Should I confront my husband about his search history?

I doubt he’s watching porn with 50 year old women in them. Men are gross that way.

I wouldn’t like it either. If you let it go it will Judy eat at you until one day you blow up or start having certain feelings about it and become distant from your husband. Talk to him about it.

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I’d be disgusted and it would definitely make me uncomfortable.
Doesn’t matter if they really are or are not, which some are and some aren’t. It’s the fantasy of watching a teen for me. Like no. That’s weird. But porn is also a no in my house.

I’d talk to him. Communication is key in a relationship and if it bothers you that needs to be communicated.

He isn’t gona change period. Has no respect for u if he’s doing it n bothers u


Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but 18 and 19 is an Adult. They can die for their country and also be thrown in prison.
Grow up people


If it bothers ypu that much then say something, otherwise your gonna have to learn to deal with it. (Not meaning it horribly).

Majority of men these days watches porn, it just seems natural to them.

Yes the girls maybe in their teens, but its a porn movie, they are old enough to make their choices, they put their videos out there for people to see, your husband isn’t really do anything bad in my opinion, just cos he watches pron with younger girls, if that’s his thing then so be it.

Speak to him and let him know how you feel.

Men look, they’re visual creatures, that’s just how it is. It wouldn’t bother me but :woman_shrugging:t3:


If it’s bothering you then talk to him about it before it eats you up

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I’m confused how anyone is ok with a 50 year old man looking at an 18 yr old. Think of your daughters and your best friends dad Licking his lips at her… But grow up… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Messed in the head…


Its just porn. Let it go

I’m sorry but nope, that’s gross as hell.
No 50 yr old man should be interested in teen girls period.
It would be a red flag to me that he’s not happy with how you look since I’m guessing you’re not just above legal age?


If it bothers u so much go to therapy.


If nothing has changed with y’all’s sex life I would say let it go because I’m 40 and even I watch teen girl porn sometimes. I’m also bi-sexual so there’s that. Maybe watch it with him. You might learn something. If he still wants you, who cares how he gets revved up…your the one he’s satisfying the need with. One might say that sex isn’t as important this far into a relationship but I say it’s more important as you get older because it means you’re still connecting on the most basic level possible because you enjoy each other. I hope me and my boyfriend are still going at it like that in 9 years.

You’re allowed to set boundries and have something like this bother you.
Porn is un natural, and I believe ruiens relationships. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Everyone is entitled to have boundaries in relationships too.
If I ever saw my boyfriend watching it or found it, I’d immediately leave and he knows this and we set that boundary. It’s perfectly healthy and normal for porn to bother you.

Yeah it would creep me out too.


I’d be concerned if he were searching; Sexy run through granny’s … But all jokes aside, I think it’s natural to fantasize about a young flawless body. Shoot I want that too.


Geez I’d hate anyone on here to see my search history! :laughing:


Uhmm no… you can search any type of porn and come up with teen porn. Sometimes a video says teen porn when they are quite obviously in their 20s or 30s. Unfortunately “teen porn” is an effective marketing strategy…

Are you doing anything to satisfy his sexual needs? If not I’d keep quiet because if you won’t help him cum, dont be mad at the consequences

I hate it too… mine claims he’s not into young girls but honestly while they’re scrolling it pops up I’ve seen it happen. I hate porn it does bother me and we use to fight about it horribly even broke up couple times … we don’t live together and only see each other on weekends so I’ve come to accept it’s gonna happen he’s a man … they’re visual it doesn’t mean he’s gonna cheat or wants them over you… might just mean he needs so more lovins at home. I’d ask him about it but not let it eat you up or fight about it.

Omg I finally divorced my ex bcuz he was looking at porn that appeared 2 b 12 year old girls. Very disturbing

Have you been to porn sites? Almost all of it is “teens” you don’t have to seek it out it’s on the top pages. If I was watching porn I wouldn’t be googling 50 yr old guys to be honest. And there isn’t a big market for 50 yr old women either.

Hes a pervert…divorce him


Why are you snooping through his search history?


My ex bf did that. A lot. When I confronted him I told him it made me uncomfortable. His response. “ I am who I am “ but then I caught him masterbating to them One picture being my 15 yr old daughter at the time. In her bathing suit while we were on vacation. He lied about the picture and deleted it but I got the picture and caught his lie. Hence he is no longer in our lives. That’s not ok!!


Chances are they aren’t even 18 or 19, but regardless, they are adults.


Talk with him about him. Last time I caught my husband jerking off (sorry) I asked him if he was watching and he said no knowing I caught him. Idk why I started crying. Maybe bc he was lying about watching it. Anyway he promised he won’t watch it again and he kept his promise.


I would leave it alone. Porn isn’t that big of a deal.

Lmao 1) the chances are very high those girls are in their 20s not teens that’s just the title used to market the videos. And if you’re ok with it if they’re in their 20s but not 18 or 19 it’s a you problem not a him problem. 2) if it bothers you talk to him if you haven’t before, if you already have chances are he doesn’t care enough about you to stop.


It’s not kid porn so i think ur overreacting

Porn is no big deal. 90% of guys watch it. A lot of it involves teens…bc they are popular. They are of age. As long as isnt looking at anyone underage…wouldnt worry about it. I do worry about you snooping through his phone. My search history isn’t squeaky clean either…lol. Probably no one’s is…Just dont search blue waffle or adult tea party…and some other key words . Can never unsee some things.

If it bothers you. Tell him. Voice your opinion to him not every one on here… But he’s a grown man and can do what he wants with his own phone regardless if he is your husband or not. People tend to do what they want. He’s looking at LEGAL porn. Just because it is labelled “teen” doesn’t mean that’s exactly what they are. They have step bro and step sis suit but thats not actually happening. Its a title to get people to watch. Even then theres a big difference between 17 yr old and an 18 and 19 yr old according to the law.

There’s a lot of unhelpful comments here if any one cares please like this so it can get up in the feed.

Porn trains men to like younger girls the older they get the farther they are away from “legal” age next thing you know the porn they look at are their kids age and they see nothing wrong with that.

I know first hand what porn addiction is. From a young age infact…

I would bring it up. But here’s the thing. Shame doesn’t promote freedom it cause chaos.

I suggest these tools.

Fight the New Drug
Covenant Eyes

One is a SCIENTIFIC originazation only not religious and proves that porn is extremely harmful to all parties involved.

It will help you and him both. I buy there merchandise and also share about it in public I ain’t ashamed to say porn isn’t cool

My husband beat porn using the other program it took away all secrecy it is Christian but it’s more like parental controls you can set different things and all. After 3 months he was free but we had it for a year, I wouldn’t marry him unless he was free. I had these boundaries always but I know I struggled with sexual addiction to in childhood from child hood trauma and I knew when I got free I never wanted to compete with porn.

The men I knew that would look at “teen porn” often went for their adult childrens friends married or not. I highly suggest not to underestimate addiction.

Porn is being unfaithful if you feel it is.

But if he isn’t willing to change it just gets darker. Porn will lead into dark kinks easily. It’s a slip and slide.

So do what you will with that info… best of luck.

“I had to look something up on his phone,” well, when you open the internet it doesn’t bring up the history right off the bat so, just admit you were going through his phone. Also, most “teen girls” in porn videos are older than 18 and 19, but regardless they’re adults. I think this is more of the fact that he was looking at porn vs anything else. I completely understand it’s not for everybody and can see where it can hurt some peoples feelings, so I’m sorry that your feelings did get hurt.

I’m sorry but these posts crack me up. You had to use his phone and just happened to see his search history? Lol They always say they had to use their husbands phone for something and just happened to see his Facebook messages or his search history or found pictures from 2 years ago, etc, etc. Just admit you were snooping through his phone. That’s not stuff you’d see unless you were looking for it.


Why are you looking through his history?


Ask him to stop if he doesn’t then he doesn’t respect you or your marriage and that’s your cue to leave


Men fantasize about younger hot women. Its not the 1800s. Porn is a safe outlet and it’s wrong to judge him based off of what he’s doing in privacy. He’s not hurting anyone. I once caught my ex looking up porn. I used his computer. Said " f****** sister Jessica"… His sister’s name was Jessica." Could be so much worse than the standard “hot young girls” that he masterbates to bc he’s been faithful to the same women for 20+ years and they’re ageing together growing old. He’s not cheating or hurting you.

If it bothers you then say something

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Just let it go!!! He watches porn….he’s not meeting up with them.

I’m not trying to be rude, but what is the problem people (especially women) have with their partners watching porn?

Once I threw out our computer because the search history reveled he was into13/14 year old girl and step dad he stoped sleeping and would be at the comp all nite the next comp episode was him having him hook up internet while I wasn’t home his addiction with this would give those 900 numbers a break so it was a bit cheaper. It’s gone on to save underage girls pics off snap chat hoe embarrassing for my child to be app by the girls parents to have it handled. 50 doesn’t mean anything

Give him some poon-tang maby


Most of the barely legal videos are underage girls too


What u think he’s guna watch 50yr old woman of course they all watching younger tighter woman. I say let him be but your his wife if it bothers u tell him.


Unpopular opinion: you don’t! If they’re actually of age women, then you just don’t. If thats the only thing thats wrong with that for you, then you don’t.

You don’t make someone feel bad for what they like because you went snooping. If they’re not breaking the law and you’re okay with porn but just not the kind, then you DONT.

The reason men like “teen” videos is because, even though the guy is in his 50s, 60s etc the body of a fit 18 yr old is likely more appealing than an older lady. It’s no different to a guy, who’s married to a bigger girl, looking at skinny naked chick’s. Doesn’t mean he wants them… they are just nice to look at


say something to him coz one of these days you will get a visit from the police. They probably have read your input about your husband uploading porn involving underage girls…tell him he’s stupid #NoOffense

Omg. This cant be real. Its p**n. There is nothing wrong with it as long as its not an all day every day thing.


I’m thinking that he’s not into the “rode hard put away wet” porn stars his own age. I do feel like that’s pretty young however I’m pretty sure that the legal age to produce these videos is 18 :woman_shrugging:. Although not illegal i would classify him in the creepy file

Soooo does it make it bad cause i am a 32 yr old mom of 4, my fiance is 21 yrs old but if i watch porn, the 18-22 yr old lesbian ones are pretty damn good to look at​:thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth: i mean if it bothers you, saying something cause then it will stay on your mind. But be careful about your expectations of the conversation. I hqve always been the, dont ask the question if you truly don’t wanna hear the answer…

Umm…maybe see why he’s searching up these younger girls.

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Oh Lord. Your not mad that he watches porn, just the ones thats only been searched maybe at maxed 3 times. Everyone has fantasies, the older ones more so than that of a younger guy.

I skip the search history and go straight to amazon to shop 🤷


Mhmm all I know is my husband has always said why would I look at a burger when I have steak at home .


I’d certainly say something. At ya’lls ages that is definitely a red flag for a predator. Be careful I had a friend whose step dad turned out to be a legit pedophile, and no one knew for 15 years. Js… not saying your husband is 100% a sexual predator. It is very likely he just can’t let go of his youth. Just be careful and watch out for other red flags. I would be extremely bothered if my 36 year old husband was looking at adult teens. No one over 25 needs to anything to do with adult teens. There’s plenty of hot young women to look at that aren’t adult teens. A lot of them even look younger than they are maybe he should check them out instead. If the age is what he needs though :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:.


