Should I send my two year old to preschool?

My daughter just turned two and she is in speech therapy and has an IEP. She only says about five max words. She stays home with me and we do learning stuff at home. But again it’s just us her sisters are at school. I feel like some type of daycare or preschool would be good for her. I think she needs to interact with more kids her ages. But I’m also worried about sending her because since she doesn’t talk or really understand certain things. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to know if they are treating her right. What have other moms done in this situation? Yes I do have anxiety over it because she is my baby girl and isn’t at a two year old stage she’s more behind than other kids her age.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I send my two year old to preschool?

maybe try her in daycare and let the worker know and she can phone you if there are problems to go get her

At 3 usually the schopl bored picks them
Up and gets them
In school
Setting my oldest is 10 and she started in early steps for speech and other areas at age three schopl
Board picked her up meaning she was in like a early head start amd
School board would come to the house for speech

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I’m a daycare teacher and we have 2 year olds with ieps. When the kids first started daycare they were mostly shy and not talking alot. Throughout the year, they had therapy once or twice a week and by the end of the school year, they flourished. Most were talking full sentences, some just a few words. But still an improvement


My son also had speech problems. We started preschool at age 3 and he did 2 years of it. The school set him up with speech therapy twice a week. He did it for a year and a half. It helped so much and now he’s a normal 6 year old that never stops talking. I feel like it was the best decision for us. Go with your gut momma.

My son was on an IEP for speech and autism, he went into pre k at 3 years old and it was the best thing. He never did daycare so he was never around kids so I did it more so for the socialization. He did half day (CO 3 year old program is half day) and it got him ready for full day pre k the following year. I don’t regret that decision one bit. He was on an IEP for 3 years and was re evaluated last year in first grade and tested out of ESS. It’s always a scary thing, and my son cried everyday but he was fine once he got to school and then by the time he got to kinder and 1st and now 2nd he’s doing great. Still has some sad mornings but he’s come a long way.


Is there any part time preschools near you? I started off my son about 2.5 years old doing part time. Only 2 days a week; 3 hrs a day. He even received the speech services at his school. It helped so much being at school. Yes, I was nervous too, but I know the school and teachers were good. Being around the other kids really help.


Where I live the school district has preschool for children with developmental delays. They start at 3 years old, go to school half day.

My son would barley speak at the age of 2 , he is in speech therapy and I honestly didn’t find it helped him at all. As soon as he was in daycare he talks non stop now… I definitely think it helped so much with his speech

My son still has speech delay and he’s almost 7. He has come so far. He was in the early Headstart program since he was 2, I feel like it’s definitely helped! We also had a speech therapist that would come to our house once a week and of course a therapist at his school.

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Idk…my daughter didn’t talk at two…I was a little concerned…but once she turned about 3 1/2 it’s like a light turned on in her head and now she never stops talking. Lol

Find a mother’s morning out program that’s several days a week that has a curriculum for two year olds These programs tend to be cheaper than daycare

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My 4 year old is autistic and at the moment non verbal. It was hard but we decided to send him to pre school last year and he loves it! We have seen improvement in behavior and he attempts vocalizing way more than he did before he started.
At the moment I do commute him myself to make the transition easier and will do so till he can communicate more.

If you have any questions feel free to message me. It’s such a hard choice but in our case it’s one that benefited our son so much.

Good luck!


We have our 3 year old and 2 year old in summer grove Baptist preschool. They have cameras so we can see them. My 3 year old is speech delayed but I noticed today he sounds like he is talking much more clear. He quit participating in speech therapy so we decided to do school. So far we do not have any regrets.

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Churches usually have a mommy day out type of thing…

Yesssssss it’s great interaction with other children and a good way to learn some fundamentals before kindergarten.

We have a Mothers Day Out. Its a few days a week n u can volunteer if u like. At least until she can stay without u worrying. I like that Idea.

My son was like this too.pre school helped sooo he never ever shuts up🤣


My son didn’t speak much at 2 I have twin girl’s and they’ve been talking since forever full 6-7 words sentences and they’ll be 3 next month every child developments differently and at their own pace you can have her pediatrician send in an evaluation appt and if she needs speech therapy they’ll start her there and by 3 if she is doing IEP they’ll take her in for school

My daughter had a brain infection and she also abit delayed in walking, potty training, but when she saw other children do it she also wanted to try, my daughter is 3 and half and she just started taking nicely other children take time to talk, my cousin son only started talking at 4 so dont put to much pressure on her let her do it by herself; children also need to interact and simulate with other children their age they start picking up things quickly

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Find a preschool that has early head start. If there’s a community action in your area that would be your best bet. They will work with her daily and work on her ieps and her therapist can go to the school and work with her there. I used to work for them in ky they are amazing. It’s the only place I trusted my kids to go

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You may be right. My grandson wasn’t saying many words. We found out if he played with other kids he started saying more words.

No. Just let her be 2 and work with her.

My son started pre-school at 3 years old and they have helped him so much especially with speech and physical therapy. It was the best thing for him and still is. It’s hard to let go but once you see how excited they get for school it is so worth it.

My sons doctor got us involved in speech therapy & they got us involved with a preschool program where a certain number of the kids had speech or development issues & the other kids didn’t. Being with those kids helped him a lot.
The teacher was amazing.
He learned a lot there.

My Son has autism and said about 5 words when starting school in October 2020, he ended school in June 2021 with over 100+ words!


I would wait until 3 at least. She’s only 2 just let her be 2.


May be best to take her to play groups, and like baby gym for now, then maybe do a few test days at daycare, while you are present, see how she goes, and get to know her key teachers.

Maybe for 2 half-days a week? I agree that it would help!

Sorry if this sounds stupid but wouldn’t an iep constitute being in school? My son didn’t get an iep until he got his prek eval. He just did early intervention before that but no iep. If she’s on an iep or in early intervention then her team should be able to tell you prek programs or social group programs for her development level. Any good preschool program is only going to focus on learning through play, not seat work.

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No - let her B 2 and stay home with mommy - I think we send them off to school too early

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Honestly, it would probably help her. She would learn from all the other kids

I had the same fear when putting my little in school for the same reason but let me tell you, those teachers are equipped to handle your baby. It’s been the biggest blessing for my kiddo being around kids his own age. His speech has improved and so have his social skills

Sometimes kids are just slow to talk. My brother didn’t talk till he was four. There wasn’t anything learning disabled about him. He didn’t have trouble in school. With that said socialization is great. If you’re worried about it maybe you can find a part day preschool. Right now my three-year-old goes to a preschool for just two hours a day. He is loving it.

My son has autism and we put him in preschool at 3 because he didn’t talk much the first two weeks was very hard cause he cried but they have helped him so much plus he also goes to daycare so Monday thru Friday he goes to one or the other he can count say he’s ABC days of the week and the months we also do speech on our time yes it is a busy schedule but it is so worth it plus I work full time

My youngest kiddo started Pre-K for kids with delays last year…he’s going again this year and then starts regular Pre-K next year. When he started he didn’t talk much at all. Maybe a few words.
He goes 4 days a week for 2 hours. He gets both speech therapy and occupational therapy while he’s there.
His teacher is very communicative. She sends me messages and pictures…my son ADORES her and the other staff.
His speech has improved a ton. Behaviorally He’s improved. He’s made friends. It’s been a really excellent experience for him.

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I’m currently thinking about the same thing with me son

My kids started preschool at 3 years old. They went two days a week and loved it. My daughter was out of speech therapy by the time she graduated kindergarten. My son is finish speech therapy now in 3rd grade but only because he was having a hard time with the “th” sound. I think seeing all the other kids talk made them want to talk. My daughter would not say hardly anything at all till she started school. My son would just jabber all the time till he started school.

my son didn’t talk until he started preschool.

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My daughter has iep and speech delay. She starts pre school next week. 2 half days. Speech therapist will see her there. Do your research. The place my daughter will go is ran by the ymca.

