Should I see another doctor?

Change doctors this is not right dont put if off ne safe for your baby and you

If you are concerned enough to ask a FB group, ask a doctor.

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Yes please go to another doctor ASAP.

Dont get dehydrated… go get fluids if you need to… xx congrats on your pregnancy…

See another doctor that’s not normal

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Yes I did with my son for the first six months. I had this Hyperemesis gravidarum and doctors have me pills to calm them down.

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Find another dr. If for peace of mind if nothing else

DEFINITELY go to another doctor.

Trust your gut mama and get a second opinion.

No if your Dr. Isnt concerned then it means you are still holding enough to keep baby healthy. My 4th pregnancy was so bad i was on 4 vitamins and 3 different nausea medications. My Dr gave me the green light to smoke also cause I could hold down water I lost weight til I was 7 months and only gained 16 lbs my whole pregnancy. Although I thought I was starving my child she was healthy as ever and My Dr. Was right on time with everything.

Definitely get a second opinion!

Has your doctor done labs and collected 24 hour urine collection to rule out preeclampsia?
If were me, I would request referral to high risk pregnancy center for further evaluation.

Get a new doctor for sure!

I would 100% be worried… especially with a heart rate like that

Go to a different doctor

Yes, go to the doctor. Tell us how it goes.

Throw up frist five months multiple times a day

Take zofran cause I had the same exact problem

Absolutely get another opinion and soon

I would demand blood work

I think it might be a good idea

Doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion

Second opinion. Now.

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Go to your midwife or straight to the hospital

Absolutely go to a different doctor.

You know your body better get second opinion

Eat salty crackers, it helps .

I would go to er and switch drs

Maybe a second opinion would be a good idea.

If your gut is telling you to see another dr, please do so. These docs think they are God. You know your body.

Yes go see another Dr asap!

Get another doctor! The pne you have is a nut case

ER or straight to labor n delivery to be monitored

Don’t give up until you are listened to

Second opinion for sure.

Get a Second Opinion , quick!!

Whats the blood pressure?

I have hyperemesis maybe that’s what you have I’m only 26 weeks and 4 days but I get really bad sickness threw out the day it’s horrible you can get we anti sickness tablets only thing helps me is being on a drip in the hospital x

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GO TO ANOTHER DR. At 25 weeks I had the same. I told my gynae numerous times, I am not feeling well ~ he said you pregnant you not dying. At 26 week I went to a specialist Dr Nicolou. By then my blood pressure was 200/100 . I had pre eclampsia. AlSO my placenta was not feeding the baby properly. I was admittedly immediately. I was put on blood pressure medication to bring down by blood pressure and 3 days later I had an emergency ceasar. Joshua was born at 26 weeks and weighed 430 grams :cold_sweat:. Joshua spent 8 months in Neo natal ICU. Joshua has cerabral palsy and goes to a special needs school. Josh is my biggest hero and such a lovely little boy :heart_eyes:

Have you tried baby asprin? My doctors for both my pregnancies recommended it to help with my high blood pressure and it definitely helped.

Definitely new Dr. I have same issues and my Dr freaked out and now has me on constant watch and I have to go see him every 2-3 weeks

Yes hg and pre eclampsia almost killed me and my son so many times. I had to be tube fed and hospitalized. The doctors were idiots. They have never ever had anyone as bad i was to treat. They didn’t even know how to order in-home care. They never had to before. So yeah. Get another doctor. My bp was 180/120 and i was on the verge of going into cardiac arrest when they decided it was finally time to induce me. What about the last month or 8? Idiots. I lost 40 pounds while pregnant. 5 in 24 hours. And they never listened to me when i asked for an iron test. My level was 5 when i was going into cardiac arrest. I had to have blood transfusions for months! Do not listen to them, listen to YOU!

go see an different doc right away

Joanna Predo this sounds familiar

Get another docs opinion

Get another doctor’s opinon

Look for another doctor

Id go to another doctor

Definitely if you are concerned

Yes! Blood pressure and heart rate COULD BE a result of dehydration from the vomiting and sickness. Also ask about magnesium deficiency. Many women are deficient and it caused me to have similar symptoms. Also for the health and safety of your baby you deserve a second opinion. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery :pray:

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I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum. with all 4 of my pregnancies and with my last i was soooo sick all the time that my blood pressure started to rise really bad! In my opinion if you do not feel comfortable with your doctor fond a new one! Always always follow your gut instinct when it cones to your body!


