Should I be concerned about the bruises on my childs back?

I’m just posting to see if any other moms have experienced this with their child and if I should worry, or am I just overreacting. My almost two years old often gets small circle bruises on his back (smaller than a pinky nail). I’m a stay at home mom, with him 24/7, and he is pretty clumsy and often hurts himself and gets bruises occasionally, but he never hits his back on anything, so I’m not sure where these bruises could be coming from. Should I schedule an appointment with his pediatrician now, or am I overreacting, and is it no big deal that can wait until his two-year check-up in March? Do any other moms have this experience with their children?


Take him to the doctor. It could be something more serious.

My daughter got bruised easily come to find out shes anemic

Is there anyone else in house? Siblings?
Hardwood floors?

My son gets bruises on his back along the spine from bum changes. I started changing him on the bed

Some kids get bruised on their lower spine from the carseat

Does he sit in a booster/high chair with straps that could be causing this? My daughter gets a bruise occasionally from the T of the straps on her booster

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Check to see if there’s anything in the back section of the car seat that’s digging in. My daughter had the same thing and I figured out there was some plastic pieces that were digging in her back in the exact spot of the bruises.

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Does he have a play slide? I’ve notice sometimes they get small bruises from the end of the slide

Do you have any middle eastern genes?

Is your baby bi-racial? Maybe they are Mongolian blue spots?? They usually disappear over time.


Are they disappearing and coming back? In the same places or different places?

In my opinion. No measure is too small when it comes to your child. If you are genuinely concerned. Go get him check out.


My son gets bruised all the time. They play, they fall, they are clumbsy, I wouldn’t make a huge deal out of it. Just keep your eyes open for a pattern.

Is your child mixed with anything? My children are black and white and get what’s called mongolian spots on them. Most have faded now that they are older.

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Honestly, I’ve known two different people who had bruising like that and it did turn into something else. My motto with kids is, better safe than sorry. If it’s niggling at your mind, go to the doctor just to be sure. I’m sure he’s fine but, why not put your mind at ease?


If you’re concerned take him to get checked out, just for peace of mind. Could be nothing but could be something.

My daughter is going to turn 2 in March also and she just started getting bruises on her shins. BUT that is because she has finally figured out how to get up and down from a regular kitchen chair. See what he’s climbing up and down from. He could just be hitting his lower back on something that doesn’t seem like a big deal to us grown ups.

my son is three I’m also a stay-at-home mom I find new bruises on him daily they won’t always cry when they get hurt Mama it’s okay. but on the other hand my daughter does have a reoccurring bruise on her back from her car seat so it could be something related to that too

Is your baby bi racial? All my babies had Mongolian spots on their lower backs up until they were like 2-3 years old (it could stay longer) or maybe anemia? I bruise very easily as well

Probably from their carseat

I second that it could be the car seat . There known to cause back bruises

I’d mention it at the next appointment, my kids and I get random bruise’s all the time, mines mostly from my anemia

What carseat does he have? This happens sometimes woth graco seats.

Ask your pediatrician, back bruising can sometimes point to serious issues

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If it’s stealing your peace of mind, I say get it checked out. If nothing else, at least it will ease your anxiety.

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I would get blood tests done to be sure

Bruising easily can be a sign of iron deficiency and severely low iron levels can be harmful in many ways. I would rather consult a doctor

I’d call your child’s doctor. Sometimes back bruising can be very serious.

Unknown bruising…needs visit to doctor …please

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Definitely talk to a doctor. Unexplained bruises aren’t something to play with. Ok… carrying your child in to the ER at 3am and screaming for a doctor over unexplained bruises on a healthy child might be slightly overreacting, but bringing your child in for an appointment, or bringingit up at the next appointment isn’t. Don’t doubt yourself like that.
My daughter developed weird bruising/rash all over her legs and thighs, over just the course of a few days one summer. I made an appointment because I was concerned. The Dr was also concerned and rushed her blood work through. The results came back normal, so we just kept an eye on it. They cleared up in a week, and we’ll never know what caused it, but she was fine and that’s what matters.
My father also developed some unexpected bruising once, and after breaking out in a weird rash from his belly to his neck, my mother made him see the Dr. They were concerned and sent him to the ER, where his platelet count was determined to be something like 200 (out of 50k) and his blood was literally seeping out through his skin. They gave him meds and he was fine by bedtime.
Moral of the story: it could be something, it could be nothing, but bruising like that isn’t something to ignore.

