Should I send my son back to daycare?

Where I live daycares are slowly opening, I have to decide if I’m going to put my two years old back in, I just had a baby, and my son was supposed to be in part-time until I went back to work but so far since my maternity started all of the COVID stuff happened, and he has been home with me which I am loving, but I know he needs friends and interaction. I am home until January would you keep him out as long as possible or let him go?


Keep him out. Keep him safe at all costs


Where do you live? Cause I’m my opinion if it’s the states I say hell to the no and Canada yes


I wouldn’t set foot in a daycare if you paid me right now. I’m so glad my kids were already homeschool before this.


There is many ways to get him associated with other kids without daily interaction with people at daycares,etc. libraries have story hours, or you could look up other things in your area. You would get to have much more control of what happens germ wise… as much as possible atleast


Id keep them out unless you need it.

No way. Virus is to deadly and not worth the risk if you dont have to

I would keep him. You definitely don’t want him getting the virus at daycare and bringing it home to the baby.

If your not working I would keep him home

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I work in a daycare but I am not back yet because of my age but I do know that every precaution is being taken talk to daycare and find out how they are doing as precaution


Keep him safe with you at home. Stay safe.

No especially with a newborn


I wouldn’t put him back in daycare especially if I had a newborn

Girl, keep him home! I’m at home with my newborn and toddler. Keep your babies safe at all costs.

If you’re home, he is home!

Noooo is bad, is no fun! It should only be used if you have no other option. It can be very stressful for children too

I would keep him home until January if possible. I would keep my one and a half year old home, but I am a teacher and it looks like we are going to be going back in person for the time being. Try to meet up weekly or biweekly with other moms and kiddos his age in your area that you know have also been home and away from large groups. I know that is a difficult decision… good luck!

Do what is best for you and your family.


If you just had another baby I wouldn’t do it you don’t want to risk your baby getting sick and possibly dying because their baby bodies may not be strong enough to fight it off

Mine have still been going the whole time because it never closed down and we are both considered essential. No one has had it at the facility either and they are doing things different like no parents in building, temp checks and asking if you’ve traveled within last 2 weeks that your kids not come for 14-21 days

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Hell no I’d keep mine home. I’m in Houston so the spread of the virus is very bad out here and majority of kids in daycares have contracted it. So sad bc i know some parents don’t have a choice to keep their kids home.

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As a working parent who wishes she had this opportunity. Keep him home!


I’m a stay at home mom with a 3 year old a 15 month old and a baby due at the end of august and honestly it’s good for kids to have social interaction but I would keep him home. I love having my kids home with me and wouldn’t change it. My oldest will go to peek when next year at age 4 but not before

Do what is best for you!

If you can afford to keep them home do it. Some of us single income families have no choice. No work means we don’t eat, no utilities.

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Covid or not, I’d keep him home as long as possible!


I’d keep him with you.

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No most definitely not

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I wouldn’t. Just keep him home

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Keep him home with you.

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Keep him home and enjoy this extra time with him. I have four year old twins and a school age child. Their daycare/school opened up and I lost their spots because I couldn’t send them when I had my other child at home and I was still working at home. It’s extra time I never would have had if Covid didn’t happen.

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If you have until January to go back to work then I’d keep him out.


both mine went back there doing good

Keep him home, better safe then sorry.

Keep him home he’s so young it’s not like he has exams etc coming up he won’t even remember this in a few years x

I’d keep him home, I’m actually waiting to see if they will let parents choose to keep their older kids home from school to continue doing the distance learning because I want my 11 year old home as well. I have an almost 4 year old and want neither of my kids getting sick.

I would personally send him a day or two a week.
My 4 year old was doing so great in Prek then this all started and I cannot even go to the bathroom without her getting upset I’ve left


:100: no question keep him home you will never get the time back and no one does it like mom

If you’re staying at home with a new born I keep home

I’d keep him home if it were me.

Keep him home until you have to go back to work. Social interaction isn’t worth him getting sick and risking your newborn getting sick


I wouldn’t risk it if I didn’t have to. Also its a great time for tour kiddos to bond

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I work at a daycare and our guidlines are if your child doesnt really need to go we suggest you keep then home do to any risks. Our state guidlines cut our child ratios in half so if you can keep them home keep them home so we have room for working parents.

My kids have been going since April and have been fine! Life must go on


Keep him home so he doesn’t get sick, doesn’t get you sick, and doesn’t get your newborn sick
I mean you’re home all day why waste money on daycare?

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Keep him home until you go back to work

I would. I travel 130 miles a day for a babysitter. Shes amazing but I looked into places to take her that were closer to me and so she could learn more. Well since this has happened its better it keep her where i know shes not quit as exposed.