Yes, absolutely. Trust your instincts. Especially if you are swelling, have headaches, nausea, pain or any other symptoms. Keep a diary of your fluid intake, food and symptoms. Always, ALWAYS, trust your instincts!!


I had those same problems and was induced at 36 weeks because of severe preeclampsia.
I had terrible headaches and blurry vision and threw up constantly the entire pregnancy, and was told it was completely normal. One day, something was just…wrong. I felt awful and demanded to be seen, even though they brushed me off and told me again, rest, hydrate, it’s normal. I insisted and it turns out baby and I were not ok!

If you feel as though you’re not being listened to, your concerns are not being met with explanations, or you’re uncomfortable with how your doctor is handling this, there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.

If you see another doctor, and they address everything the same as the first, maybe that will put you at ease and help you feel as though you’re being heard. Even if a second doctor feels the same as the first, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with advocating for yourself!


Yes! You should be absolutely concerned get a second opinion go to the emergency high blood pressure while pregnant is NO JOKE, I had my daughter at 32 weeks due to preeclampsia no one knew I had it until the night I went in to L&D for a headache if I did not trust my instinct that something was wrong I honestly don’t think I would be here I saved my life and my daughter’s life

Find a different doctor now! Most doctors will not take you if your to far along. Tell them you are not comfortable with the doctor you have!!! Good luck, eat crackers for tummy, sprite!! Hope you feel better! Pregnancy should be a joy , not a curse!!:heart_eyes:

I was like this through both of my pregnancies and had pre eclampsia both times. My BP was in the 200s over high 150s. I ended up brushing it off thinking it wasn’t serious as my BP is always a bit high but that was a mistake and I had two seizures just after having my first because of this. With my second this summer they monitored closely as I was high risk and they induced early because I failed 5 or 6 stress tests. Definitely follow your instinct and if you want a second opinion by all means get one. My first missed my pre eclampsia all together and it caused me to be in hospital for 3 and a half weeks after.

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This has nothing to do with this but always follow your instict…I was 20 weeks, started having pain and bleeding a little …I was at work so I called my doctor…my doctor told me to take some Tylenol and lay down smh I didn’t feel right so I rushed to another hospital in which I was going into labor and even tho my baby didn’t make it i learned alot. I didn’t know I was a high risk patient or that I had a weak cervix, my new doctors caught all of this…now I have a 3 year old…


Sounds like it could be eclampsia or preeclampsia. Most effective way for doctors to find out is to watch for protein in your urine. Definitely relax when you can. It can cause seizures.

If you feel strong about how you feel and your doctor is not listening than going to another doctor seems like a good idea just so you and baby don’t get stressed and your mind will be at ease

Starting today or tomorrow you should start a diary of your blood pressure readings check around same time twice a day morning and evening, write down other symptoms and how often you are having them every morning, after lunchtime, etc … call schedule appointment with another doctor and present the diary to show and possibly assist with diagnosis and treatment

My first pregnancy I was too nervous and didn’t know any better to switch doctors. Now I know it’s my body and the dr doesn’t know it like i do. Switch doctors! You are paying them!

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Do you take blood pressure pills? I have pregnancy high blood pressure and I believe my pills make me sick . My doctor also told me that getting sick in late pregnancy could be due to heart burn I guess some pregnant women experience it differently .

Yes, keep a check on the BP but as far as not keeping anything down you’ll be fine. I couldn’t keep anything down with my now 3yr old so I drank lots of gatorade, I would freeze it… She weighed 7.5lbs when she was born…

If youre ever uncertain about things with YOUR body and u don’t feel comfortable with the answers you’re being given then yes! You should. No one persons pregnancy is the same. Get it checked out! Good luck!

I had those issues when I was pregnant. My doctor wasnt worried about me not keeping food or drink down as long as I didnt lose to much weight. I was overweight to begin with. And they told me that the high blood pressure and high heart rate was normal.

You should definitely see a different doc. You could have HG and with the blood pressure pre-eclampsia or eclampsia… your doc is not taking care of you.

With my youngest I was so sick it was like I had the stomach flu for 6 months high blood pressure and heart beat but because I literally threw everything up I was severely dehydrated that makes your blood pressure and heart rate fast from 2 months pregnant til 32 weeks I went every other day to get fluids

Always trust ur gut. If u feel somethings wrong it is always ok to seek a second opinion.
In rural areas though docs r all in same place and kind of disregard the patient and just see what the other doc said and repeat. We have to drive an hr away to the next town with different docs.

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If it’s you first pregnancy and you stroll have the same problem in 2 weeks I would go to doctor again and tell him that your concerned that it or I go to hospital if you have high blood ptessure

Plz go check it out. I was 7 months pg sick all the time. Doc sed was fine. I couldnt feel movement 2 days after a checkup that lasted less than 5 minutes where they told me everything was fine. I rushed to doc who then couldnt find a hearbeat and was sent to hospital where another doc told me my fluid levels were so low it shud have been picked up in the scan 2 days b4. Long story short my baby would be alive if theyd done their job it was too late. It neva hurts to make sure ur baby is fine.

During my first pregnancy I had horrible suicidal thoughts I never had before. I often thought about driving off the road into a tree. Panic attacks often. When I told my doctor she said oh that’s normal mexican weman worry you’ll be fine. I didn’t change doctors but wish I had. If you have worries I say change doctors.

Besides thr high blood pressure, my doctor wasnt concerned about anything else. They let pregnant women’s bp get a little high. And barely eat. Most important is staying hydrated. Even if you’re sipping. They should check for protien in your urine. I would suggest going in just in case its preclampsia. I can see them not being too worried, but letting them decide that for you can be fatal. I was spilling protien and had high bp with my 6th baby and then I had a placenta abruption that caused my baby to die and I almost died. Don’t let them make you feel bad about being concerned.

Who the hell is your doctor,Dr. Seuss? Switch doctors hun please.

U absolutely need a new dr ,you probably have toxemia !

Im 36 weeks and was the same way. You’ll be ok as long as your not losing a lot of weight. Drink deluted gatorade and i find that ginger gummies help a lot with the nausea and vomoting. I ordered them online

I was an EMT and I would be concerned about preeclampsia.

Find another doctor if you dont feel yours is doing a proper job.

This is what happened before I had 2 seizures, I ended up having my first child 13 weeks early. Go get checked out immediately.

Sure, when you feel sick turn to Facebook for questions :woman_facepalming:

Yes you should see a different doctor

Never hurts to have a second opinion

Yes or go to labor and delivery at ur nearest hospital

You might have Hyperemesis Gradvarium

Hell yes go see a different doctor or urgent care!!

Sounds like you have pre clampsia,id definitely go to a different doctor that can be dangerous for you nd bub,i had to have a planned c section at 39 weeks they kept me in for 2 days doing tests then told me i had pre clampsia .goodluck x

Should always b concern when u have high bp & pregnant. Hopefully ur Dr knows & is keeping a check on you & the baby.

From an emergency room nurse stand point, high pressure, vomiting, and high heart rate equals dehydration, pregnant or not.

I’d see another doc. Try finding a doula in your area. They have lots of tricks and tips that are not taught in nursing school or medical school.