Should I ask for a different school?

How to make kindergartener comfortable going to school.

My 5 year old started t-k this year and loved it at first then refused to go after a few days. He was in a Spanish-English class and he would throw a huge fit every day from then we eventually got covid and I switched him to distance learning. So far he has been doing a lot better but he mentioned that his teacher was mean to him. Now when he first started he was 4 the starting age for t-k and obviously I knew he wasn’t going to listen as much. Since the pandemic he hasn’t has as much social interactions but he said she would yell only at him and take his snacks I sent (he probably was eating during class) but that’s the only problem I heard about she would record students during class and she showed me one of him doing letters (which she said I hope it’s okay I took it… no I find it inappropriate) but since leaving school he’s been doing really well but whenever I mention going back he cry’s and freaks out how do I make him comfortable going back?
It got so bad the principal had to keep carrying him to class so he hated him and would freak out worse. the principal and teacher both said he was better right after being taken to class but my son said everyone including the students that (most only knew Spanish… my son knows both) they were mean and made him play alone should I ask for a different school?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I ask for a different school?

I am literally going through the exact same thing. My son is having a major issue with school and he has ADHD and they could care less. Ive had a very rough couple months. Call the Board of Education. Be his voice. Don’t give up, you got this.

That’s definitely a tough age. Some are ready for school and some are use to just being home with Mommy. Sometimes it takes adjusting to different rules and such and some kid’s don’t like the change. But if your feeling something is off, maybe try another school and see how he does. But it’s also hard because he will get a new teacher every year. Some you will like and others you might not. It’s definitely hard, but go with what your hearts telling you. I can say working with kiddos, that they do act different infront of their parents.

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Do what you feel is best honestly. I am preg with my 8th child and we dealt with a lot of bullying issues (even one kid stabbed my daughter in the hand in K with a pencil, broke the lead off in there (sometime during morning, 1st class) the principal and the teacher were both in the class when she was stabbed and claimed she said nothing. When she got home after 4pm it was infected and I had to pull the graphite out myself. I called the school and they said they’d handle it. They literally did NOTHING. So when the kid started with my daughter again (pushing her, pulling her hair) my daughter hit the kid with a desk. I got a call with them threatening to suspend my daughter. She was struggling in the classes anyways and so I took her out and put her in a new school. That school had a few bullies who made racial remarks (daughter is 1/2 white 1/2 Mexican) so once covid hit and they had kids work from home I just waited the rest of the year out with that school and then put my kids in virtual learning at an online public school. My kids are doing WAY better. Just in 1 year, my daughter who struggled with reading went up 5 reading levels. So for us, it has been a much better experience than actual school.

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Sounds like separation anxiety. It’s not easy sending a little one to school alone. He sees teacher and principal as bad people because they take him from his security…you. He is getting bullied at school. No telling what they are saying or doing to him. Just talk to the teacher about it and go from there. But, what concerns me is …is he bullied by teacher? I had teacher bullies and my daughter had one physically abuse her. I didn’t know until 6 weeks left in the year. I know there is no way to see but, try to ask him without accusing them or her. Be sure not to put the idea in his head let him say it first. Otherwise he will grab on to the idea because he knows or sees that it upsets you. If he can upset you , he will think you’ll keep him home. Honestly with the school changes of parents not allowed , I would homeschool. He’s too young emotionally to go alone. God bless.

Yes. Hes probably being bullied by the teacher. It does happen. Mine cried every single day and would say the same things. I switched her schools and now we are on break and i cant get her to stop asking to go back to school! Trust your kids.

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Switch to a different classroom, that can’t be the only one.

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My son suddenly started refusing to go into school just after the year started at the age of 6. Without going into detail I followed my intuition and moved him and it was the best thing I could have done. It’s scary how even little children can be labelled and judged by those who are supposed to encourage, nurture and care for them especially when they are so little


My son was bullied by his kindergarten teacher. The first day of school she sent him and like 3 other kids the principles office. She would stick my (then 6 year old) outside in the cold on the concrete with the door closed with no chair to sit on. My son is a severe asthma the cold makes it worse and there was a fence with a gate not even 10ft away. He could have easily been kidnapped and no one would have known. I only found out he was being stuck outside when a friend of mine saw him and told me. You better believe I threatened the school with the police, the papers and child protective services. They changed the rule after that no child was allowed to be sent out of the class to sit on the wall. But being in a small town we didnt have the option to change schools or teachers. The next year when he was told he had to go back to school he cried heart wrenching tears. Thankfully the teacher quit at the end of that year and my sons 1st grade teacher made him love school again but it was so hard to see my baby bullied and couldn’t do anything because we had no options at the time. So yes it happens that kids get bullied by their teachers listen to your baby

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My oldest loved school till 3rd grade when she got a teacher that was supposed to retire but refused. She bullied my daughter so much especially after she wet her pants in class and wouldn’t let her go to the nurse. My daughter asked to use the bathroom and she told her she had to wait for lesson to be over. I found out after she got home. I raised hell to the point I got the superintendent involved and got a lawyer. Needless to say the teacher was forced to retire. Now she loves school still she’s a freshman now. Refuses to miss a day until I force her if she is noticably sick. However my youngest 12, is struggling she’s in 7th, we moved a few years ago and she’s been bullied since from kids and adults. To the point she is now seeing a psychologist and medicated. She’s doing better, but not how I would like her to be. But I have no other options for the district or with my schedule. Doesn’t help the middle school has been on the news a lot since COVID with how they have no control over the kids and do not hold them accountable. We are pushing through even though I hate it. I reminder her daily to focus on her education and block out the kids. If you have the option to change schools or do homeschooling for a year or two I recommend it.

Don’t send him back if he is telling you that the teacher is mean listen to him. This happened with my little one in preschool. She only went for a couple days but they totally ruined school for her. I kept telling her teacher aren’t suppose to be mean. Luckily I was able to get her into a great pre K program and it showed her teachers aren’t mean and when she went it to Kindergarten everything was fine. Good luck.