Should I take my infant to the chiropractor?

I was thinking about bringing my eight-week-old to a chiropractor. What are Mom’s thoughts and experiences with this? The reason for going, he cries every time he is laid flat but fine in a weird position. He is always moaning/ whining. Like in discomfort. Thank you


Def recommend chiropractor I took my infant daughter could see a 100% difference in her fussiness allergies she was so happy afterwards

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Just call chiropractor n ask what the youngest they can take. But I’ve heard it does help with fussiness etc

Took both of my babies around a week old. Definitely recommend

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Maybe call the babies doctor first to find out if there’s a problem that isn’t his back and then if still makes sense to ask ask about if they would recommend chiropractor


Absolutely. They can be adjusted from the time they leave the hospital. Our insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic appointments before age 12, so it’s an out of pocket expense, but well worth it

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Yes! Chiropractor is recommended for all babies and postpartum moms, especially if vaginal delivery due to natural trauma that occurs! We’ve taken our 2 year old since he was a baby and have experienced amazing things! He had reflux at first and torticollis, chiro helped with both! :relaxed:

Take him to a real baby doctor


I’m for it. However, I’ll let you know my daughter did that. Turned out it was reflux so she needed medicine but my chiropractor said he could even fix reflux so I don’t see how it could hurt

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First pediatrician to rule out something serious


Yes!!! Both of my boys have been seeing one since they were 2 weeks old. Best thing ever! I love my Chiro!

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I am a chiropractor and my youngest “patient” ever was my daughter. My midwife waited until I adjusted her after delivery before cutting the umbilical cord. My son was adjusted within his first hour of birth.

My pediatrician made a comment about my daughter and her neck control at her first appt once we were out of the hospital and said she couldn’t believe how much head control she had for 5 days old!

Due any day now and planning to adjust this one once I deliver as well!


Loveland Family Chiropractic off 90th & w. Center. Dr. Kiley Sequenzia is amazing!

Maureen Wamere Akama let’s discuss this later please…:pray:t5:

Chiropractor care is the only reason my now 2 yr old grand daughter can move her arm. Dr’s couldn’t figure out what was wrong. At 6 weeks old took her to a chiropractor for a few weeks and she was finally able to move her arm.

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I would first at least discuss with your pediatrician before making a decision. Mostly so they can be fully aware of any and all medical treatment so they can better treat your child. The more they know, the better.

On a totally non-medical professional note, it sounds like your little one may have reflux or gastro issues (gas, etc…).


All my babies went to chiropractor within a week of birth til 6 months old

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My baby LOVES going to the chiropractor. She’s been going since 4 weeks (doctor approved). She was going once a month and now going once every other month. It had helped her tremendously with reflux and such gas.

Yes! Take him to a Pediatrician.

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Yes! To everyone suggesting to ask the pediatrician: most doctors that practice conventional medicine don’t support alternative healthcare like chiropractic. Chiropractors go to school for 8 years total past hs and are very well educated in what they practice :blush:


Absolutely, yes, 100%. I swear to God it works miracles for babies. My son was so colicky… Took him one time and it was like flipping a switch. That same night, no more colic. :raised_hands: We kept going because it’s supposed to help with reflux, too. We did still have to give him medication for it but it definitely improved.


Please no. Never. Science is absolutely against this.


Yes 1000% yes! Find a chiro that is well versed in infant/children care. My daughter had a very traumatic delivery and refused to turn her head to the left to feed or to sleep, cried and was sore acting. (She had her head turned in the birth canal, ended in emergency c-section) we took her to the chiropractor, they did scans and checked her out medically before adjusting and they used the smallest amount of pressure to adjust her. (It’s not snap and cracking like you’d see on tv at all) it made a huge difference. She still goes every month or two to make sure she’s aligned as she grows and learns to walk/falls alot.


Can a chiropractor help with hip displaysia my son was born at 35 weeks (April 12th) and they did a radiology on him and his hip on the left is kinda out of socket Best way I can explain it. But can it help or no?

I took all three of mine when they were babies

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I took both of my boys. just make sure you have someone who works with kids. my oldest back was out of alignment in 3 places. laying on his back was painful until he was adjusted

Yes! Both of my littles go to the chiropractor and have been since they were a week old. Our chiropractor is also a kinesiologist so he helps with more then what just a normal chiropractor can do

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Yes. My now 6 year old was a colicky baby and the chiropractor was a lifesaver for me. We would go once every 2 months.

