Should 12 year olds drink energy drinks?

How does everyone feel about 12-year-olds drinking energy drinks? I have my own opinion, but I’m curious how others see it.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should 12 year olds drink energy drinks?

First of all why do 12 year olds need anymore energy than they already have? At 12 I woke up wide awake and ready to go. I don’t let my 12 year old have them. He has enough energy.

hell no!!! no one should drink energy drinks!


No. I personally wouldn’t. They have enough energy as it is🤣

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No one… They effect the kidneys fast.


No!!! You don’t know if the child has a heart problem. Because it could certainly create one


No… there’s been kids as young as 16-17 having heart attacks from them!!


coming from someone who ended up in the hospital in my early 20’s from too many energy drinks im going to say no thats why alot of places are putting an age restriction on purchasing them now

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I’m gonna say this as a 14 year old who is tired all the time, I’m not hating on any of you when I say that they should, BUT only when they are super tired, like so tired that u can see it and for whatever reason they can’t nap at that moment, other than that I don’t think an energy drink is needed, that being said most of the time I opt for Gatorade

Absolutely not!!! I don’t think anyone should have them and definitely not children! We had a dr tell us they had a 14 year old that had a heart attack bc of energy drinks and they see many teens and adults coming in with chest pain come to find out they are energy drink related.

I ended up in the ER with emergency surgery because of redbull (I was 26). My gallbladder had exploded and I was becoming septic! So no… a 12 should never drink an energy drink.

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Nope def not. I don’t even let my 14 year old or 9 year old even have that much soda either. Caffeine is addicting for one and can mess with so
Much of your body.

U should b 21 to buy. U might as well let them smoke or drink. It’s just as bad


They are not healthy for anyone.


No one should drink energy drinks.


Nobody should drink energy drinks


A big NO from me. Those things can become addictive as I was once addicted to them myself and even if I was to allow it… 12 is definitely too young

my grandson when he was in hockey the coach bought a cse to the kids which were 15 and 16 ,my grandson said fter he felt like his chest was really pounding he doesnt drink at all.

It’s a hell no for me

I only had them in my senior of high school when I was staying up late doing homework. I forever hate the taste of red-bull because I had so many to try to stay awake. Twelve year olds should stay away from energy drinks and so does everyone else

I mean, I think I was like 13 when I started taking a bus to the mall with my friends and buying energy drinks :woman_shrugging:
Not saying 12 years old should do it, definitely not healthy, but we have all done stupid stuff at one point in our life.

I drink the monster energy ones but they are sugar free :woman_shrugging: I personally don’t think they are bad, but than again why are we asking strangers to tell us how to live and raise our children :woman_facepalming:

Nope , my 12yo keeps asking when he can have them cause he sees other kids with them , I’ve told him not til he’s older

Nope. There is NOTHING going on in a 12 year olds life that they would need an energy drink for. I was completely addicted to sugar free rockstars. I’m a full time employee, full time college student and a mom of 2 kids. I couldn’t go a single day without one. That is until I started getting a weird feeling in my chest and I could no longer stomach them. I stopped immediately because having a heart attack at a young age isn’t worth it.

Absolutely not. I don’t even like my 24 yr old drinking them. At 12 maybe they need more rest and the right foods.

No. To many young young children having heart attacks from them.
Sadly I personally started drinking them (rockstar recovery and monster teas sugar free and non carbonated) after my son was born to help me stay awake with a newborn. Here it is 3 years later and I CAN’T go without 2 a day now! They are addictive. I would probably compare it to a coffee drinker or a smoker. You done have one in the morning when u wake up your grumpy!
But my doctors have told me a few horror stories about young children and energy drinks. So I would say no.

I was around that age but i was buying my own at work so no one could say shit lol. I say depends on the child and how often

It does state on the bottles that children are not recommended to have it. My answer is no over 18 there choice but I wouldn’t agree to that at all been that young. I had a friend who ended up in hospital from energy drinks when she was like 14/15yrs old.