I live in Florida and they have gave us 4 or 5 different options for school starting back. I am lucky enough to be a stay @ home mom, so we’ve decided to do virtual learning with our 7 yr old @ least in the beginning because the cases are on the rise here and regardless of what anybody says i know my kiddos will be safer @ home right now. The school board is giving the option that if we decide after the 1st semester that we want our kids to return to regular school then they will still have there spot @ there school. Our 13 yr old was planning to do virtual anyway so it didnt mess her plans up. I personally say wait until you get closer to going to work. Depending on what the virus us doing maybe like a mth before you go back.


with new baby and 2 year old? stay home with both your immune system isnt likely to be as good as normal what with new baby and possibly exposing a 2 year to bring back to newborn and yourself? i wouldnt take the chance

I’d Keep him home till you go back to work.

Keep him home, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

With the newborn id keep him home too.newborns immune systems take a while to get strong.i wouldnt risk it.its such a scarry time.

No not with that newborn in the house

Keep him home. Daycare should only be used, at this time if you have to work.


This is personal & only you can decide. Personally for me I’d keep him home as long as possible. Besides giving him that extra time to bond with baby & learn his new role in the family daycares run a risk of covid19 now. I wouldn’t take that risk with my kids unless I had to. However I understand the stress of a newborn & toddler. If you need that partial break maybe send him to a small daycare who’s cleaning & doing the best job of preventing illiness. Or maybe Daddy can help by taking him a few times a week.

I would say keep them home… I work in a pharmacy that delivers all over the United States, it’s a chaotic mess out there.

I work at a daycare I say let him do half days at least for the social piece … it’s honestly not as bad as people are making it


I’d keep him home unless you absolutely have to.

I know parents who have always worked. It’s so up to you m.

My 5 yr old son is at daycare 3 days a week. At my sons daycare, before your child enters the building, they check for temperature and if he/she has fever, runny nose or any kind of symptoms, they dont let them in, and can’t return until dr says they are okay. All the kids are separated in rooms by age, and they dont come in contact with each other and they dont have alot of kids in each room. Hes been back in since they opened back up after the first shutdown. Noone has been sick at his daycare either. Its up to you for you to decide what you think is best.

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A daycare in my area just had a covid outbreak.

Part-time. Best of both worlds!! Interaction for him and time alone with baby for you but also having him home some days to enjoy your two little ones together. In my opinion it will be good for the both of you and coming from a mother who has just recently gone back to work - the daycares are under very strict protocol. I have a 2, 5 and 9 yr old in daycare now.

I’m a preschool teacher and yes between DCF and The CDC we have a lot to do on a daily basis… like we wash hands every hr. Bleach everything down, take temps at the door. If you don’t have to send him to daycare don’t… he’s only little once and enjoy the time spent with him…and him with the baby

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Keep him home, it’s too scary. I cant even bare to imagine my baby getting this shit. Keep him home. And safe.
Try some online activities. Keep his brain stimulated with games and flash cards.

Keep him home. Once you go back to work. You’ll regret it. Enjoy him. He’s only this little once

I have had mine in daycare this whole time. She is good and they check temps and clean the rooms down 3x a day.

If you have to work, obviously they have to go to daycare. If you aren’t working, why would you send him to a place potentially filled with COVID-19 AND plenty of other viruses, and spend the money? I understand wanting social interaction, but maybe just post on a mommy and me page that you’d like to meet with one or two parents and kids around your kids age. I feel that that is much safer if you are even the slightest bit worried about the virus.

I am in the same situation but I refuse to put my kids in daycare at this time dont think I could handle it if my newborn or 2 year old got covid

I work in a childcare center. Keep him home until you have to send him back.

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Do what you feel is right and clearly you already know the answer. They need the interaction it’s healthy for them and for you.

I am thinking the same thing, my son is 3 and was in the day daycare for a while until covid started, since then he is home. But I kind of decided not to send him because he gets soo sick in autumn and winter and this year we will not be sure if it is covid or regular cold. I have enough on my plate and I don’t really want this stress, becuse I know everytime he coughs I will be on the phone nagging the doctor🤦‍♀️ I know he needs the interection but I think I will play safe this year. That is of course if his grandmother keeps helping, she comes over 3 days a week now, the other days I am with him and if I can arrange my schedule at work, or else he is going, well he has to.

Mine have been allowed to go back to nursery/school for a few weeks now but I’m keeping them home until it becomes mandatory again in September.

My sister in law’s sister thought it was a good idea to put her child back in daycare…She’s now in the icu waiting for a double lung transplant because she caught the virus. I know it doesn’t happen to every child but, do you want to take this chance with yours? She’s now feeling extreme guilt because she is watching her baby die because of a decision she made.


