Should I be concerned that my baby is measuring a week behind?

Has anyone had their baby measure a week behind? I’m 25weeks and had an ultrasound to check his heart as his father and sister were born with a small hole in their heart. His heart is fine, but they are now saying he is a week behind, and now I have to go every week to the specialist for an ultrasound. He was just looking for other moms’ experiences with this and how it turned out for you and your baby. They really scared me. Thanks in advance for your response.


I am sure all is fine, I know plenty of people whos baby was measuring way more behind <3

I wouldnt worry at all. Non of mine ever measured right. My 4th baby I measured 3 weeks behind on the fundal measurements…no concerns were raised…I continued to measure between 2 and 3 weeks (fluctuating) behind for the rest of my pregnancy. He came our a whopping 10lb 2oz and nobody had any idea he would be so big until he actually came out :rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I be concerned that my baby is measuring a week behind?

On my due date, they did an ultrasound. Said she was small and only 6 pounds 5 ounces.
Had her later that day. 7 pounds 5 ounces.
I measured correctly, but the ultrasounds aren’t always accurate.

Mine measured behind often. The first time they adjusted my due date. She was born petite but healthy. Both of my girls are still on the small side. Both of their grandmas, my mom, and their father’s mom, are very short people. Like 5’-5’1", and I’m 5’3". I don’t think they’ll turn out very tall. Don’t worry too much about “measuring a week behind.” Your baby is growing and will be fine.

Ultrasounds aren’t always right however them wanting you to be monitored more often as a result is cause for concern. Had your baby been measuring the right size or bigger before?

They told me my daughter was like 2 weeks behind. I just had to keep going to appointments. She did end up growing but was still small at birth. I had gestational diabetes and preeclampsia and the combination is known to make babies smal

My son measured 3 wks behind. Came out on due date and was just fine! He was just small 5lbs 4oz, 19" long. But I am 4’11" 125lbs and dad is 6’1" 145lbs.

I can’t speak on genetics but they usually don’t worry about it unless they are measuring 4+w behind or ahead. I had IUGR with 3 babies. All healthy just small. My smallest 5lbs1oz did have short nicu stay for low blood sugar but is a healthy 13 yr old.

With my second child (born 4-2-1997) I had a difficult pregnancy none of the ultrasounds matched up I ended up with the due dates of March 22, March 30, April 7 and April 14, she was induced and born 2 weeks early the pediatrician was not happy with my obgyn. I had weights of up to 9 pounds toward the end she was 6 pounds 12 ounces. I do realize technology has advanced since 1997, but people are not perfect at reading the machines.

I don’t trust their measurements at all. With my first, they told me she was around 8 lbs and she was only 5.10. Some people have tiny babies, some people have giants. :woman_shrugging:t3:


All of my kids have measured behind. Anywhere from a week to a month behind. Ultrasounds can be off by two weeks either way. I wouldn’t worry about it until there is a reason to worry. A small baby alone is not a reason to worry.

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Honestly I would personally not be concerned or listen to the docs / midwives ( to a certain extent ) I got told with my first that she was going to be massive around 9lb / 10lb I had her 1 day late and she was 5lb exactly ( 2.5kgs ) with my second I got told she was small and she always measured behind between 7-10 days behind she came out around 38 weeks and she was 6lb 5 healthy happy and we left the day after she was born.

It’s not an exact science— although it should be at this point in civilization… trust ur dates and try not to worry. Every woman I know has had an ultrasound say their baby was small or too big and then the kids comes out and it’s nothing even close to what they predicted. Good luck momma!

My son is now 23 and 6ft . They had me do a level 2 ultrasound cause they said he was measuring smaller test came back fine. He was 8 5oz 21 1/2 inches . And with my sister they gave her a c section cause they told her the baby was going to be 10pounds. He ended up being 6 pounds I forget the oz. Just relax and have the test done and take it from there.

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I had a baby that measured small but thats because she had some birth defects. She eventually caught up and then was measuring small again and I was induced at 38 weeks. She was almost 2lbs more then what they measured. So like mentioned above it’s not always the most accurate. But don’t worry about it to much. Sometimes it can be your placenta to. They are just doing it to keep you and babe as safe as possible. You’re in really great hands.

Maybe try Upping your calorie intake :slight_smile: Good Luck

At 20 weeks my baby was measuring 11 days behind. At 25 weeks, I believe 9 days. At 33 she was measuring 7 days behind.
I can go on but in the end I had her at 40wks 6d

No cause for concern!! Even with our advances in technology these measurements and due dates are still just an estimate. I had 4 babies that all measured “behind” and were born near their dates, perfectly healthy, but just little! Rest easy Mama. I’m sure everything is just fine with your wee one. :heart:

Mine was a week behind because I ovulated in the third week instead of the second. Do you know your exact date of conception?

I have had three babies and not once have the measurements been accurate. Definitely do not stress about the technicalities of what they tell you

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I be concerned that my baby is measuring a week behind?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I be concerned that my baby is measuring a week behind?

My daughter had IUGR, she was on the 0.4th centile when she was born at 37 weeks weighing 4lb1. We were in hospital for a week. She’s a healthy 14 year old now.
My son was 5lb14 at 39 weeks. He’s also fine

My daughter’s head was in 1st percentile by the time she was born. She’s 8 months old and perfectly fine just small

My son was measuring behind and was diagnosed with IUGR, which was caused by preeclampsia. He was born at 28 weeks and should’ve been over 2lbs, but he was about the size of a 26 weeker at 1lb 6oz. But sometimes they’re just a little behind and will catch up.

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Both of my babies measured small.

My first daughter they didn’t realize until I was 36 weeks but, she was measuring at 32 weeks. She was born at 39 weeks and was 4lbs 9oz. She is now 3 years old and perfectly healthy, just tiny!

My second daughter, I was monitored much more closely due to my first pregnancy. She measured small early on. She was also born at 39 weeks but was 5lbs 10oz. Apparently I just make tiny babies!

Only issues were that they were both slow to gain weight.

Good luck mama and try not to stress! (I know, I know- easier said than done!)

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My one year old measured small my whole pregnancy and is now a year old and she is just small. She was born at 38 weeks and only 6 lbs 3 oz and came home at 5 lbs 11 oz. she only weighs 18 lbs. she wore premi clothes and diapers for the first few weeks of life. She is perfectly healthy though.

Yes, that happened to both my sister and I. I would ask the doctor to check your amniotic fluid as well. I’ve been told that the two are linked. I delivered a week early because of low amniotic fluid, so be prepared for that!

I was told this for the whole of my pregnancy, I was made so nervous and worried they let me go over 12 days before planning induction, luckily I went myself … they were expecting a 5lb baby I had a 7lb13.5oz baby. They don’t always get it right. :no_mouth:


My daughter started measuring small so my doctor induced me a week before my due date because he was monitoring her growth and my belly growth and it hadn’t changed but my daughter was born without any issues she was and still is just tiny

My daughter in law was 36 weeks and measured 32 weeks he was born at 37 weeks 5 days and he weighed 5 lbs 4 oz but he is healthy he is 4 days old

Don’t stress, I got told my boy was to big and wasn’t going to get out, he was 10.5 pounds…but he wasn’t, fast asf birth just under 8 pounds and they said we could go home within 30 mins

My daughter was born at 39 weeks and was 6 pounds. The docs told me she would be an 8 pounder and was measuring 4 days ahead but they were incorrect. She is healthy and thriving! That is wonderful that you will have additional monitoring for peace of mind :heart:.

My third was measuring 2 weeks behind and went into labor at 39 weeks she was 5lbs,15oz and perfectly healthy but I’m very petite and small myself so dr wasn’t overly concerned. She’s now 2months and still thriving

They usually don’t mind if it’s within 2 weeks as they all have different growth weights. My daughter was 1-2 weeks behind the whole pregnancy and was perfectly fine. She was just a tiny baby. So was my most recent

Ultrasounds are wildly inaccurate. They can be off sometimes more than a pound in either direction.


Im pregnant w/ my 3rd & In measuring a week behind too… the baby will be fine, they wont all be the same size.

Ask the doctor or midwife, not FB… Xxxx

It is such a scary though! Our little guy was measuring small about 28 weeks, but by next ultrasound approx a month later was trucking ok nicely, was still small at birth at just over 7lb.

Measuring weight on an ultrasound is not at exact science! They base it on bone lengths and widths, and then calculate at average. Which means it’s really only correct about half the time! Some babies are shorter and wider, some are longer and thinner. Try not to stress about it - your baby is most likely perfect and healthy and just the right size!!

