedye pair that feels like I’m walking on clouds! I love them

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Check out Oofos. They have clog types, sandals and shoes.

I work as a psw and was always told sketchers are the best … I tried but nope not good enough for the amount of time I’m in them … so I was recommended oasis with. A hard heal and arch support … I bought a pair from sportscheck and they were awesome … I’ve been through two pairs and now I found a pair of Nike that feel great …

Got myself a pair of these Crocs sneakers at Marshalls and they NEVER make my feet hurt, even after standing and running around at work for 9 hours

I just purchased the bronax sandals online. They are like walking on clouds. My ankles and knees stopped hurting

What do you need them for ? work . Sport . Walking long distance . partying
Get the correct shoe for the correct job very important to foot comfort

Sketchers Go Walk are the most comfortable shoes I own!


Sketchers are soooo comfy

Mussshoes from Amazon. I wear these to work. I’m on my feet all day and they’re amazing!

Sketchers!!! My kids all serve…and that’s what we buy them! They love them
When i was a nurse, i wore New Balance!

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It depends on your feet. Converse are my go to comfy shoes but I know a lot of people say they can’t wear them because it kills their feet. I’d see a podiatrist. Or do that thing at Walmart for in soles.

Depends on what the issues are with your feet. My feet used to hurt all the time. Primarily the ball of my foot. I was recommended clogs, like crocs. Nope, they killed my feet. So far, the only shoes that have been comfortable for me (for work) are snibbs. I’d order a size up. They’re a little on the boxy side, they are slip on, but do have a tie to adjust the width. They also come in limited colors.

Sketchers!! Foam insole, very comfy!!

Sketchers slip ons are so comfortable hey dudes are as well

You didn’t say where you live. I wear crocs almost year round. You can wear socks with them in cold weather, but I don’t recommend wearing them on ice and snow. If you want support, a lot of people will go with Dr Scholl’s, nurses shoes-they do have some colors, or you could go with Adidas.

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Hey dude. I have issues with my feet bad, even had to get an infection amd hey dudes are so comfy I bought like 16 pair lol. They are so cute, light weight but so comfy and hold up well. They slide on also. I have plantar fascitis and they help so much.

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Skechers memory foam

I love all my sketches! Also Nee Balance is recommended by doctors! Asic’s have a line recommended by doctors also.

For what? Working? Everyday? I work in healthcare and found that dansko’s and compression socks are the best for me.

I’ll always vote for Crocs. They might not be stylish or cute but they sure are comfy and easy to just slide on.

Cloudsteppers by Clark. They are so supportive yet cushioned. Wearing them helped get rid of my plantar faciitis.

Sketches go walk…best ever so comfy

Dudes and seriously my Justin boots!