Should a 5 year old have a tutor?

I think every families needs are different and we shouldn’t be judging another family for seeking out help to ultimately help their child future. We should stop judging parents for their decisions and start supporting each.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should a 5 year old have a tutor?

I think it depends on the situation. Many children work better with a tutor than there parents because they can argue or defy there parents


Maybe the parents are doing what’s best for the child. Just because you can doesn’t mean they can. Of course they should get a tutor.

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We all suppose great parents -
We are human - We have careers - jobs -
Not if parent overwork ,over stressed - dont have time. Just going lesson horrible expericence -
I homeschool - my childern anyone can teach a child - " if " have patience to. Ask yourself are Willing put in the hours to education your child. No right or wrong. Million child attend public & private school. The parents have decision that best.
Make best choose for your child.

Whatever is best for the child. Sometimes the parents aren’t the best choice.


It would depend on the situation. If the parents can be the ones to teach them, then that’s great. But, its not always easy. Especially if the parents are stressed or overwhelmed, or if the child constantly fights with the parents about it. Getting a tutor would be better for both the parents and the child.

Most kids listen to outside people a lot better than their parents. Now if the parent is already a teacher that’s different but not all parents can get their kids to sit still and listen for any length of time. To each their own. Do whatever is going to be best for the child.

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I don’t see anything wrong with it. I know there are some things a tutor would be better at teaching our sons. Math is not my strong suit, never has been.

The more people you have educating our children increases our chances for a better future…. Geography, math, creative writing…. Why not!

Believe it or not sometimes we need to teach ourselves before we try to teach our children not all kids learn in the same way you have to pay close attention to how your child catches on to things.

This question makes me feel proud of my children. All my grandkids were reading at age 6.
It boils down to the parents choice.
Spend the money to have smart kids or get off your ass and teach them yourself, spend time with them and show them you care.
I did the latter with my kids and they passed it on.

Depends on what the child needs. Is it something the parents can do? Do they need help developmentally? Gross motor? Fine motor? Cognitive? Language? Social and emotionally? Sometimes parents dont know what to do so they look for help. My daughter didnt walk until almost 2 years old i did everything I was taught in college and I used where I worked nothing seemed to work for her and I went to help me grow for help.

Both. I did home school last yeR and i should of honestly had someone else do it. He wasnt learning anythint from me

If the tutor is going to teach the child something that the parents don’t know. Then yes. But wtf is a five year old learning that the parents can’t teach?!

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They have headstart and pre school. Put then in one

What ever is best for the child . Some children react better to a outside source.


It depends on the child and the situation!!

Who knows these days

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should a 5 year old have a tutor?

I think the question sounds incredibly aggressive. Without context there isn’t an appropriate way to answer this.
Sometimes students and families need tutors for help.


I had a tutor for my 5 yr old. I struggled and couldn’t articulate the way he needed to learn so I got a professional. He caught on so quickly. Best thing ever.


I think it’s awesome when parents can be home to help their kids with homework and learning… but, I also think it’s awesome when parents provide for their kids or take time for themselves. If that means you have to get your kid a tutor (no matter their age) then good for you! Everyone’s lives are different. Plus, getting them a tutor shows that you still care about their education.


Depends. My son is special needs and I had no idea how to get him to understand at that age. We hired a special needs teacher with experience in his dx to tutor him. He is now a grade ahead in almost all subjects


If every person was made to be a teacher we wouldn’t need schools! Yes- if ur child needs a tutor- regardless the age get them what they need to help them be successful!


Both! Parents and extra help! I’m a firm believer extra help is never a bad thing :woman_shrugging:t5::woman_shrugging:t5:


Personally I don’t think a tutor for a 5yr old is necessary. However, I feel like it also depends on the parent’s situation (affordibility, availability, other children, etc) and the child/how they learn. At 5 a child usually isn’t in kindergarten yet but they should know some of the basics (abcs, numbers up to 10, colors) before entering. If they don’t that’s okay, they’ll learn in school. If you feel like you can’t prepare them for school or won’t be able to reinforce what they’re learning at home for whatever reason then sure. Also if your child has a learning disability or special needs and you think its necessary then maybe. Learning should be made fun at that age, not a chore js.

Children are worth the effort and sacrifice. Jumping to a tutor first before anything else, to me, shows you don’t think your kid is worth you at least trying.

Don’t think it’s necessary at all with what a 5 yr old would be learning shapes, colours, numbers sight words etc etc

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What subject does the child need help with? Can’t imagine a five year old needing a tutor.


It depends upon the student, and what is being taught and if they can afford it. I think it could be helpful.

Depends on if you can give him the help he needs, if not hire someone

Depends on if child has special needs. If they don’t parents should be able to teach just by having conversations and sitting with them to read, write , color. But it takes time that a parent needs to give a child.

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Are we talking like a tutor tutor or someone like a speech therapist type thing to help with speech that will eventually help with reading etc? I feel like 5 year Olds wouldn’t need a traditional tutor but could use help with speech and that. In the end it’s all up to the parents, teachers and doctors to decide what’s best.