What does doctor say


Wow some people shouldn’t have kids ! This is an 8 week baby. No one needs a chiropractor at that age. Talk with the pediatrician about his crying


Yes yes 1000 times yes. I never believed in it and my daughter cried non stop for 6 weeks straight. My older sister insisted on taking us to the chiropractor. Her tail bone and neck were out from being stuck during the birth. She slept through the night the next day and the screaming stopped. I wish I had listened sooner.


Yes!!! Two of my kids were adjusted within the first few days of their lives! (Our chiro is a family friend and came to see them) They are now 13 and 16 and have no issues!

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No! It might be acid reflux. Consult your pediatrician

My father is a chiropractor and I am a big believer in it. With that being said, he has never adjusted either of my kids but there hasn’t been a need either. There are chiropractors who specialize in babies and I would seek them out if you are interested.


Yes definitely helped us! Colic and reflux were the worst.

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I took my daughter when she was 2 months old…she still goes and she is almost 3…my advice is to find a chiropractor who specializes in infants

Absolutely :100:!!! I brought my son and it made things so much better. I went to one that specializes in babies. Night and day difference with my son. My doctor also approved of it as he was the one that recommended it. All my son did was scream if he was awake and it made things so hard. They treat babies different then they do adults.

Ask your pediatrician first but I am a believer in chiropractic care, even for little humans :heart: good luck

Absolutely! I took mine when I could afford it. It solved her ear infection issues, teething and various other health concerns.

I did at 6weeks old worked gr8

Maybe he has gas? Or GERD?

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We did it and it was life changing with her reflux.

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Our baby has seen a chiropractor since he was about 2 weeks old. We had a pretty traumatic birth experience. He’s 2.5 years old, and still goes about once a month. Outside of allergies, he’s never been sick. I’m a HUGE believer in chiro care.

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I took my baby when he was only a few weeks old. It helped him a lot after his traumatic birth.

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I took my son when he was about 5 months due to torticollis. This is where they won’t turn their head in both directions and the muscle on one side becomes tight. We were supposed to go to weekly PT for 2-3 months, which was difficult because I had to take off work and drive a distance for the appointments. I took him to a chiropractor tests a week, along with the exercises prescribed by PT, and after 3 visits to PT they said we didn’t need to return.

*I’ve known people to take their newborns to chiropractors. I’ve watched babies go from crying to calm after a slight adjustment. I wouldn’t go to just anyone. I’d ask out someone that had taken their baby.


Yes I believe babies should always go to the chiropractor if they are in discomfort. Wish I would of known this in the 90’s.

Yes. We took our infant who was premature. Worked like a charm. Just make sure its a legitimate chiropractor that works with kids


Absolutely! I work for a chiropractor and have seen great responses in babies! I just wish I had known when mine were younger!

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Yes. Super important to make sure they are aligned and growing properly. It helped my daughter and grandsons sleep better and be more comfortable throughout the day.

Yes, find a chiropractor with good reviews with young kids. I highly recommend it!

My son is 1 yr. He has had regular chiropractor adjustments about once a month since birth

Yes, it helps them so much.

My girls see a Chiropractor periodically from the time they are born. All 3 were seen by 3 weeks old. Plus our family doctor is also a licensed chiropractor.

Yes. Took both of my kids as infants. It helped with gas, reflux, and got them to sleep better.

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I mean an eight week old is still getting used to the laying flat thing,baby hasn’t been laying flat in your stomach so it takes getting used to,but u r mom so I would make that decision based on what u know about your child from mothers instincts…good luck

My son was the same… turns out it was really bad reflux x

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Reflux, baby’s head needs to be elevated.

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Is this a new thing or has it been going on awhile?

Has he had a fever and or poor feeding? Positional irritability can be related to meningitis.

Take him my ex sister-in-law took my nephew his whole back was out from being born

I never took my daughter personally because she was so new and I was terrified of the pandemic. I’ve been told there are many good things that come from it though. Even helps with colic and fussiness! I recommend it, and will do it with my next baby.