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With all my babies they always measured a week sometimes 2 weeks behind. If your dr isn’t worried then I wouldn’t put to much thought into it mama

I did and she was fine

My little girl did. She was fine. Just a smaller baby. She weighed 6 lbs when she was born. I wouldn’t worry it’s just a precaution to make sure everything is fine.

I was told to be Induced as my baby was small I went out got loads of tiny baby expecting to be given this dolly sized baby and she was a healthy 7lb10.5oz xx

My 3rd measured small the whole pregnancy and was 6lbs 9oz at birth (42 weeks)
Hes caught up since and has been very healthy

Most times its wrong… dont worry hun

When mine was 37 weeks they said she didnt grow for a month.
But she was perfectly healthy when she was born during c section at 37 weeks and some days.
She also didnt turn she didnt had enough space.
Anyway shes big now for her age.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I be concerned that my baby is measuring a week behind?

I was told my son was measuring 4-5 weeks behind and was in the 2nd percentile and he’s absolutely perfect. Born at 39 weeks weighing 5lbs 13 ozs. Some babies are just smaller than others. My son is almost 2 and he is still pretty small for his age but is completely fine. It’s just because his dad and I aren’t big/tall people. Ultrasounds aren’t 100% correct.


Just had an ultrasound yesterday and am measuring a week behind but my doctor was not worried at all. She said some babies can grow a little slower and also you don’t know exactly when the egg implanted etc so what week you are is not exact. Nothing to be concerned about

Not at all, as long as it’s a couple cm within, you’re fine. My baby girl has always been 2-3 off and my son was too. It’s hard to get an exact measurement, so as long as it’s in the ballpark you’re fine

You shouldn’t be concerned at all. Some babies measure ahead, some measure behind. If it was weeks, that’s one thing. But as long as your baby is healthy that’s what matters. I got measured by different OBs and they both came up with different measurements. It’s easy to get caught up on it. But I birthed a healthy premie, and no one saw it coming :innocent:

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It is common and nothing to be worried about. I was told 3 of mine were measuring behind and I had 3 healthy 7 lb girls. Their measurements aren’t always accurate.

My baby boy was measuring 2 weeks ahead fast forward 4 weeks and he’s dropped to measuring 2 weeks behind!! He’s on the 10th centile only weighing 2lb 1oz at 29wks Iv got another scan next week at 32wks to see how he’s doing but I feel my bump has gotten smaller and don’t think he’s he’s grown that much at all! My midwife is coming to see me tomoz so I’m hoping the tape measure will show something! They will keep a close eye on you with lots of growth scans and checking the blood flow to placenta if they feel things arnt as they should so be they prob would bring baby earlier, Iv got a few other problems going on at the moment too with a amniotic band and a biorcordinate uterus :see_no_evil: so I’m getting induced at 37wks anyway it’s just making sure between now and then he’s growing at a steady rate and not in any trouble … good luck try not to worry!

It’s super common and nothing to worry about. :slightly_smiling_face:

I measured behind by 3 weeks every time they checked. My son was born 9 pound!! Don’t stress

I was always behind. I always cringed when they knocked my due date way back. Like noooo. Also, I was always told by ultrasound it’s almost always 2 pounds off. Either 2 pounds smaller or 2 pounds bigger.
I always had my littles early as well.

  1. 2 days away from due date but tried coming before then. Also, cord around neck and meconium staining (aka she took a poop in the womb :confounded: )
  2. 36 weeks spent weeks and weeks in the Hosptial on bed rest.
  3. 36 had to have my appendix out at 20 weeks. Walked around a at a 3-4 and 98% effaced for 4 weeks
  4. 34 weeks. Walked around a 4 since my 20 weeks and 97% effaced also had a tear in the sac which made me leak and I had no idea.
    All of them came home. No nicu stay. My smallest was 5 pounds.
    Word of advice.
    WHEN IN DOUBT GET CHECKED OUT. I can’t share this enough with any mommas. It saved my babies lives multiple times in the womb. One time I went in “just because something didn’t FEEL right” the nurses were stumped and gave me a little bit of flack but guess who was right? MOMMA! I was in early labor.
    Be your own advocate. Don’t let others make you feel bad if you do go get checked out and nothing is wrong.
    (This isn’t even 1/2 of the stuff that went wrong while I was pregnant sooo! All my pregnancies were horrible. )

My son was measuring about 2 or so weeks behind, he was born 7 pounds 1. Got extra scans to watch growth and he was perfect

I was told my daughter was measuring big, she was 7lbs 10oz. The average newborn is 7lbs 7oz. So she was fine. Your baby will most likely be fine, just smaller.