I am in same boat, just letting my little un start in September why I am off, they will catch up quick but that’s just my decision xx

Keep him home as long as you can keep his spot in daycare. In my area parents are having to pay for daycare to reserve the spot as many daycares are going out of business.

For me personally I would just keep him with you to be safe. The mayor of atlanta and her husband
got covid from thier child who showed no symptoms

It’s your decision. If I had little ones… mine are older… I would way pros and cons and also look at facts. In my area I would be we dont have alot if cases. If we did then no i wouldnt. But my kids didnt go to day care or anything till 3 or older. They were fine. But your mom. Its up to you. And it dont make you a bad mom for either decision.

If it’s solely daycare I would keep him home. Preschool 4/5 years of age I would send 1-2 days.

2 year old? Keep him home with you, for now!

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My kids are 3 and 4. Before the Covid started, they were in daycare 5 days a week. I haven’t worked out of the house since March, and they have been home with me. When our daycare opened in June, I sent them 1 day a week. Well, another child from the daycare got Covid from his grandmother. My kids weren’t there when that child was, but none of the employees were wearing masks. I am keeping my kids home now.

I’d keep him home. Better to be safe so he doesn’t bring home germs to you or the baby too.

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Keep him home, he wont miss too much for a few months but it may keep him from being sick or you.

Why is this even a question!! Keep him home!!

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Even with no covid on the planet, I’d be a vote for keeping the lil bub home with you!! He’s still widdle, it will be so good for him!!


My opinion is that he needs to be home and safe more than he needs interaction with others right now. Keep him home!!


I’m a daycare teacher and we reopened mid June— it’s been pretty good the kids are doing great just doing a lot hand washing throughout the day- temp checks at drop offs , parents aren’t allowed in our facility only for curbside drop off and pick ups where we get the child— kids don’t need to wear a mask only the teachers — we have a few moms that had babies beginning of July and they aren’t sending their kids back u til the baby has had their 2 month old shots — so that’s prob your best bet wait til your baby has their two month old shots before sending your older child back to daycare

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I’d keep him home. :blush:

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I plan to keep my preschooler home. It would’ve been her first year in school. I know she needs the interaction but I need her safe. I’ll teach her from home so she doesn’t fall behind but until there’s a clear safe route that I’m comfortable with, my peace of mind and her health say to stay home.

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Keep him home. You know hes safe at home with you. You wouldnt want him catching Covid then giving it to your baby.

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My grandbabies 2 and 3 years old have been back to daycare for 2 months now, the precautions being taken are no joke. As soon as they arrive shoes are sprayed, they are given sanitizer and then they get to wear a mask for 8 hours straight!! (This part I am being sarcastic) because we have adults crying over wearing a mask!! They don’t complain and my bebé actually tells me she loves school, and thank God they are doing well. I work full time and so does my daughter. I wish I could watch them for her. Good luck.

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I have a third grader, a kindergartner and a preker and I am homeschooling my personal choice due to the circumstances. Your his mama you know what’s best whatever your comfortable with and whatever you see fit for your child go for it.

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I’m in the same boat, momma. I’m due in August with my second and I’ve had my two-year-old home with me since March. Daycares are opening here, as well, but I feel safer having her home with me, where I can personally monitor her hygiene and keep her clean, etc. etc. We supplement social interaction by going to the local park. I let her interact with the other children. But the key here is that I’m comfortable letting her have those interactions under my supervision because I can ensure she’s being safe and clean. I respect what measures daycares put in place to try and protect our kiddos, but I’m just not there yet. I see how insanely messy my one child can be, let alone a whole group of them. It’s a tough position to be in, but I know that right now I can afford to have her home with me, so I’ll keep it that way for as long as I can. And as long as I’m not in a position where she absolutely needs to go to school, we’ll make it work.


I would keep him home as long as possible. If you are home too why risk exposure to him and the new baby.

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If you’re home until January and are able to take care of him…I wouldn’t send him. After I had my children, I found that the new babies immune system was good but I was always prone to catch everything and anything my little ones brought home from school :heart: probably from being run down and everything.


I have a 2.5 year old and a 17 month old and they are besties. I wouldn’t risk it honestly.

Keep him home. Why pay someone else when you could save the money and be together.


If you absolutely dont have to do it I wouldn’t do it


Mine are 11,9,6 now and I would stay with them if I could (and luckily I can at the moment)

I would probably keep him home depending on the daycare. I temporarily took my son to one that had up to 16 kids at any given time. It was the most sick I ever remember him being but there was plenty of times I was warned there had veen kids there with fevers and stomach bugs. Im hoping they are taking extra precautions with covid but thankfully hes the only kid where he is at now and she can only have up to 5 I think.

Not letting my great grandchildren go to a covid infested school. They can’t even keep lice from schools, think I’m going to trust them with COVID 19. I DOUBT IT !!!