Should I get a toddler bed or a twin size bed?

I currently co-sleep with both of my girls but plan on getting my oldest a bed for Christmas this year. She will be 4 in January and is the 98th% for height so pretty tall for her age lol. I was wondering should I get her a toddler bed or just go straight for a twin sized bed?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I get a toddler bed or a twin size bed?

If she’s almost 4, go with the twin bed. Both my kids got their twin beds at 4. We did toddler beds from 18 months until 4. Hope this helps!

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Get a queen size. You will be so much more comfortable and she will grow into it.

I would go straight to a twin bed. Maybe a full size.


Go straight for a twin. Kids grow so fast. She’ll be out of a toddler bed before you know it.

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I’ve skipped toddler beds each time and just went for the twin bed and gotten a mattress protector. Saves money in the long run. If you’re worried she will fall off the bed the munchkin brand makes a bed railing.

Twin, you will just have to buy a new bed in a year or so if you go with the toddler

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Twin size, unless you care to buy another bed in a couple of years

A four year old is not really a toddler. Get her a Big Girls Bed and talk about how grown-up it will be. Mine refused the toddler bed once they were three and kept sneaking off to sleep in the twin sized bed in the spare room!

I would go straight for the twin, especially if she’s already so tall! My girls never stayed in their toddler beds for more than a year (if that) and I wished then that I would’ve just started with the twin to begin with rather than spending money on both. The only plus to the toddler beds was we were tight on space.

Go straight for the twin. I didn’t bother buying my youngest a toddler bed

4 is to big for a toddler bed imo. Get a twin or a full. My 3 year old has a full and it’s perfect size cause she moves everywhere

Twin…my daughter was 18 months and had a twin size and slept so much better!

Twin…but personally i would a full size…so in a few years you won’t have to go up again!
And at some point…they might end up sleeping together too…i know ours did off and on!

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I’d go straight to a twin, otherwise you’ll have to upgrade pretty quickly.

I’d go straight to a twin, otherwise you’ll have to upgrade pretty quickly.

Twin or a full with a Mattress pad hands down

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Definitely a twin, my parents got me a twin when I was 3 years old

I’d go for a twin because she can have it longer than a toddler bed. I switched my kid to a twin at 4 because he’s a big tall boy

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Full. She’s growing up

My son is 4 and 99th percentile he has a twin size bed

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Twin. At 4 she’d almost be grown out of a toddler bed.

Go for the twin, it’ll last longer.

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That tall? Lol twin for sure but goodluck getting her into it mama :kissing_heart:

I would get her a twin bed if I were you

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Be smart and go straight to the twin ( so you don’t have to spend more money later )
Bye a mattress protector cover and her favorite character bedding set :blush:

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Honestly, twin. I skipped the toddler bed completely because, realistically, how long are they in those beds.

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Twin. If you plan on your girls sharing a room later save yourself money later & get a bunk bed. If you get a set that separates you can put 1 together now then the other when your little 1 is bigger.

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Twin size. Then u don’t have to worry about another bed for awhile.

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Definitely a twin… as toddler be scary for falls

Get a full sized bed no one should be subjected to a twin size bed

Twin long she’s got a lot of growing to do.

Go straight to the twin. Or even a full. She’ll need it soon enough!

Twin. She can use it longer.

Go to twin. Toddler beds are ridiculously unstable & not worth the money you spend just for them to break or kids outgrow before you are ready to get a new bed again.

Plus there’s lots of bedding sets for twin beds & you can get a side rail if you are scared of her rolling off.

Twin with rail or bunk and enclose the top

I would do the twin.

Full size. It’s amazing. If she’s sick or a sleepover it’s great. We got our three year old one to last.

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Twin. With my youngest I went straight for the twin bed rather than wasting money on a toddler bed

Single bed. My 4 year old still likes to bed share. Some night she will sleep in her bed

I wouldn’t bother with a toddler bed. Go either twin or double. IKEA hemnes bed is great for kids, expands from twin to double

I went right to a twin at age 3 and he is 7 now in the same twin money well worth it

We got our daughter a full size bed…it comes in handy when she’s sick…and in your case if she still wants for cosleep it will give you the option to sleep in her bed and sneak out if she doesn’t handle that change well. Plus when your younger one gets a lil older maybe they will want to share a bed together if they are close.

makes sense to
go for the twin bed to me. Yet a double bed makes good sense depends on price.

