Should I be doing my 3rd graders school projects?

A month or so ago my son had a school project (3rd grade) it was for the culture fair. He is only 9 and while I did guide him, he did it himself (it showed but he’s 9 come on) lol. When we went into the class to show and present I was like wtf… every board in there done by ‘9 year olds’ was PERFECT like a grown adult did it. Is that normal? I took this as my kid should learn how to do projects and I’m here to help. I didn’t take this as “it’s my moms time to shine”Should I straight up be doing my kids work or? Cause he has another coming up and now I’m nervous lmao


No. How else will they learn to do things on their own.


As a wise teacher…all those so called Perfect Projects would have received a lower grade…but told if they redo the project in CLASS during free time…they could bring the grade up.Simply because u want to over see them to do it on their own…MANY parents who did it for them may be angry…so for those parents u can give them a grade since they did it!

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I think some of the stuff we get to help our kids with is great my kids always turned in a more quality science project ect if we did.its a great way to interact with your kids spend time together and encourage them in what they are doing which results in them trying harder…but I did say help at the end of the day they need to learn what the assignments are trying to teach.

You did the right thing I used to help and suggest it, but never did it for them

Teachers can tell the difference, you did the right thing. I help with hot glue gun or other safety type things, other than that it’s their project.

Teachers know who did the projects !!! :wink:. It’s wonderful that your son did his own :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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They need to be able to do it themselves that’s why it was given to them! Yes you can offer advice, tips even help
With the super tricky stuff but how will the learn if they don’t get to do it themselves :woman_shrugging: