Should I be concerned that my baby is measuring 7 weeks ahead?

Does it mean anything if the baby measures ahead during pregnancy? I went in for my 29 weeks check-up, and the baby girl measured as if she were 36 weeks. Health and lab work normal btw.


I would worry. Or maybe they got your due date wrong?

I always measured big with my last. He was born a week early and almost 5 kilos. But I was only measuring 4weeks a head.

Is it possible your date of conception or your due date are off? Meaning maybe you are farther along than initially thought? If you weren’t actively trying to get pregnant when you conceived it’s possible the date of conception could be off …

Normal, baby could be laying in a direction that belly will measure bigger. My oldest boy laid weird all the time, I’d go from 4 weeks ahead to 2 weeks small to 6 weeks ahead to where I should be to 4 weeks ahead to 2 ahead.

Are the baby’s measurements bigger, or is your uterus measuring bigger?

Due date could be off and you could also just be having a larger baby, or both

Are you measuring that big or the baby itself? I was measuring 42 weeks at 38, they did an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay. Baby was measuring big, but not concerning big, but I had polyhydramnios and went for a csection that next day (already had one planned for the next week)

They should have scheduled you for an ultrasound to see if it’s actually baby measuring big, your uterus, or both. I’m measuring just over two weeks ahead and they scheduled me for another growth scan because of it. Could be lots of things.

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Wow 7 weeks? thats a lot. Maybe you are further along then you think.

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I had that. Baby came early at 37 weeks at 8.6lbs happy and healthy

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My son also measured way ahead I think it was like 6 weeks, and he was born at 37 weeks 2 days and he was 9 lbs 7oz. Hes a happy healthy baby…:blush: don’t worry about it too much mama if they thought it was a problem they would let you know.

My first son son measured 4 weeks ahead and born 2.9kilos my second was measuring 6 weeks ahead they scheduled me to be induced and he was born 3.1kilos the scans are very inaccurate! If you research it they could be off a centimetre and puts everything out of wack…!!

I have the same issue. i’m measuring 9 weeks ahead though and i do have gestational diabetes

I was going to say might want to make sure not gestational diabetes

When I was 27 weeks with my little man, he was measuring 40 weeks, no gestational diabetes
He was born via c-section, weight 8lb 11.7 ounces

I’m measuring 3 weeks and they have suggested to be induced to reduced complications when in labour, speak to your midwife or obstetrician what your options are. It just means your going to have a big baby and they may need to do some additional sugar tests and things.

Iv been the same with all my 3 pregnancys… I learnt not to worry so much after my first … they always said I’d have big babies and was wrong every time lol… my belly just got absolutely huge because I’m only 4ft 11 so baby has less room cos I’m short the midwife said… but as for the scans and estimates they give u waa always wrong with me…I had a section because the consultant made out my baby was huge n would get stuck :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:… baby was born and he was 7lb 7oz… hardly huge :joy::joy: xx

Its all based on averages.
You just have a big baby and you might go a little earlier than your due date

What does your doctor say. Did you tell them the wrong date of your last period. The Dr could be wrong. Best of luck.

Macrosomia Basically a big baby

My son measured ahead. It turned out to be a good indicator of his growth pattern in general. He’s very tall. I wouldn’t worry too much, unless your doctor is. Some people have bigger babies. I did. Best of luck, mama. :purple_heart:

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They told me my oldest would be SUPER small. He came out 7lb even. They said my youngest was going to be HUGE. He came out at 7.5lbs. I wouldn’t worry :woman_shrugging:t3:

They told me my daughter was going to be over 9lbs and over 22 inches…she measured big the entire time…she was a week late and was only 21 inches and a little over 7lbs …don’t worry at all

You could be having a bigger baby, at 37 weeks I measured 41 weeks, my son decided to come two weeks early and he was 8lbs 13oz 21 inches (he would have been 10lbs if he stayed in until my due date) ooooor you could have a lot of fluid, which is fine!

Wouldn’t worry unless your dr is. My son always measured weeks ahead of his gestation. He was 3 wks early, weighed 9lbs and measured 22.5 inches long.

Just maybe a bigger weight BABY.

My son measured 5-6 weeks ahead every time.
He was born, due to me giving issues, a month early, 10lbs 4oz and 21.5 inch’s long.
He is just super tall. His sister is nine and he goes to her shoulder and he’ll be 5 in July.

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All 3 of my kids measured a few weeks ahead! They all came out healthy!

Unless your doctor is worried, I wouldn’t be worried. :heart:

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Wow extremely healthy baby Congratulations mama :heart::heart::heart::heart: !!! I wouldn’t worry at all lol !

They could have been off giving you your date. Or just brace yourself, you’re having a huge baby lol

My baby was big by the measurements. But 3lbs less at birth and inches smaller.
Measurements are not always right.

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I was way ahead with all three of my kiddos. They were all healthy as can be. My first was few days late. My 2nd on her due date and my 3rd he actually was 4 weeks early but was fully developed :tipping_hand_woman: they were all around 9 pounds :flushed:

My son lol
Had him at 36.6 weeks and he weighed 8.5lbs

Big baby that’s all, due date doesn’t change. My daughter measured a week ahead around 30 weeks, she was still induced at 38 weeks and she was just a long baby, didn’t even weigh close to 7Ib.

They told me mine was measuring 5 weeks ahead the whole time. That he was gonna be this huge baby but i did seem to have a little extra amniotic fluid. My baby came out 6p 14oz. And i POURED fluid for 8 hours.

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I don’t understand asking this here…

You were literally in the OB’s office. Why not ask the professional? You could even call them and ask now…:woman_shrugging:


They kept sending me for growth scans(im a heavier women) bc baby was measuring 3 weeks ahead but came on time amd only 7lbs

The measurements on the ultrasound can vary greatly

My kid measured super small and came out within normal ranges… so idk. Theyre not super accurate.

congrats you are having a big baby.

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My babies abdomen was measuring at 35 weeks at 20 weeks gestation. He had polycycstic kidney disease and passed away 2 hours after birth.


Not necessarily. I’m pregnant with #5. Have measured ahead 4-8 weeks with all of them. No diabetes or anything. Just big babies. I was induced with all of them at 39 weeks, no complications, and all vaginal delivery.
They were
8lbs 10oz
9lbs 6oz
10lbs 8oz
10lbs 13oz.
This baby is big too. I just have big ol babies is all. Lol

It could just be more amniotic fluid… that was my problem, was measuring 4 weeks ahead and when they broke my water, i swear it was about to start spilling off the sides of the bed! It was so much!

I had gestational.
A low carb diet will help. Dietician can help.
Along with buying a diabetic machine.

I honestly didn’t listen to them all 4 of my kids are prems they kept telling me they were too small my daughter was born at 34 weeks she was 7.5 pounds my 2nd 35 weeks 8 pounds my 3rd 32 weeks 5 pounds and my lucky last 34 weeks 6.5 pounds

Maybe u miss interpreted the last period as what is known as implantation bleeding. It’s a lighter then normal period that happens during incubation period and as egg attaches to uterine wall.

Everything should be fine but if still concerned about it, no harm in getting second opinion?
Good luck and congratulations

With my twins one measured 3 weeks ahead then the other. At birth they weighed 5lbs 8oz and 5lbs and 14oz

It means you could have a big baby. My baby measured like this and she was born 9.5

My baby measured big and was born 9 pounds. I would not worry

you are farther along then you thought, get ready now measurements are usually pretty on point

If you’ve only had 1 partner then you shouldn’t worry at all. It just means baby gonna be a bit bigger.

Maybe it’s gonna come early our first one was. Early. Second one late coming

I always measured 2 weeks ahead, my baby was 20 1/2 inches long and weighed 10 lbs 2.8 oz.

Its a guestamation gestation is determined from last period to time of estimated conception usually 2 / 4 week and some have a small period after conception and some babys grow faster if your really healthy you very well could have a very healthy fetus many factors go into an estimated due date talk to your obgyn about any concerns you have in your specific case

In my case they induced me at 39 weeks because they didn’t want baby to go over 10lbs and risk complicating delivery. He was 9lb 4oz.

You are growing a big one😁 I measured ahead, went at 39 weeks and my boy was 10lbs 4oz and 22.5 inches at birth!

They told me my boy was measuring ahead. Said he was going to be a big baby. He came at 37 weeks exactly at 5lbs 5 ounces. They can be off.

I think it’s all a guessing game because my son was measuring on time and showed to be 5ish pounds at 35 weeks and I had him at exactly 40 weeks and he was 11 lbs 6oz and 22 inches long. We were all shocked :joy::joy: I wouldn’t be worried if my doctor isn’t worried either!

My son measured two weeks ahead and was born two weeks early :woman_shrugging:t2:

I was measuring a month ahead and my boy was born 10 days early and weighed 6lbs 11.4oz :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: