Should I Say Something to My Kid's Friend's Mom?

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"My kiddos have these two friends that are over pretty often. They prefer being at my house than their own because their parents do not get along and are in the process of divorcing. Well, sometimes when they are here their mom will drop off food to them, like fast food. But she does not bring anything for my kids. I want to say something to her about not doing this, or taking them home and having them eat because I feel that it is unfair for them to eat fast food in front of mine. Should I? When I buy food or candy, I make sure to buy enough for everyone to share…so i feel like thats what she should do as well."

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"If you are close enough to her maybe you could offer to Venmo her some extra and she can bring it to all of the kids"

"Sounds like the kids are going through enough. And her, a divorce has to be one of the hardest things someone goes through. Personally, I’d let it be."

"I would have the convo and be like either being enough for everyone or don’t bring it at all."

"Send her cash app for your kids."

"Talk to her. Because maybe she feels bad thinking you might get upset about feeding her kids when they’re there."

"Maybe she can’t afford to buy food for hers plus yours… does that mean she shouldn’t feed her kids or have her kids hang out with yours ?? Atleast she’s feeding her own kids and not expecting you to feed hers."

"I would let it be. Her kiddos need a safe space right now."

"These kids are already.going through a lot. And she is also probably struggling. If you want her to bring enough for everyone then ask if you can cashapp her so she can bring enough. Would you rather she expect you to feed her kids while they are there all the time"

"Sounds like she’s bringing her kids food so they don’t eat all of your food?"

"Maybe she can’t afford all the kids? Or she just doesn’t think that far. Talk with her about it?"

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