We skipped toddler beds & went straight to twin.

Full! Great to keep them from rolling out and for sleepovers

Get him a full size bed that way they can sleep together because they will never be leaving your bed if not

Get a full/double if you can. Comes in handy during snuggles, sickness, and sleepovers.

From reading your post it honestly sounds like if you buy a toddler bed it’s going to be a waste of money you really need to just go ahead and buy a twin

I would get the twin. My daughter is in 99% for height and she’s 4 and she’s way too big for a toddler bed.

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Twin bed or bigger, toddler beds aren’t really worth it especially by 4 it won’t get much use.

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Maybe the toddler bed or the twin sized bed. It is so hard to decide for a 4 year.

I gave mine a full size when they were 2 and never looked back

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Twin or full size. I’m a fan of placing the box spring and mattress directly on the floor, no bed frame. I think it’s cute and cozy. :relaxed:

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Double or queen. Good mattress and itll last forever.

My stepson got a twin bed from his grandpa (my dad) when we moved 6 years ago and SS has a 3 year old daughter now and she’s going from a convertible crib to this bed. So now at their apartment if she wants a friend to stay the night/weekend or mom/dad snuggles that can happen easily. SS is 21 future daughter in law is 28. They have been together 5 years and getting married next month. My husband is almost 41 I’m 34. Granddaughter was born 8 days before my birthday. We kept his bed and my husband was going to get rid of it since we don’t have any little kids or anyone who would use it, and I told him save it for our granddaughter which is also saving them some money.

Twin size…walmart has some really cool quilt and pillow sham sets with a reusable bag for 7 bucks.

Twin bed. She’s gonna want a big girl bed with a pretty bedspread :v:

I never did toddler beds they don’t last long enough

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Twin. No reason to get a toddler bed if you’re going to have to upsize in a couple years.

My daughter got a queen go bigger it’s easier they grow out of toddler beds pretty quickly

I skipped toddler beds for both my boys.

twin bed for sure. unless you want to buy another bed in a couple years. plus she’ll have extra room for her stuffed animals

Single… no need for a double for a 4 year old :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I feel like most toddler beds are super cheesy they don’t last very long and you always end up upgrading if it was me I would personally just go for a twin


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I suggest getting a bed big enough for you and her to lay together. If you have co-slept with your child your not going to be able to just one day stick them in their on bed and not have to do anything else. Didn’t co-sleep with my first 2 kids and they sleep in bed fine. Co-slept with my 3rd and she still tries to get up some nights and come to my room. I’m sure my 4th will be just like her cause she’s 2 and only slept alone a handful of times.

Only spend the money once and get a twin.


I’d do a full size from the get go since she’s so tall…toddler & twin r not that big for tall humans

Twin. She probably won’t fit comfortably in a toddler bed at that age.

I got full size beds for my kids. Twin beds don’t have much room and are easy to fall out of

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Skip the toddler bed. She wouldn’t be in it for very long anyway. To be honest, if at any point you plan on getting her a full size bed, I’d just skip right to that size. I wish I had saved myself the time and money and just went from a crib to a full size.


I went for full size trust me it paid off in the end

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Go straight for a twin.

He can even go for a bunk bed set and just put half of it up until your other daughter’s ready

To big for a toddler get a twin. You can always buy a side rail for like $20 I think off Amazon. I have very tall kids too, mine didn’t roll so I didn’t need a rail.

Go straight for the twin!

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Twin bad, don’t waist your money on a bed that you will only have for maybe 2 years

Twin. If you have the money and the room for it, you could do a full. They are the same length. But a full will give more room to roll around. My 12 year old is tall and has a twin. She loves it. My 14 year old is also tall but has a full because she moves EVERYWHERE when she sleeps.