Should I be concerned that my baby is measuring a week behind?

I personally have big babies. Currently 33 weeks with a boy that’s head is measuring 2.5 weeks ahead :woozy_face: but now a week isn’t too bad. My step sons were all Itty bitty. The youngest is 10.5 months and is quite literally the size of the average 5 month old. He’s tiny. But meeting all milestones just fine!

Literally please don’t worry! This happened to me as well. They also told me my son was 4 pounds and induced me the next day only for him to be 5 pounds 12 Oz. So I wouldn’t worry until there is something to worry about . You’re just having a small baby.

Just remember ultrasounds are only an estimate don’t stress :relaxed:

I was told the same thing by my doc. She was born only 3 weeks early and she only weighed 4lbs. She has now blossomed to be a monster.

Mine was measuring small, a week behind pretty much my whole pregnancy. Was measured to be about 5-7lbs at birth, he ended up weighing 10lbs when he was born (no health issues). So I wouldn’t worry about it too much!

My son measured 2 weeks behind and had a small hole in his heart…when born had a heart murmur and came 4 weeks early…he’s now 3 and in perfect health!!! (Though he NEVER stops talking…EVER!!!)

All babys grow differently and are not the same size the weekly ultrasounds are just to monitor for any issues that may pop up causing slower growth most babies catch up

One week is nothing. A baby is fullterm from 38-42 weeks. They determine you calendar due date by first day of last period, assuming you ovulated 2 weeks after, but some women ovulate sooner or later. It’s also possible that you miscalculated the first day of your last period. The worst place you can go advice is forums like these. Listen to your doctor.

When I was pregnant with my son they kept telling me he was “too small” for the longest, the day I had him they said he was only gonna be maybe 7 pounds he was born at 8 lbs 8 oz.

reading these comments made me feel 10x better. i’m dealing with the same thing measuring 2 weeks behind drs telling me i’m at risk for stillbirth preterm labor and my placenta may not be working properly… like they are stressing me out so bad when i feel she is just a small baby i’m not a huge person i’m 115 lbs before pregnancy

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Initially my baby was measuring a week behind and now he is measuring big! All babies grow at different rates. As long as everything else was fine at ultrasound, i wouldn’t worry at all! Congratulations on your newest addition :heart:

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My son was way behind at full term he was only 4 1/2 lbs but I had high blood pressure in my placenta which meant he wasn’t getting the nutrients that he needed

They told me my daughter was two weeks behind and was incorrect. Told me she was very small but was 8 pounds. I wouldn’t worry too much due dates can be a week off!

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My baby always measured smaller than her age. She was only 6 lbs 3 oz at birth. Some women just have smaller babies.