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I would definitely go and speak to a doctor… its probably something and nothing but any unexplained consistent bruising is worth getting checked out. Hope everything is OK x

Get blood work done. My son was 3 and brusing all the time and turned out he had leukemia.


I have two boys, both of them ended up with the same type of bruises you described and it was from rolling over/on toys when they were playing. :woman_shrugging:

If he has any red blood spots (petechiae)/(purpura) please take him to the Dr immediately. When my oldest daughter was 18 months old. She started breaking out in blood spots, and she had huge bruises on her back. One was bigger then my hand. ( Drs nurse questioned me, like I was beating my child) thankfully my doctor knew exactly what was going on( she use to be a hematologist) she called the hospital and reserved us a bed before even giving my kid a blood test. My child ended up having itp. Her blood platelets were only in the high hundreds when they should have been in the mid to high 100,000. She ended up having to be hospitalized and had to get hemoglobin shots… I would not wait to take him to the doctor when it comes to unknown bruises. Had we not caught it and my daughter hit her head or got hurt she could have bled to death ( due to her blood not being able to coagulate which is why she had the blood spots and bruises).

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My son kept getting random bruises turned put je has ITP always worth asking about to be safe

Mine gets random little tiny bruises on her legs around her knees and on her knees. She’s super clumsy and falls constantly too. I figured it was probably just from that :thinking:

Smaller than a pinkie nail and clumsy? Doesn’t sound like an emergency.

If you’re worried about it, go ahead and send an email to your son’s pediatrician, along with a couple of pictures. If doctor is concerned after reading your email, he/she can reach out to you and let you know what the next step is. Or he may just take a “wait & see” approach. Either way, your behind is covered- you’re not intentionally hiding anything from the doctor. These days you can’t be too cautious.
Good luck :blue_heart:

My boy was always covered in bruises. Still gets some from time to time and he’s almost 10.

It never hurts to call the pediatrician.

I think it’s safe to wait until the March check up but if it eases your mind call his pediatrician’s office and ask what they think. They get all sorts of questions all the time.

I would schedule an appointment, no one here are doctors and mystery bruises can be a sign of a blood disorder

I’d wait. Who knows what he hits himself on hes a little boy, unless he seems to be in pain i wouldn’t worry about it. However, you do what you feel is best.

I wouldn’t worry about it. He’s just being a kid. They end up with bruises all over!

My 3yo always has bruises, random places. I feel its normal.

I would at least call your pediatrician to make sure its nothing serious.


You could just call, Then you would have piece of mind until the appointment. As a mom of a toddler who constantly looks like she’s an ultimate fighter, I feel like sometimes they bruise so easily or it’s the fact that they run into everything.

What type of chair is he sitting in? My little one had bruises on her back & I figured out it was from the booster seat back she had been sitting in.


Call, you will feel better. Receptionist will take the info to doctor and call you back as to whether the doctor would want see you sooner.

Could be Mongolian spots if you’ve never heard of them here’s what they are! :hugs: if you’re concerned i would say take him

My kid’s pediatrician always told me that if toddlers didn’t have bruises he would be concerned. Lol. He said it is completely normal to have little bruises that you don’t know where they come from. He said if they were larger bruises then it could be cause for concern.

Me personally I would call his pediatrician if you aren’t sure what’s causing them but my husband’s family has a history of blood cancers

I would have him checked out

Go with your guy feeling.

I have a two year old who is home with me 24/7 and she is the queen of small mystery bruises. She has no health issues, toddlers are just playfully rough spaz who don’t even tend to notice things. Usually she gets hers on her arms and legs but she has gotten em other places too. Sure he is fine :woman_shrugging:


Schedule an appointment with their pediatrician. Theres a medical condition called ITP, where the body attacks its own platelets, causing the platelet number to diminish rapidly. Once that happens you pretty much bruise at anything that touches you. My son had this at 4 years old. You want to get the blood test done ASAP before someone sees it and assumes the worst. (Then you have much BIGGER issues that could have all been avoided)

This sounds weird, but do you have a second story and stairs? My little ones scoot down the stairs on their butts and get tiny bruises on their backs (like you describe) from bumping their backs on the treds


I would get it checked out if you are worried but tbh my kids are always covered in bruises and stuff all over

Are they only on his back? I would call his ped. now and see what they say and for sure bring it up at his checkup.

Just little bruises? I’d wait till March but keep an extra eye out for cause

Schedule an appointment with your pediatrician

Does he sit in a booster seat or high chair? I found both of my girls have had them alone the spine type area from them or near hip bones at the back.

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Could be his carseat…

My kid tried to hide toys in his bed and caused weird bruising. He hid my husband hammer in his bed.