I would do it if they will take a 2 year old
Early childhood is so beneficial to kids!!!

Yes! It was the best thing we did for our daughter who also has a speech delay. She starts kindergarten next week and more than ready for the school year. The social interaction plus all the things they learn from their peers and teachers is worth it!

Try birth to 5! Or a program like it in your state. If she has an IEP they’ll know what it is.

Preschool kids have to be 4 by a certain time in the school year and be fully potty trained. She’s only two so if anything maybe try daycare see how she does.

Utube has video for toddlers best of luck

My one susterdjdn’t talk andmom waseirried about her until we noticed that the sister 2 years older was always talking fior her. She would say,“Me and D want a cookie” etc. So D never had to talk. I cinvincedJ to let D askfir the cookies for both of them simetimes and zDbegan to talk to us. She didn’t need to if J ask for her.

Is she in speech therapy? In my state kids can’t start pre k till three but both my kids did speech therapy till age 3 then started pre k and got speech therapy at school

Should be a local birth to 3 program you could put her in….

I’d first look around for mommy and me classes, something she can make friends at but you can be there too


They have daycare where parents have access to video cameras in the building from their phone.

Call the school district and ask for a recommendation for a child with an IEP.

Here, the kids have to be 3 and potty trained for prek

I have two daughters ages 5 and 4 who both have an IEP for speech and stayed home their entire lives up until PRE-K. Once they started school I started seeing a huge improvement in their speech. Kids sort of have their own language and understand each other better. The adults have a harder time understanding them but they have learned to let them know what they need in other ways plus I stay in contact with the teachers, ask a lot of questions, made sure I could see their class etc so that made me feel more comfortable. They need that socialization and it helps them improve their speech hearing other children speak and having to constantly be practicing their own speech to be able to communicate l. I say send her Momma & talk with her case manager/special Ed teacher, teacher at school and make sure u voice all your concerns and worries with her and ask any questions u have so that u feel comfortable enough to send her.

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She’s just fine with you. No preschool yet

Thank you everyone for all the great advice and recommendations. :heart::heart::heart: I will look into all the programs they offer near us.

We are struggling with the same thing! I hate it too! God bless you guys!

The school will do an evaluation and you can ask questions if you’re concerned. I felt the same way about my 3 year old but after her evaluation, me asking questions and actually seeing how good she’s doing im feeling more comfortable.

My second didn’t talk until almost 3. I sent him to special needs pre-k at 3 with an IEP. We were getting speech therapy at home plus additional speech/overall cognitive therapy at school. SNPK was only twice weekly, until noon. But it definitely helped and helped him be ready for real pre-k the following year. Hes in K now and won’t shut-up lol!!!

Most school districts have a developmental preschool, ive been sending my son who is autistic since he was 2, and he was completely non verbal and had low motor skills, hes 3 1/2 and speaks in mostly full sentences, knows some sign language and is caught up in motor skills!

I wouldn’t a two year old needs you

i feel she is too young . i would wait till next year

Here children can’t start Early Childhood until they are 3. I recommend Birth to 3.

Interacting playing with other kids her own age will help her. Firstly they don’t analyse each other they play. My sons use to attend play group with other kids and adults. It was really awesome and they got to know the kids they would eventually go to school with.

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Do it! My daughter is in the same situation and preschool is such a god send. She’s not only trying to communicate more but everyday she comes home just so happy, she loves all her friends and her teachers, it was so scary sending her on her first day. But she loves it and is so hyped for school! Just make it something fun, like as if it were something like going to the park or whatever her favorite thing is❤️ definitely try to put her in a normal classroom, they’ll still offer her speech therapy and if you work and talk to her teachers they’ll make a set plan for her for the year❤️ hope this helps

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Check with your local churches most have a Mother’s Day out program where they just go 2 days a week. It does developmentally delayed children good to interact with children their age.

Maybe see if there is a place that you could send her a couple hours a couple days a week. Work your way up. 2 is still pretty young; but like I said a couple hours a couple days for a while might help her grow.

