Should I force my child to speak with the school nurse?

My daughter is in 4th grade. It’s time for the nurse to have a talk with the girls and boys separately.She doesn’t want to go, says it’s embarrassing.Not sure if I should make her?If not what’s is a good alternative as far as a book?


Nope, talk to her yourself. Why force a child that is uncomfortable to talk about body changes with essentially a stranger.


Talk to her yourself! My daughter is 9 years old, also in the 4th grade. Her doctor has said that the “time” is close. She knows this, but she isn’t ready to talk about it. I’ve told her that when she’s ready or when it happens, she can come to me and I’ll help her through it and answer any questions she has. I’ve told her if she’s in school, all she has to do is go to the nurse and tell the nurse she needs to call her mom and I’ll be right there.

I won’t force her to talk to anyone she is uncomfortable talking to about something she is uncomfortable tabling about.


Why are parents so scared to talk to their kids :woman_facepalming: the only reason its embarrassing bc ppl make it embarrassing they act like it’s so taboo and it’s ridiculous. We should talk about it like it’s a normal every day conversation. Stop making it sound like a embarrassing conversation or uncomfortable thing to talk about. All my kids were raised knowing about everything from a young age bc I’m very open and have always talked openly about things.


I wouldn’t force her but I’d give her the option of having the talk with you or anyone else she feels comfortable with. Tell her it’s normal, we all go through it. It’s best she’s educated on it. I know target has some books, I forget what they’re called but I remember seeing some!


Why is the nurse having this conversation that is clearly for the parent to do. I don’t understand schools overstepping.


Or tell her that there is nothing embarrassing about it. It is a natural and normal part of growing up. All of the girls will be learning the same thing.
If we treat these topics like they are taboo, then they become that.


Start having the conversation now. Why is it embarrassing to her? is it bc she has no current working knowledge? Is it just the subject matter?

The best thing to do is start having these conversations when they’re little and build upon them as they get older and more mature. That way it’s more of a regular conversation. There’s no weirdness added from friends or misinformation. It’s better to give them the right information from the beginning.


Why don’t you talk to her about this stuff… I never made my girls


The schools my kids went to do the talk now with boys and girls separately in different classrooms. Maybe call the school and ask if they do that?

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Why the hell is the school having this conversation? That should be taught at home in my opinion

Don’t force her. Talk to her yourself and get a book to help if you need it.

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Send her, there are loads of things us parents do that make us uncomfortable but we do them because we have to. She will have to learn how to handle being uncomfortable with conversations. Mind you I would not leave that kind of conversation up to a stranger to talk to my children about, go over some of the big points with your girl first so she ready and it may help with her being embarrassed.

I would ask her what makes her feel embarrassed. If she has questions have the answers come from you first. I wouldn’t recommend you to have her do anything that makes her feel uncomfortable but instead understand where she is coming from and address her concerns directly.

Start that talk at home. Make sure you teach her the proper names for her body parts. No “cookie” or “flower”. Personally, I don’t feel it’s the schools job to educate my kids on bodily functions and sex ed.

I would make her go. Life can be uncomfortable and kids needs to learn how to cope and move on. I would also have a conversation with her beforehand, it’s important she knows she can come to you about this stuff and that you’ve been thru it too.

The only embarrassing thing is not knowing what to do when it happens. She needs to go, and get over it. By the time I had that in school my mom already told me everything, and since I knew most the answers half the girls thought I started mine already :woman_shrugging:t2:

I would speak with her first and then let her choose to visit the nurse, that way she will feel a bit more informed about what the nurse is explaining. If aunt Flo visits her the first time at school (as it did with my daughter and I was at work) the nurse will be there to help her. Yes it is a bit embarrassing and scary to learn these things about your body but Fear of the unknown is worst and the stories kids will tell each other about what “they know” ? Oh lordy, the misinformation can be comical and/or horrendous!! Keep your kid informed about what to expect and how to be prepared for anything in general.

Is it a 1 on 1 with the nurse or the nurse speaks to all the girls at once? If it’s a group thing I would make her, if she’s uncomfortable with a 1 on 1 thing then I wouldn’t make her. Unfortunately though sometimes we just have to have uncomfortable conversations. It’s part of life.

Call the nurse and ask her what she will be speaking about. If you’re comfortable with what she says then do a pre talk with your daughter. I would imagine the 4th grade talk would be more on the innocent side.

A second grader ask me why they had to talk about private parts. After I thought for a second I said if you can talk about it before something happens it is easier to talk if somthing does.

Tell her she can either talk to the nurse with her friends around or she can talk to you about it one on one, but it’s info she 100% has to have even tho it is uncomfortable to talk about at first

Nope, i wish my mom had talked to me when i was that age, it is so very embarrassing to hear this from some one you do not trust and know really well, talk to her your self and only tell her what she wants to know basically just answer her questions

Yeah that didn’t go well for the school nurse…when it came to me…Told her up front…First…Im not sick…Second I have a mother n 2 older sisters…Kinda think that should tell her something…N excused myself n went back to class.

What? All my kids even the boys learned this stuff by the time they were five. Why so secretive?

Do parents not talk to their kids about their bodies right from the start!? Like your child should already know this stuff!

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How about YOU talk to her about it!

Can just see this 3 years from now my daughter hates me because I forced her to talk to the school nurse

Why is the nurse talking to them one on one or is it a group of girls?
Honestly if you’re doing YOUR job properly there should be no reason for the nurse to talk to her at all and they can’t force it

We were very open with our girls and conversations. My oldest started her period at 8! Hasn’t happened for my youngest hey. But we also got these books and they’ve been great! Highly recommend!

Please don’t shelter your daughter!!! If you do this shes going to have a hard time in life……

Uh what? That’s not the nurses job to be talking to kids about. That’s a parents job. So how about you talk to your child ?