My 15 yr old was drinking one daily and ended up in E.R. with stomach issues.

I agree ,no one should ever drink them. My youngest loved the monsters. Until she had to do a report on several brands. Once she found out what’s in them ,she stopped buying them. Look up the ingredients. Not good.

Absolutely not! There’s no reason for anyone to drink them! Eat right get enough sleep simple really! In my opinion of course!

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No it’s not good for him

Nope! I don’t even allow my teens.

I read somewhere once that an Apple is a great source of energy, way better option for a kiddo! (Or anyone really)

It will blow there heart up

No it even says on them some say 16 others say 18 there’s a reason for it

No one should drink energy drinks !

if you want them to grow up with ulcers in the stomach and possible stroke then i would say no but if you wanting your child of 12 to have energy at times then lucozade tablets or pro plus but if you done daily or weekly then you will end up needing a calm them down drug at night to induce sleep as its all addictive sadly and i would give them porridge for energy and a coffee to give some energy but some of the chemicals in energy drinks will also do their normal function no favours but your choice and i hope you dont pile your child full of crap but try the porridge or coffee and at times a pro plus but talk with doctor if your child has no energy and look at what they eating and drinking first but still talk to doc about why you want to give your child the boost of energy as they might have a problem :frowning: go see doc :slight_smile: x

Ny son is 18 and I don’t allow him to drink them at all

No, they aren’t good for any age in my opinion but especially not someone that young.

Honestly it really depends on the kid. Drank monster almost everyday when I was a kid.

I’d be fine with the odd 1, but to a certain extent

No way! They are bad for your heart. No one should drink them IMO

I say noooo. But at 12 I thought I was so cool walking with friends and buying Monsters and Jones Sodas :joy: but I hate energy drinks now. Wont let me kids drink them as long as I have a say so!

No one should drink them. They are bad for our heart!

Mmmm no !!! That’s way too young to be drinking something like that energy for what ?? They are ok without that type of drink !!

Nope. Not a good idea at all. Energy drinks really do a good bit on your heart.

I would be concerned about damage to its heart
it’s still growing…

in force early bedtime and healthy energy boosters if necessary
like a little ginger in tea or iced tea

Absolutely not they should be banned

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Not a chance don’t let our kids have them

No I wouldn’t let my 16year old drink them, I know a lady who works on a cardiac ward who has seen a massive increase in younger people presenting with heart issues because of these drinks

They have a legal selling age of 16 and I still wouldn’t want them drinking them at that age. They are not good for you at all. Xx

Heart issues and there not sold to under 16s in the uk for that reason

I dont even let my 17 year old drink them

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When I worked cashier. They had to be 16 to buy them!

The neighborhood i live in i see kids drink them like crazy ages between 4-10 theres a lil corner store walking distances that aloud them to buy anything as long they have money. I tell the kids all the time they shouldnt be drinking them but you know im not their mom so i cant tell them what to do

For me - thats a bis NO.

Here in Austria Energydrinks are not as strong as in America.
They should be at least 14 - if not 16, in my opiniom.
And when they drink it - be aware of how much they have.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should 12 year olds drink energy drinks?

My 13 year old takes sips from my redbull sometimes but I won’t allow her to drink much.

No!! Honestly probably something not even healthy for adults to drink :joy:


Not for energy. I did use red bulls for my son with adhd because he was able to concentrate when he drank it sometimes take a nap.

Is that really a question :woman_facepalming:t4:


Nope not the best of ideas and my kid can once they are 18 or can buy themselves with their own money. But will strongly suggest that they dont on my behalf.

No wtf for they have their own natural high power energy


No they are horrible for adults can you imagine what energy drinks would do to children


Nope…I don’t even like it as an adult

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I got ID’d buying a Redbull. And I’m 28 soo…

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It literally says 18+ on most…


Absolutely not! Personally I believe that’s a choice to make as a adult there shouldn’t be drinking as a teen or pre teen. There loaded with sugar,caffeine and god knows what else. There really not that great for anyone but especially not a young kid. My son can drink them when he turns 18 but not until then.