It depends on the issue

I think it depends on the needs of each individual child. Some children may need the extra help, others may not. Yes parents should also put in the effort in helping the child but not all parents can, however, they can all encourage their child’s learning.

Parents responsibility

I mean I guess if there’s any already seen learning disabilities, then coaches wouldn’t hurt but if the child development isnt hindered then I’d say just let em learn

If the child needs a tutor, than yes. STOP being judgmental. Maybe the child is special needs or need extra help that the parents are not equipped to handle; hence, tutor…eg. speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc. Or maybe the parents want the child to learn a little more than what they can teach… They are trying to make their child better, noone should have to explain that to anyone…


Sounds like effort to me, either way :man_shrugging:

Whatever works for that family. Not every parent is able to teach.


I mean it’s really the parents preference. Whatever works for your family. Some families work alot and don’t have time to do it themselves and some families can’t afford it so they do it themselves. It’s literally whatever works for you and your family.

Maybe you should mind your own business :rofl:


My daughter will be 6 next month and she is participating in tutoring sessions for 2 weeks. Her school offered free sessions because she needs a little extra help before she can start first grade. I don’t see anything wrong with making sure our kids have all the support they need to be successful…after all it takes a village to raise a family these days (:

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Whatever the 5 year old needs, the 5 year old should receive. Especially when it comes to education. Shouldn’t matter who it’s coming from. Obviously parents should be involved but that’s the minimum.

Www.moorehomeshooling for counsel. Mother should be teaching young children with just everyday like like math in the kitchen and science in the back yard. Do NOT press reading until he proves he is ready!!!

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Read to the child, work puzzles with the child. But most of all, let the child be a CHILD!!! A five year old doesn’t need a tutor.


I learned during covid if it comes from someone else my kids do great. But if it’s Mom… ya that’s a nope. Do what’s best for that child and don’t let people’s opinions change that.


Who recommended a turor?

Well that really depends on the kid. I’ve tutored and I’ve homeschooled and my 8 siblings and I were homeschooled for at least a portion of our childhood. I now have a two year old and I can say that some kids just absolutely refuse to do the work with their parents to the point that they will fall behind. My two year old refuses to do shapes or colors or numbers with me. I finally broke down and put ABC mouse on the iPad and let her play it and now all of the sudden she’s telling me all her shapes and counting even though I have been trying to do that with her for the last year and a half. Some kids just learn different and some kids need an outside teacher or tutor. Hiring a tutor absolutely does not mean the parent is failing them. In fact I see it as the parent is willing to admit that what they can offer isn’t enough for that child so they’re doing something about it.

I’m a university educated woman but have you tried to teach your kids? Haha nope if the parents want get a tutor haha

Every child and household is different. Your child needs whatever you think they need

Whatever helps the child thrive and grow a love for learning

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If u can afford it, go for it. It is a opportunity for the child to build social skills while listening to someone other then their parent. Kids act different with others. It is a beneficial experience for the child in many ways. Don’t shame someone for ysing a tutor ever.

If a parent needs help, then they have to right to ask. One less stress


I think you should do everything you can to help your kids. If you can afford a tutor, go for it


I think it depends. I’m not the best teacher, yet I am a mother. I couldn’t teach my child math to save either of our lives but I know a tutor would probably know how to do that. I already sacrifice everything for my child but I can’t throw onto the table what is not there.

Is every home situation the same? NOPE
Personally I have to get all my kids tutors because while I am their mother I am also the only parent in the home. I work graveyard and go to school myself to make sure they have a better future. Should I stop doing that and get rid of the tutor? NOPE

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Sometimes extra help is good

I’ll be honest….helping/instructing MY own kid(s) is my own personal hell lmao NOW working in class as a paraEd is my greatest (work) joy. Some got it, some don’t. Do what is right for your child & mindset. Both are important in raising a child(ren)

I got my 5 year old son a tutor when he needed it. And he still has one at 6 years old. If I sit down with him, he doesn’t take it seriously and won’t work as hard as he does with his tutor.

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Absolutely, if he/she needs it. I am not a teacher, and therefore don’t have the patience to teach/tutor my kids.

During the pandemic, amidst working from home, homeschooling kids of 6 and 2, I almost lost it…had to call in a tutors a few days a week to fill the gap!

I have questions… Has your child been to school? We hired a tutor for our daughter (she’s newly turned 6) as we did virtual school this year and she needs help grasping conscripts before going to first grade. The educational jump from k to 1st grade is huge!! It’s important that she does well and we wanted to give her all of the tools to succeed. It’s much easier to have her work with someone once a week and then get homework for her to do during the week.

This question is very condescending. There are many reasons to get a tutor and to say the parents need to put in the effort and make sacrifices sounds very judgmental. Most parents are not teachers. And do not have the know how to teach small children that have a hard time staying still let alone concentrating it is frustrating at the least and not all parents are capable.


I personally think 5 is young for a tutor. Most kids catch on in their own time. Even if it means repeating a grade like pre k or kindergarten, I wouldn’t get one that young.

Do not EVER let anyone shame you for helping YOUR child​:heart::heart::heart::heart:

Some do if you can afford it but if not he will learn in kindergarten but does your school system not have prek