Honestly it would benefit her it will help her with social skills and what not

My son just turned 3 and has the same issue. He’s been in speech therapy for 8 months and has an IEP. Our public school has a 3yr old preschool program that goes M-Th 8:50am-11:10am. He even gets to ride a special bus with 5 point harnesses. He’s only been going for a a week and LOVES it. Check with your local public schools. They may have a program like that. In the mean time you may see if your school district has a parents as teachers program. They do play dates a d learning trips.


Mine was 2 and also about a year delayed. Between him being home with us and starting a daycare with a pre-K curriculum he went from 3 word sentences to carrying on a full blown conversation(in his own way of course), knowing all of his colors, counting to 3, knowing all of his shapes, recognizing certain letters, knowing majority farm animals and sea creatures, and so on in as little as 6 or so months!Having them around other children their age and someone who isn’t mom or dad, because let’s face it kids act out when it’s us, helps tremendously! Even though they can’t communicate as well, a lot of times there will be telling signs of abuse or mistreatment. Putting her in daycare instead of pre-K will allow you to really control the schedule you feel comfortable with vs putting her in a traditional school that has requirements on attendance.

I would wait to send her if she’s a little behind other kids her age

My 23 month old is in same thing, we did a year of home visits with early headstart starting at 12 months old, and she starts their classroom next week. She doesn’t say many words and doesn’t get to interact with many kids. So both her home visitor and I agreed it would be good for her. And plus, its only 4 days a week, and she doesn’t have to go for a full day.

Of course you need to do what your heart tells you… but I raised four children and I kept them home as long as I could… We interacted in library programs neighborhood play groups little mini classes little swim lessons… in the end they’re all grown up and I’m so glad I had that time with them and I think it made them much more secure and mature… I wanted to be the one who’s reaction they saw to life’s issues not someone else…


Most preschool/daycare have cameras. Sending her would be best. My son has an IEP and head start was a great help he got daily one on one speech therapy. That interaction with others even for only 6 hrs a day allowed him to learn to express himself and opened his vocabulary so much

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I sent my kids to early childhood. It helped my oldest needed speech therapy. The lady would come to my house to work with him and then we got into the program bet decision I made.

I would send her! It’s only going to help her and she will be able to interact with kids her age. My son is 3 and he was non verbal when he started speech therapy but the program ended once he turn 3 and then the school took over. He is right now in preschool with two other kids his age with some kind of speech delays. He is now saying few words!

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My Daughter is a preschool teachers. There are lots of learning issues in the children there. Each year from start to finish… She sees them flourish. Though they may not be at"regular" level, they did great for them!


I would just put her in prek half time…maybe 2 days a week.
My son was very behind other kids his age. He did speech therpy and also has an IEP. He started all that at the age of 3. He could hardly talk or communicate with anyone. We put him in prek that was in an actual school at 3. Hes now 5, in kindergarten. You would never know he had a speech problem or an IEP.

Yes. It’s about more than just learning at that age, it’s about developing social skills as well.

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I’d be worried about that too. When my son was 3 his speech wasn’t the best and it improved so much with going to head start. Maybe getting reviews from other parents would help. There’s some daycares that have a camera where you can access the live feed. Do a ton of research and if you’re still not comfortable then I wouldn’t send her. Go on your local mom group if you have one and see if there’s a play group you can join. Just being around other kids who are talking should help her immensely.

I live in Michigan. When my son was three years old, he had speech, he has a speech and language impairment, he was in Head Start. Then when he was four years old, he was in Pre-school and now he is seven years old and in Second grade, he has been getting help with speech at school and he also went to Speech Camp from three years old until he was six years old for a couple hours a day because of his age. He has came a long way with his speech and still working on it. Speech Camp is at the CMU college in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

By chance have you had her hearing checked recently? It may be way off but I taught a 2 year old years ago that was mostly nonverbal and didn’t seem to understand a lot and then they found out that child had a major obstruction causing hearing issues. The same child is thriving now as if there were never an issue. It wasn’t something they do in normal checkups or was visible during regular ear exams, but it sounds very similar. It wasn’t even what anyone thought was going on. May be worth a try.