One ever now and again but not ever day


That’s a definite no way in my household. Not good for their health diabetes, heart, liver.

No way. What does a kid need that kind of chemicals or energy in their body for?

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Hell NO! Adults shouldn’t even ingest that crap


I was the 12 year old with an energy drink (no, we’re NOT blaming my parents, stfu)… with that being said, absolutely not.

My kids don’t even drink caffinated soda. Energy drinks hell no

Did you know…

:flushed:For every 20 ounce Monster you drink, it takes 6.3 gallons of water to flush it out of your kidneys. The average person drinks 6.3 gallons of water in 23 days.

:flushed:For every 20 ounces of SF Red Bull that you drink, it takes nearly a gallon of water to flush it out of your kidneys. The average person drinks a gallon of water in 2 days. (Many people take a week to consume that amount of water).

:skull_and_crossbones:Energy drinks hyperstimulate your adrenal glands to increase hydrocortisone and adrenalin production, and then the GABA amino acid comes in to suppress the hyperstimulation so you don’t feel jittery.

All this extra work for your adrenal glands can lead to adrenal fatigue or crash. The extra hydrocortisone your adrenal glands are producing makes you resistant to insulin.

Throw in all those artificial sweeteners that energy drinks contain, and your pancreas will be working overtime. This can lead to weight gain that shows up specifically in the abdomen. All of this hyperstimulation and production can cause metabolic syndrome, the initial symptoms of which include abdominal obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol. As metabolic syndrome progresses, it leads to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and nerve damage.

You have options. Be in the know how tens of thousands of people have stop drinking energy drinks started feeling better then ever for free

Fun story. (Please dont let your kids be like me! ) when j was in high school i only had energy drinks . I didn’t eat. Stoped got 3 on the way to school one at lunch and 2 on the way home and thats all i had for probably a good year or so of my life and it nearly killed me! I cant stand the things now! . Once and a while i would alow a few sips( and im talking like every few months) but the only energy drink i think kids should have before 16 is Gatorade

Uhm, heck no. I don’t even allow my son to drink dark pop :woman_shrugging:

I wouldn’t put it in my body so nope

Nope, not at all. Even my 19 year old knows I don’t like him drinking them. He has maybe 2 a month if that, and he knows I’m not keen. Them things should be taking off the shelves

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No crap is bad on the body and heart

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No, their kidneys are still developing and it is doing a lot of harm to them

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Thats a no from me… they don’t need them unless they are into extreme sports.
The caffeine levels are harmful …

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No. I don’t even drink energy drinks, nor have I ever because I had a friend go into the hospital for heart palpitations and a couple worker go in for kidney stones that built up from it. Super harmful for your body.

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Nobody should drink them!


No one should drink that garbage!!


Stay slam away from Redlines. Fastest way to cardiac problems

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Research what they do to your gut let alone growing children. Disgusting


No!my daughter drank then in her late teens and now has a heart problem she never had before.

It’s my understanding that if you are in a special-ops any of our military forces and they catch you drinking ANY of them you are OUT. Your heart gets little tears everytime you drink them from the increased rhythms.

Hmmm , hell no!!! They are garbage…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should 12 year olds drink energy drinks?

NO!! It’s HORRIBLE for adults let alone kids


No way I won’t even allowed my kids drink them until they old enough knowing they can mess up teeth…

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No. They arent good for adults so definitely shouldn’t be given to children

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My 12 yr old has been asking to have one bc his friends parents let his friends have them… I’m the asshole mom :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch: that’s a no from me.

No !! Pure POISON !!! Bad bad boo !! Not good for bodies !!

Definitely not. Adults shouldn’t even be drinking them. Bad enough my 12yr old is hooked on Starbucks thanks to her step mom (go for it tho. Im not paying them prices for some nasty over priced coffee. I dont drink coffee or anything of that sort)