If porn itself is a deal breaker, then you guys need to have that talk (like 20 years ago) - but if this is only bothering you because of your own insecurities (younger women) then that is something you need to work on for yourself.
You can’t tell him you’re okay with him watching porn and then turn around and try to dictate what videos he watches because of jealousy. Good luck x

(Obviously if they were videos of children this would be an entirely different situation - but 18/19 year olds are not underage)

I’m a computer tech who has removed viruses and restored data for over 10,000 people. I can tell you that it is more rare that someone male or female doesn’t have porn in their search history. Anyone heard the term Cougar? Men and women both sometimes look at much younger members of the opposite sex. Pornhub verifies the age of the people in the videos they put on their site so those aren’t actual teens. I know these things due to aiding law enforcement with investigations when a women was searching for child pornagraphy that was actually a very small 25 year old man. There’s is no correlation of porn watching leading to cheating. I would try to let it be but if you just can’t talk to him about it while realizing it’s actually more common than you might think.

If they are of age leave it alone.


If it bothers you then say something

Porn destroys your brain over time.
Usually people who watch porn slowly get into more kinky/whatever stuff, because it teaches your brain to need more and more stimulation to be satisfied, and it makes your brain less able to get attracted to a physical encounter. Basically the same thing that happens with technology in general, our attention spans have shortened so much by technology and the thrill of instant entertainment that we hardly have the ability to enjoy something in real life that takes more than 10 seconds to bring thrill.

Plus, it’s extremely beta male to be watching some other man have sex with a woman you think is attractive…apparently lots of dudes like to be watchers, though…which makes sense because there’s lots of beta male, narcissistic, abusive men pretending to be masculine when they just sit in the dark watching some dude live their fantasy.

But hey…

It is a problem if you want a healthy marriage with a healthy sex life. If it bothers you, say something. He’ll show the kind of man he is in how he responds to you.

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18 or 19 is an adult who can consent by law. They’re not little girls. Lol


:nauseated_face: I wouldn’t put up with that. Why woman do put up with this is beyond me.


Got me over here questioning my porn searches. Tf.

Not like he’s butt fucking an 18 year old. Get over it. No wonder he’s not happy

I was with a trucker for about 4 years. He would jackoff to free porn while waiting for his trailer to be loaded. Made me sick. We had a good sex life but he wanted porn more than he wanted me. Leave him.

At least they’re not 14–year-olds. There of legal age technically :woman_shrugging:
With that being said I don’t care for porn myself I don’t understand how it turns people on to watch other people have sex however it doesn’t bother me if my man watches them because I’d rather him be watching them and play with himself then actually be sleeping someone else. Of course I don’t have a man right now I don’t want one but if I did that would be my opinion. Again just my opinion which I’m pretty sure is what we’re asking for here right?

Eww yeah bring it up

Doesnt bother me cuz im gonna be looking at young studs


At least it’s 18+ and not 8+ :tipping_hand_woman: all guys prefer to look at younger models, even chicks do! Think you either need to get over it or do something about it. I vote for the former.


You’ve been together 20 years, you know him and how he will likely react to you mentioning it. Word it carefully if you’re worried, but definitely say something if it’s bothering you x

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You must not know how porn works. Half of them have titles about shit like some incest shit but they just are trying to reach people with fetishes but the titles aren’t what they watch them for. 9/10 they don’t even fit the description

I enjoy looking at handsome old men I don’t see why that wouldn’t reverse leave him be I mean amateur teen porn is what alot of people watch.

It’s porn… I would just get over it honestly.

Lol the titles of pornhub are misleading anyways, unless everyone is having sex with their step sister/mother/father/daughter and gay guys are getting railed by their straight friends. Most if them “teen” girls are in the 20s. But even if it was 18 or 19yr Olds just shrug it off because women do the same thing :joy:

Pork is pork but the age of the girls would bother me

Yess say something ! I dont know why people think its ok to look at porn its bad people get addicted to it . If you are married respect your marriage respect your partner respect for yourself.

