Should I continue the relationship with my child's father?

We started dating in july 2019, i found out i was pregnant around the end of august of 2019, he instantly wanted me to abort the pregnancy, i absolutely denied that option. he went on a trip to help friends move and got a dui september 2019. things changed with him, he lost jobs, lost motivation it was like he wasn’t him without his car, he started treating me poorly pretty much blaming me for having a kid and ‘ruining his life’ despite all that i continued on the relationship, even though i probably should have left then, i didn’t. and he stayed despite me keeping the baby he didn’t want. we pushed through all the bull i gave birth via c section in april 2020. at this point he was living with me, the house was completely crowded and i just brought home a premature baby. things were not easy, he started working at one place that would let the employees drink at work in august of 2020. he came home constantly drunk and on drugs, i had enough in october 2020 and kicked him out of my home because he pushed the line and told me he was going to slit mine and the babies throats i was actually scared. from then on he’s lived with his mom, i decided to stay in a relationship with him if he didn’t live with me thinking maybe things would be better. he started coming over for a week at a time, and it’s been like that for about the year. in about july 2021 he started accusing me of cheating on him and living a double life when he is not at my house, because his mother was putting things into his head about me so i also let all that bull slide, i deleted social media apps and long time friends out of my life because of his insecurities. in september 2021 he had a mental breakdown and thought people were talking sh*t about him and he thought everyone was against him. the cheating accusations got so much worse. his mother made him admit himself into the psych ward. he was diagnosed with a cannabis induced psychosis and bipolar disorder. november 2021 he was discharged prescribed medication for the bipolar disorder. in december 2021 he stopped taking the medication and things are on edge. he thinks we have this big plan to get his car back on the road and to get a place and just start over together. and i really don’t want too!!! i want to be alone without breaking any ones heart to do so!! i feel like he’s so attached to me and i don’t even love him anymore but i don’t know what to say or do so i just stay because he’s my kids dad and i don’t wanna break him.

i think maybe this was more to vent but if anyone has any suggestions let me know

I’m terrified your seriously more worried about hurting him then you are about him murdering you and your child. What will it take for you to leave. He has threatened you and your child’s life. He’s unmedicated. He’s beyond dangerous. Run before you and your child become a statistic.

No other replies needed. Jen you said it all and you are absolutely right!