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I see all these comments about kids are kids and have bruises. My seven year old not once got a bruise except a time where I grabbed the arm :sob::sob: otherwise it would have been a super hard fall down the stairs!!

Write it down, take pics over time and share it with peds at the well child


Kids will end up with so many marks and bruises. Youre in for a bumpy road lol.


Take pics and call pediatrician my son had similar ended up being A bleeding disorder


If it were me id go ahead and take my child to the dr and not wait

Does he roll around on floor or do Rolly Polly flips? Could be little bruises from that. My son’s legs are covered in bruises and he gets one or two on his back sometimes with out knowing why.

I have two boys and bruises are just part of it. Id watch him more closely and just make a list of when he falls etc and be very sure they are not coming from everyday life. You go tell your dr your child is bruised and you dont know why you will very likely have dss at your house investigating your whole family.

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Umm no, but there are tons of factors, if he didn’t hit himself etc… it could be that his blood count is low, type of medicine (if he takes any), sometimes kidney problems and a lot more but I’m just gonna freak you out and it could be something that can easily be fixed and yes, you should make an appointment but, they will ask you how frequent, size, color, etc… so I would start witting it down :woman_shrugging:t2:

Is he around anyone else? It could be a sign of abuse as bruises on the back are uncommon it’s more the knees in a small child then the back and if they are small it could be pinch marks ? Just a thought. Don’t mean to worry you x

Definitely give your pediatrician a call. I worried about something being wrong with my daughter when she was younger & her legs & arms always had random bruises. (Clumbsy doesn’t even cover it.) My pedi checked her for anemia, but said that he wasn’t overly concerned because they weren’t on her back or belly. But I’d definitely have it checked out…just to be safe

Car seats often cause bruises on the back :upside_down_face:


Bruises are mostly nothing to worry about. But you should take your child to see your GP if she has bruises that don’t seem related to normal childhood bumps and falls.

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Ethnic children get them sometimes but it’s a form of a birth mark.

Circle and number them with a sharply, take pics and make an appointment with the doctor. Watch to see if they get bigger or more come.

While it is common for weird bruises to appear, my son is the same with his legs, I would be concerned about them being on his back, I literally do not want to scare you but easy bruising can sometimes be a sign of a blood cancer. I would definitely take him to get tests because it’s better safe than sorry.

My daughter gets similar bruises on her back. She sits too low into the toilet and leans back into the toilet rim, causing bruises. Check if he’s doing the same.

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I say, better safe than sorry. I would atleast call and ask the nurse at his pediatricians office. If they feel it’s of concern, they will tell you to make an appointment. Despite what people on here say, you’re not going to have DFS called on you.

Probably nothing to worry about but definitely let the dr know.

Our child was getting these from her carseat. There was something poking her and I didn’t realize it until I started investigating. It was like little perfect circles


Normal. Kids are so clumsy they are always getting little bruises everywhere.

Are the bruises closer to his shoulders/armpits? Or further down his back?

Rather than freaking you out, Ild suggest you keep a CLOSE eye on him before his check up to make sure his bruises aren’t self inflicted. Bruises on a persons back without actual infliction, Can sometimes be signs of different health issues.

Trust your intuition.

My boys both got these from their carseats. That could be where they are from.

Booster seat ? My son was getting them from his seat as the foam wasnt the greatest on the back part of seat.
Since fixing it no bruises.

My boys would get them in the middle of their backs from sitting in chairs and their car seats…

Also what’s in the bed… My kid always ends up with toys in the bed.
I still now have bruises that I often have no idea how I got them. Don’t forget the often take time to appear as well.
I don’t think you need to worry.

Facebook is not for medical advise.


From my experience bruises in the back aren’t necessarily everyday bruises. Elbows, knees, arms, legs, and occasional the face. I would go in and ask for blood work if they are happening a lot. Please do not put it off. Even if it’s nothing it will ease your mind.

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Could be his car seat !

Honestly with odd placed bruises you really never know. It could be he fell on a toy/furniture or he could have something going on with his blood. I’d call a doctor’s office and ask what they say

My little boy had a little mark from his high chair so make sure that nothing is pushing into his back from that.

Has your doctor ever sent your baby for an iron blood test? I would bring it up at an appointment.

My daughter kept a bruise on her back! Same spot, it was from her car seat!

Could it be from playing around? Like tossing in the air or tickling stuff like that that might leave small bruises?

If you’re concerned there is no harm in asking the pediatrician to run a screening for anemia. Good luck!

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