Dang auto correct, porn is porn

Leave it be . If your looking at his web history and that’s the only thing your worried about you have nothing to worry about


Let it go hun.
50 year old men love to look at barely legal…doesn’t mean a thing.


Yes definitely confront him


AGE OF ADULTHOOD IN THE BIBLE IS TWENTY because God in the Bible called all those under the age of 20 as children

Numbers 14:29-32

In this wilderness your bodies will fall—every one of you twenty years old or more who was counted in the census and who has grumbled against me. Not one of you will enter the land I swore with uplifted hand to make your home, except Caleb son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun. As for your children that you said would be taken as plunder, I will bring them in to enjoy the land you have rejected. But as for you, your bodies will fall in this wilderness. :open_book::face_with_monocle: something to consider… Are you guys married on a Godly foundation?? … I’m a little shocked at these comments… but, I shouldn’t be I guess… :thinking: This is why it’s important to love 1 whole person completely… and why society needs to stop objectifying females, of all ages :expressionless: we’re not meant to just be looked at and used for sexual stimuli… but, I understand the easy appeal of using our youth and beauty for some coin these days… it’s easy to get a man to pay us attention :face_with_raised_eyebrow::money_mouth_face: … but, he need to be paying more attention to his wife. A man that finds a wife, finds a good thing :gift_heart: now if he has no intention of making any of those females his wife… then he shouldn’t be using them for sexual stimuli. I think it’s disgusting folks say, “as long as he’s eating at home, idc where he gets his appetite” :neutral_face::woman_facepalming: What is wrong with this world? Oh… yes… now I remember… anyway… some of ya’ll could use some morals.


Definitely say something!!! That’s borderline pedophile crap!!!


At least it’s girls :joy: not boys …but yes I wouldve been bothered by that too

We’re not men, they have different needs, let it go as long as he doesn’t intrude in some things you do


You could have a few videos yourself and send the to him to keep. He maybe just likes to look at young attractive women. :man_shrugging: ask him about it if you wish but that’s probably the answer you will get


Wtf at the the number of women saying this is nbd and going as far as justifying it.
I would be disgusted.
He didn’t search “young women”… he searched fucking teens. Y’all are sick.

That is weird. Leave him if you have told him not to do this and he still does


A lot of u are carrying on as if 50 is old … well believe me it’s a big number but it’s not old and 18+ is adult too . So is she saying that she looks at nothing younger than herself whether she is out and about , on the net or even a bloke calendar… I find it a bit hypocritical… grow up !


I don’t usually read the title of the video just click on it based of the image shown…. Say something if it bothers you

Idc what he watches or if he watches unless I’m in the house and have the ability to take care of you at that time.

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The porn thing is normal to me, the teen girls preference is a little odd to me.

Please just leave that man be. Minding your own business would be better. Admitting you went through his phone and then throwing a fit over porn will only make him not trust you and will push him away. ESPECIALLY AFTER 20 YRS. Dont throw all those years away because you invaded his privacy and got super jealous of what you found. No disrespect, but I dont understand why you are making such a big deal about porn of all things. Did you stop to think maybe he is bored with his sex life? Maybe try new things with him, watch it with him or do anything to keep your sex life alive and he wont be so tempted to watch. As far as him watching younger girls i would be more worried if he was watching older women at 50 yrs old.

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That quite literally is weird shit. They might be “legal” but they are TEENagers. I wouldn’t care one bit about the porn itself but the content is concerning. I would confront him about it, suggest counseling.

All those porn sites are full of videos of teen girls,don’t mean those were the ones he was looking at there are all kinds

They are legal… what man isn’t intrigued by younger women. Do you want to see a naked 50yr old or a naked 20 year old. It’s just more appealing :woman_shrugging:


You had to look something up in his search history? Like everyone else is saying, mind your business.


Its not that hes into that. It was just the flavour of the night!


18 and 19 are legally adults…and 50 isn’t old🤷 So choose your battle wisely


Are you sure they were at least 18? And, yes, this is concerning.