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My youngest had an IEP for preschool. It was free because she qualified.

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My middle has a speech delay. She went to preschool for 3 years. She loved it and you could tell she was/is improving. She just started 1st grade.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I send my two year old to preschool?

My son didn’t talk until he was almost 3. Different children progress at different speeds. I’m curious why an IEP at this age?


Follow your instincts!
You know what’s best for you your child. Be confident momma. I believe in you! You got this :muscle:t2:

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My son is 3 and has a speech delay and just diagnosed with autism. We sent him to preschool on an IEP this year. Highly recommend. But with that I say the right school is everything. Open communication with the teacher/staff is key as well


My oldest just turned 3 and she has struggled with talking and she’s been in speech for about a year I finally put her in preschool and she talks amazing since starting school and it’s only been a few weeks. Being around kids their age really is beneficial atleast it was for my daughter


If you have a “head start” in your area they helped my daughter out a lot! It’s a state funded pre school.

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Preschool starts at 3 here in Malaysia and that’s coz education is competitive. However, I think 3 is a good age to start coz they understand having friends. 2 is too young.

My eldest is hearing inpaired since birth and here, the infrastructure for special needs, especially for the Deaf, is not so good. But with care and guidance, they’ll be OK. She’s a high achiever in college now.

Not saying your little one is Deaf or anything but don’t worry, just do the best you can for her and things will turn out just fine :blush:

I personally went through the same thing with my baby boy. I sent him when he was 4. Some Daycare people can be so mean and get very defensive when you ask questions. Enjoy your little princess and take time teaching her stuff every day. It will be memories that you will treasure forever.

She probably gets enough social interaction between you and her siblings. She’s not behind she’s right where she needs to be within her own abilities. I personally don’t think it’s a necessity to send her yet but that is your decision.

My daughter had chronic fluid in her ears and we didn’t figure it out til she was 2 years old and lacking in speech. She started speech therapy right away and she got tubes put in a month or so later and started preschool the same month. She’s now 2.5 years old and since the tubes and preschool she is doing SO much better! She still is behind and we’re still working everyday at new words but preschool was a blessing, she loves it. Loves to paint and sing and dance and make new friends at school. (Only child, I’m due in a few weeks with #2) so I felt like it would be good even to socialize.

Wow, I have never heard of IEP for a 2 year old. I thought that started with school age children. I have 4 kids, 6,7,16,20. When they were all 2 they just played and we’re learning to talk. You could try a daycare or something if you want her to play with other kids. 3.5-4 seems a better age for “preschool” activities. Sing ABC’s, count to 5, practice colors with her. I would feel like I was rushing it if I had put my kids in preschool at 2. 2 of my kids started kindergarten too early and I regret that. My oldest had an IEP from 1st grade until he graduated and my 7 year old had to repeat kindergarten. They both should’ve waited a year to start. It’s your decision. If it were me I would wait. That’s really young.


She will soak up so many things including talking at daycare! We love Montessori schools they teach them independence and it works wonders for my son. He is fully potty trained even all night and he turned 2 in June. All kids are different of course and it’s hard not to compare but I do think being on a schedule and in the right environment leads to success.

I, personally, would never send my kiddo that couldn’t talk to any sort of childcare. I remember childcare when I was a little girl and I won’t ever forget the way I was treated or some of the things that happened to me under someone else’s care.

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Find a mommy & me play group, or start one in your area
She’s a bit young still. You are her best teacher & advocate right now

All 3 of my sons started pre school at 2. At age 2 the teacher came to my house 3 times a week for 2 hours and once they turned 3 they went to regular pre school. It helped my kids a lot. They knew how to read and write by the time they started in kinder. My oldest is about to be a forensic pathologist. I believe that if they start young they absorb everything being thought easily.

Absolutely send her, all 3 of my boys have had speech development issues taking them to nursery and being in the different surroundings definitely made an impact, hopefully u can find the same x best wishes xxxx