Should a child be punished for not sitting still during a movie?

My husband and I took our 4 year old and 10 year old sons to see the new lightyear movie…this was out childs first movie and he had expressed that he did not like the movie (which i figured would happen because it was kind of boring and he is young) so i happily took him out of the movie theater to play in the arcade while my husband finished the movie with our 10 year old…when my husband came out of the movie he was LIVID and started going in on my 4 year old and says he needs to be punished for not sitting still and watchin the movie and we wasted money…but i personally dont think he shoudl be punished as he is not meant to sit still and the movie did suck…so now my husband wont even talk to me because i will not let him “punish” our 4 year old…am i in the wrong?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should a child be punished for not sitting still during a movie?

Absolutely not. He is 4… most kids don’t sit still for anything. They like being active. Your husband needs to stop throwing a tantrum

My 4 year old has been going to the theater since he was 2 he never sits still I think the big screen and other people excite him plus all the chairs and he always wants to check our arcade and concessions. I don’t mind i think the more I take him the more he will get use to it

Nope not at. I don’t go to movies anymore because I can’t sit still

Punish the husband for not understanding basic child development :crazy_face:


Absolutely not… no child that age is going to sit thru a movie

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Not at all. If he didn’t want to see it in the first place he shouldn’t have been forced

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He should be able to sit through a movie at 4 and if not don’t take him to the movies.


100% punish the husband. No. It’s normal for them to not sit still in a movie :popcorn:.


He’s 4 … he’s not gonna sit through a movie … tell your husband to grow up … my god :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Whata douche. A 4 year old is not going to sit still, even if it was a movie he was interested in.

No?? Punished is an incredibly wrong word. 4 year olds are not known to sit still for two hours, what did y’all expect? Discipline. Teach him he has to keep it down or, just don’t take him for a couple of years and move on. Red flag on your hubs

What the hell is wrong with him? My kid is 7 and still cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes. Your husband is the asshole and I would worry that he’s possibly abusive when you’re not around…

Absolutely not . How would anyone expect a 4yr to sit still in a movie ? I have a 6yr old and he moved the entire time. He’s a child and that’s OK. I’d be giving my husband and ear full

Nope. That is insane.

You are not wrong at all, I agree with you

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I heard movie is gross and not healthy stupid with the gay people kissing


It’s okay that your 4 year old didn’t wanna sit through the movie. It’s normal. Not something you punish him. For. Just have a good talking to him and help him to understand why it’s important to sit through the whole movie and then work on doing so…

Lol sometimes i cant sit through a crappy movie

Nope,just reprimand the child and next time before you go out with the kids again lay out the don’ts and the do’s

No, they shouldn’t be punished. They should be able to get up and walk around my 6 year old gets antsy still… so I am sure a 4 year old gets antsy.

I allow my son to walk down the aisle if no one is there in our row and if there is I take him out the theater and let him run a few times and ask him if he’s ready to go back in. Now if you realize the 4 year old isn’t ready then I would wait a little bit and honestly maybe he or she wasn’t interest in the movie can’t blame them they are human we don’t all like every movie we see.

I took my 4 yr old niece to jurassic it was 2 5 hours did good up till 30 min left. But she wanted to go see it so I made her sit and be quiet. 4 yr old can sit and watch if the want to… we did get up 3x potty and get drinks and get popcorn.

Nope not at all he is 4 he is not ganna sit through a movie tell your husband to grow up

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Uhhhh he’s a child. Most kids under 8 won’t sit still for a movie. Especially one they’re not interested in. Your husband needs to grow up


Wow, he’s 4. Husband needs to chill :roll_eyes: your child is fine!! You know your child is fine for doing that too!!! Explain to husband that a lot of our kids at 4 have done this. Maybe he won’t be so mad realizing a lot of 4 year olds do this. My son is going to be 7, with ADHD and we have NEVER been to the movies!! Your husband just better be thankful honestly :sweat_smile:

Nope, husband is wrong.

Your husband needs a reality check and to stop acting like a child himself because he’s not getting his way :woozy_face: My 5 year old still doesn’t sit through a movie. I have never met a young kid who can :woman_shrugging:

Wow wtf think your husband needs to be re-educated about what is typical for a 4 year old. I mean I’m sure he doesn’t sit at hm for 2 hours straight during a movie. That is to be expected. Just like going out to dinner at a restaurant. You hv to teach them how to behave, take them out often and they will learn, and being coloring etc to help. But to be punished bc he couldn’t sit through a movie at a theater that’s irrational and definitely not ok.