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Don’t stress about it I don’t think they are all that accurate I was told my son was small and behind I did end up having him a month early but he was 7 pounds and 21 and half inches long when the ultrasound said he was barely 5 pounds

Measurements can be subjective to who is doing the measuring. No all ultrasound techs are created equal

My first daughter measure 4weeks behind but she was born healthy 3days to due date with an average weight

My son fluctuated between 1-2 weeks behind until about 33 weeks. I am now 38 weeks and right on track.

My son always measured small as did my fundal height. From 26 weeks on I had non stress tests every 72 hours (changed to every other day around 32 weeks) and a weekly ultrasound. He was diagnosed with IUGR due to measurements and I was induced a few weeks early. He was born completely healthy at 7 lbs! His estimated size was 4 pounds and a few ounces and he had “stopped” growing which is why they induced early.

My little brother has a hole in his heart, he was born early but after a couple of years the hole got smaller so now it’s only noticable on scans when he’s sick

I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about ultrasound measurements. They insisted my youngest was going to be 10lbs based on ultrasound scans. I told them that she would be 8lbs tops! She came out 2 ounces shy of 8lbs. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Babies are human beings … They don’t always fit the average … The average is just a guideline … ! DON’T stress …they will catch up on their own timeline … !!

I wouldn’t be worried, but I personally don’t trust ultrasounds.
When my had my middle daughter they did an ultrasound 30min before I had her. They told me she was 7lbs 8oz. She was born at 4lbs 3oz.

The same happened with me and my first pregnancy, my daughter was always a really small baby and she did gain weight just not as fast as other babies, she’s always been in the normal range but in the lower percentile for her age. They just want to make sure that there are no other medical reasons on why this could be happening and just want to make sure that your baby is still putting on weight even if it’s slow. I wouldn’t stress about it at all! Besides you still have a few more months to go and babies tend to put more weight on towards the end. As long as the baby and you are healthy I wouldn’t be to worried about this at all

Don’t worry… Dr said my second wasn’t growing and ended up to be my biggest baby,

Thank you all!! I literally started crying reading these and everyone of them came out fine! You definitely put my mind at ease. Thank you :blush:

My daughter measured behind and the midwife on my due date expected her to be 5lbs, she was 7lbs 1. 2 weekly checks with my son as again measured behind and he was 7lb 2, just a long skinny boy. so really don’t worry about it.

I have had 2 that measured either ahead or behind at different points in the pregnancy. Not usually anything to worry about

My baby was measuring about 2 weeks behind for a lot of my pregnancy. The further along you get the harder it is to get an accurate reading from an ultrasound (according to my OB of course) however I wouldn’t be concerned at all!

1 week isnt so bad, but if baby slows down growing more and more they may have inter uterine growth restriction ( aka IUGR ). My daughter was almost 7 weeks behind and less than 1 percentile she was delivered at 30+6 weighing 596 grams the size of a 24 week gestation baby, she had a hole in her heart but had to grow to 4kg after she was born for the hospital to do surgery, she had the ameniotesis done while pregnant to check If she had anything genetically wrong with her and more bloods once she was born but they couldnt find a reason for her heart. Her placenta wasnt functioning properly and very small which a placenta not functioning properly is part of the cause that caused me to also develop severe preeclampsia aka PE which PE can also be a cause for iugr. So they will monitor you for iugr and preeclampsia symptoms and maybe want to do some genetic testing to see if they can find the underlying cause of the heart defect.

My little girl was measuring small from 12 weeks gestation so I was monitored very closely and referred to a tertiary hospital that had perinatal specialists that did my scans which their accuracy their scans had to be very accurate. So your average ultra sound technician may not be skilled and may give inaccurate measurements too.

My baby was measuring 4 weeks behind at the end of my pregnancy. And he was a 10lber when he came out​:sob::rofl:

I measured very small with my second. I was very sick the whole pregnancy and ended up only gaining 6 pounds. She was born 2 1/2 weeks late and was 6 pounds! I too went every week for ultrasounds. As long as those are ok I don’t think you have to worry.

I was told I was having a 6lb baby. He was nearly 8 pounds and now he’s a big lad. Measured small as well. Please try not to stress x

This is literally nothing to worry about. Doctors say this sort of stuff to scare you into doing whatever they tell you to do so the process of your baby’s birth can convenience their time and pockets.