I took my now 36 yr old to the chiropractor at 2 was old. They were very gentle with him and I was able to hold him while they gently touched his back. No fussing or crying at all and his problem cleared right up

My dads ex girlfriend took my younger two bothers to the chiropractor as infants. It helped them a lot with varied things, helped with colic, reflux, helped when they had colds (idk how). Just find one who has worked on infants before.

Noooo. You should talk to the pediatrician!

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A massage therapist might also be able to help :blue_heart:

Our neurologist said the chiropractor is the WORST thing I ever did to my back…

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NO!! Take to a DOCTOR to find out the problem!!

Hes a baby 8 weeks old…really?

My friend’s chiropractor actually told her it can help prevent SIDS. He usually can tell when he saves a babies life if they make big popping and cracking sounds when he works on them. It’s insane all the benefits.

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My chiropractor saved my life at 4 months old.

Find one who practices Nucca

Had a friend take her 8 wk old to one. They thought it was just colic. The man literally picked that baby up turned him upside down and gave him a couple very gentle swings and he was a different happy baby after that.


It’s most likely gas, colic or something else related. My daughter would not stretch her legs out and wanted to be curled up and when you tried to straighten her she would cry. It was a bunch of gas built up. Ask the pediatrician for recommendations on the situation

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If the chiropractor is experienced with infant and children, I would go for it. My second daughter was night and day for sleeping after going to the chiropractor a few times. Consisting what they go through during birth it is not really surprising that some would need treatment.

you must be out of your mind to consider this


Two of my great. grandchildren has been helped tremendously by Cory O’Lear-Zebroski . Most of them had shoulder problems from birth canal and after a few little 10 minute adjustments they are perfectly fine.

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If the chiropractor is experienced in working on infants, I’d say yes. Chiropractors can work wonders and no, you are NOT crazy for considering this!! You’re the momma hunny…follow your mommy/gut instincts. You got this, your baby will be just fine. :+1:


All my kids have went since newborns! So many benefits.

To all the negative comments from some of you, calling us that have taken our kids to a chiropractor mad, crazy or not worth being parents. That is hugely inappropriate and you should be the ones ashamed. If you do not agree, merely say you don’t but don’t insult other or call them names…

I battled with my son as he had reflux, I could not put him down at all… Tried all meds from the Paediatrician, countless visits and still he screamed blue murder. Finally someone suggested a chiropractor and it made the world of difference, because even though it was a natural birth, his shoulder and spine had to be realigned.
Paediatricians don’t recommend a chiropractor because they consider them below them… but if a chiropractor has experience in infants, they can be a tremendous help.


I would TOTALLY take him. I took my youngest because the fluid would not drain from his ears and he was going to have to get tubes because of ear infections. After a few adjustments, everything cleared up. We have not had an ear infection in almost 4yrs. He will be 5yrs old next month.


Yes!!! Check into the chiropractors background first though :slightly_smiling_face:( years experience with infants) & reviews.
I’m happy to see mostly positive comments! A lot of people fail to realize that pediatric chiropractors have different procedures/training for infants. They do not adjust babies in the same way they do adults. (The baby does most of the work with guidance )

My friends baby wouldn’t sleep through the night, but after a visit to the chiropractor he did!
And for the Nay sayers, this was recommend by Her pediatrician

Be very careful. If I remember correctly there was an older gentleman in the news recently that passed away in the middle of being adjusted.

My dad’s friend was a chiro so I brought my son in when he was new, he picked him up by the hips and held him upside down to loosen his hips and told me to do it at home every now and again

My husband has scoliosis, so taking our son to a chiropractor was practical. If that’s the only issue, then the chiropractor probably isnt the best idea. Talk to the pediatrician first.

Probably reflux, take little bubba to see GP for check up x

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Yes!!! Helps with so much more than you realize.

Yes, I can not even begin to tell you about all the great benefits. We all love going to the chiropractor in my family… Just make sure it is one that specializes in kids…

Probably the formula or reflux

A chiropractor isn’t going to fix that

Started taking my little after another mama recommend it to help her acid reflex. 4 trips later and we are off meds. I highly recommend. Especially if you had a cesarean. I was told sometimes they just don’t get lined up quite right when you have a natural birth kind of helps align them. but if he is having problems laying down it couldn’t hurt to take him and just see what they said my daughter was all kinds of out of whack