All kids are different my daughter who is 4 with autism will gladly sit through a whole movie and more if I let her she’s been to the movies a couple times since she was 2 and loved it every time where as my almost 4 year old boy wanted to run a muck and only sits for bits and pieces all kids are different

No child is gonna sit still for a movie unless they have the want to, which its fine that the 4 year old didn’t. If he didn’t want to waste his money he should have waited till it came out to rent so yall could watch at home. Im 23 and rarely go to the movies because i simply hate to just sit there

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4 year olds do not sit still during a movie. I personally think 4 is to young.

Heck no I’m 34 if the movie doesn’t interest me I’m done. Lol

Kids aren’t meant to sit still at 4 … movies , church… others … I’m 43 and I get antsy sitting in the movies ! You did the right thing removing him so he didn’t disturb the others enjoying the movie ! Husband needs to understand …

Your husband sounds like a piece of shit!! :woman_shrugging:

Um. No. He’s 4 years old. A 4 year old has a hard enough time sitting still at school, what makes him think he’s gonna sit still for a 2 hour movie he’s not interested in? I’d be getting a new husband LOL

No. He is 4, you shouldn’t have even taken him to a movie yet at that age. But you handled the situation well by removing him and finding other entertainment. Your husband sounds borderline abusive and controlling to want to punish a 4 yr old for not sitting still and quiet for 2 hrs


Movies are not for all children my son loved movies first one at 3 still does hes 33

He’s 4. Good grief. I wouldn’t sit still through a boring movie either. Lol Your husband sounds like a jerk.


That’s a bit over board. I have 7 year old twins that haven’t been in a movie theater because they don’t sit still. We’ve taken them to a drive in, but that really doesn’t not effects us, not a theater full of people. Your son is 4! Your husband needs to get over it…

Wow, sounds like your husband is a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Tell your husband to stfu. Leave that 4 year old alone. He would not be ugly to my child. He’s freaking 4.

Nope. tell husband to reevaluate his expectations

Your husband was acting like an idiot. Your son was acting like a 4 year old.

He’s only 4, if he doesn’t like what’s on the screen of course he won’t sit still!!! My kids can’t sit still for a whole movie at home, that’s why we don’t even try to go to the movies

No… movie theaters are not for children. Cause they need to move n make noise… attention span is usually very short at this age. It’s best to start at home with movie night n go from there

Absolutely not! It must be so hard for a 4 year old to sit for so long, especially during a film they’re not at all entertained by! Your husband is being ridiculous

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He’s 4 years old. He’s supposed to be moving & not sitting Still. Your hubby needs to chill out

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Not wrong, it takes time for kids to get time of the movies. I understand being upset about spending money on going but there’s no need for punishment

He’s four, he said he didn’t want to see it, so why should he punished? I think that’s your husband behavior and attitude is the real issue here. He wants to punish your son so bad he’s not speaking to you? Heck no. I’d tell him to grow up or leave. It seems like you weren’t even enjoying yourself so why the heck would the four year old.


Good job, for not punishing him. That’s normal behavior for a four year old!!!

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No, your husband is a controlling asshole. :confused:

Nooooo your not but he is !! Hes 4 for goodness sake. Stick to your guns on this your kid needs you, sounds like youre the rational thinking one here…anything else would be emotional child abuse,!

Sheesh your husband needs to chill out. Punishing him how!? At 4 it’s to be expected that he can’t sit still for a 2 hour movie. Let alone one he doesn’t like. Throw out the whole husband.

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Absolutely not! Your husband is being an ass! :woman_facepalming:

Jesus Christ…I’m 33 and still have a hard time sitting still for an entire movie.
Hubs needs to get a grip. Pushing adult expectations on a toddler is toxic AF


No, your husband is wrong. Even if it was a good movie it’s unrealistic to expect a 4 yr old to sit that long! He needs to take a friggin chill pill.


No, he is wrong. Some children can, some can’t. Not a punishable ‘offence’.

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HE IS 4! How about punishing your husband for thinking a 4 year old could set through a boring movie. Especially if it’s the first movie he’s been to. I wouldn’t even take my 12 year old unless I knew it was something he would actually like to watch because he wouldn’t set still either. :joy:


Definitely not in the wrong and I think you handled it well so your other son and husband could enjoy the rest of the movie

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You did right. As a dad that has complained and thrown fits about wasting money myself. I know there is more goin on in his life and he his taking it out on this. Y’all need to talk and find out the real issue before it gets worse. I hope the best for Y’all.

I see kids who throw tantrums in theaters and the parents go outside and handle business and the come back with the child whooped and the movie continues… it’s how you handle it and don’t ever tell your spouse how to parent ,it will cause problems and your child starts acting like they can get away with it because someone is playing hero


He’s 4. Absolutely not.

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He sounds like a pysco. His expectations for a 4 year old are way off.


I would absolutely not punish him! If he punishes him for this this child is never going to want to go to the movies or do anything special again.

Hes 4! Did he really expect him to stay still and quiet?

It’s normal my little boy is 3 and doesn’t sit still all day my husband took him to a movie and he was just being a boy they are wild Childs lol we won’t be going to a movie for a long time we will stick to parks and swimming stuff he can run out his energy

Haha I have a 4 year old and he can’t sit still for the life of him and always bouncing lol I definitely wouldn’t of punished my kid for not sitting still that’s silly

He is a child. Your son. A childdddd why would any one expect a 4 year old to sit still through a movie. Even if it was a good movie. That’s crazy. Let him not talk to you cuz your not in the wrong. But you should tell him and explain to him how a 4 year old acts. And that it’s normal. They are full of energy and usually unless tired or sick cannot sit in one spot.

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What does he want to do to him???

Hes 4. What 4yr old does he know that sits still through any movie!? Honestly he should’ve known better from the start if he was that worried about money :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Your husband is an azz… show him all these comments.


I book seats near the very back or very front so my kids have a big space to move if they need to :woman_shrugging:t2:

Punish a child for not being able to sit still for hours, which is completely normal for 4 year olds to not be able to do? Tell your husband to read a parenting book and grow up.

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You need to punish your husband for acting like a baby. Children do not sit still. What is hobbies problem? Over reaction.


4-year-olds have the attention span of a cocker spaniel so it’s wrong to expect him to sit through a movie that long. Your husband should know your child well enough to understand that he can’t set that long and pay attention to a whole movie. I don’t know very many 10-year-olds that can.


No punishment for not sitting still at 4. Along with he didn’t choose to spend the money to go. :woman_shrugging:


He’s 4 years old, practically a baby. Your husband is assumedly an adult and is acting like a baby.


No you did the mom thing, he has s four

You are not wrong. You little boy is 4. That is too young to be expected to sit still for a movie he doesn’t like. So, the money wasn’t spent on the movie. He got to get out of the house and go to the arcade. Stick to your guns and don’t let your husband punish the 4 year old boy. If he persists in being a jerk, tell him to get out. He has no business around children if he can’t hold his temper.


Unless the punishment is not going to the movies again until he can sit through a movie at home, there should be no punishment.


Imagine someone wants to punish their child for behaving in a typical manner any 4 yr old would.


Mama knows best. I don’t know very many 4 yr olds that would sit still for a whole movie especially in a new environment
Your husband needs a reality check his expectations sound high for a little child

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He’s 4. A toddler still. So you are not wrong

You’re husband as ass. He’s 4. He isn’t going to sit still by nature…

No but I would definitely tell your husband he’s acting like a 4 year old to


No way. Your husband needs to take some child development classes. He’s FOUR, 2 hours is a long time. I don’t go to theatres myself because I can’t sit still that long. You should’ve waited until you could stream it. It’s not the child’s fault you spent the money on a bad decision.

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Your husband sounds like a bully.

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If you can expect a 4 year old to sit still for a couple of hours in class, you could expect it in a movie theatre. It’s about discipline. I think you did right by removing him so he didn’t interrupt the movie for other people. Husband seems like he’s trying to teach the son. You both have completely different parenting styles and probably should have discussed it before having children together.

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Nope you are not wrong at all!

your partner is out of order. 4 year olds are not ready to sit and watch a whole movie they aren’t interested in. I see no problem with you leaving and doing something he liked while your husband and eldest got to watch the film.


Your guy is being an ass in my opinion. 4 is too young to sit still a whole movie like that, don’t get me wrong some kids do but most don’t. I think he needs to get over it and take it as a lesson learned that he’s just not ready for a theater yet. And for the record him ignoring you over being a good mom and standing up for your baby is a red flag.

Go after your husband. Don’t let him punish a 4 year old for being a 4 year old.

No you are not in the wrong

No mama you are not in the wrong. You are so right and I’d fight with my husband on it too. the child is four years old they cannot be expected to sit through a full movie. Mine are 11 12 and 13 and they still can’t sit through a whole movie. They don’t like it or it’s boring to them they’re not going to sit through it. The child is four you can’t expect a four-year-old to sit still for as long as you want them to. They’re going to fidget and move around. Your husband is in the wrong for this one I don’t think that you’re 4-year-old should be punished. Even you didn’t like the movie so what is he going to punish you because you couldn’t sit still.

no u were right to do that

No your not in the wrong little one is 4 years old come on

No matter how old a child is they should not be punished for not liking something even as adults we go places and decide no and leave.

No… I can’t even sit still for that long.

The problem is you taking a 4 yr oldto a movie theatre…not him acting like a 4 year old.

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