My oldest measured fine she’s 18 now, my 17 year old at first measured fine then fell a week behind I had too do the same thing. She was delivered 3 weeks early at 5lbs 1oz due too toxemia. She is perfectly fine though spent an extra 2 weeks in the hospital. My younger 2 girls were measuring small but both were born at 7lbs 4oz and 7lbs 8oz 9 and 11 years later. Try not too stress yourself out. They’re taking all the precautionary steps needed just for monitoring.:hugs::revolving_hearts:

My sister in law was pregnant with my niece and throughout the pregnancy was that the baby was measuring small. Then she was born in September she was 10lb 4oz. She was definitely not small. But if your baby is small . They will definitely grow once born

My oldest measured small, and my Dr was able to scare me into things with that pregnancy. Like a weekly stress test, then she induced me when she shouldn’t have. I look at it now like it was all about the money with that Dr. Please don’t let your Dr scare you. I would think about getting a second opinion.

Yes, he was born little but mighty 5lb20z
He’s always been smaller but Def catching his friends now at 13

My nephew measured small, and then my sister was induced at 36 weeks, because he stopped growing at around 34 weeks. He was born little, but was healthy. He is still a very small kid! Some babies are just little. I wouldn’t worry unless they find an issue.

This is not an issue. I hate that they scared you. Your baby is healthy and ultrasound measurements mean nothing. They can be so off. Your baby could just be small but still healthy.

Ultrasound measurements are not always accurate. I was considered high risk this last pregnancy only because im 39. They said my baby weighed 5lbs 2oz and two weeks later she was 5lbs 9oz and she wasn’t growing as they liked. I got induced at 38+3 and she weighed 6lbs 10oz.

All babies grow differently. But if your a smoker or past smoker or have any medical conditions a small baby is understandable but ultrasounds can be off

my daughter was diagnosed with IUGR and i had her 6 weeks early (totally healthy other than being preemie) she weighed 2 lb 9 oz and spent 30 days in the nicu. she’s a very healthy and smart 9 month old now.

My 2nd measured small (2 weeks behind). The Dr’s & I argued the entire time about how far along I was. She was born(@ what they said was 43 weeks. I say 41 weeks) 8lbs 4oz & perfectly healthy. She hit all her mile stones early.

One of my boys measured behind and we had to do the same, weekly checks on him.

He was “growth restricted” , which meant he grew slowly and at about 7.5 months he stopped growing at all. They induced me the day after they told me he was no longer getting bigger. (measuring the 1st percentile)

Our growth restriction ended up being related to his umbilical cord, which we found out at delivery was only about 6inches long. Idk why it was so small.

Anyway out came my perfect little boy at 5lb3oz, no NICU time at all and he went home weighing a precious 4lb8oz.

My daughter measured 6 weeks behind at 38 weeks I had her 6 days later she was 4lbs 7oz. She’ll be a year old next month, perfectly healthy just small.

Absolutely not girl. A week is nothing and not everything is exact anyway. I was told my daughter was measuring 6 weeks behind and was 7.6lb at birth.

I wouldn’t be. Babies grow at different rates even inutero. Mine have all measured up to 2 weeks behind. Just means you’ll probably have a smaller baby. Mine were 18 inch 5 pound babies. My daughter measured 2 weeks behind from the very beginning.

With all 4 of mine i had to go for weekly growth scans has all of mine measured small but i am only tiny myself and in the words of the midwife they cant expect a shetland pony to have a shire horse :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: everyone of my kids is now taller than me and 3/4s of the kids in their classes

my son measured small right up til 2 days before he was born 22 years ago, once he was here though he was 9 lbs 1 oz and 23 and 3/4 inches long

Yeah they said my daughter was a week ahead, and she came out 7lbs 13oz and the exact day she was supposed too! So she wasn’t a week ahead they were wrong!!and they said she was going to be big, mmm there just guessing at the hole thing!! I just had a lot of water in with her!

All babies grow different!!! Toss the book out the door please. You wont get it until you have your second or third baby, but trust me they all grow differently IN and out of the uterus.

I wouldn’t worry ive measured a week behind this whole time , at 26 weeks i measured at 25 and its continued to this week. I’m 36 and baby measured at 35. My OB told me as long as the baby is still growing and your always measuring a week behind its fine. As long as you don’t start measuring farther behind. ( example you shouldn’t be a week behind this week and 2 weeks behind next week ) than you should be okay :heart: