Should I trust the father of my child?

Long post!!

Hey! Advice? I’m a FTM to a little boy (1 year old) his father and I are married but have been separated on and off, every time we’ve broken up I’ve supported our son alone (with a few dollars here and there from him because he doesn’t keep a job) but I’ve never kept him from our son. His father recently had a new baby with a new female, he wants our son to spend time at his house and even go to the beach with him and his new family next month. He hasn’t seen our son in two months because everything has been crazy. I asked him if I could meet his new gf and family that our son is gonna be around and once I get comfortable with them then our son could stay with him more often. He agreed but later had problems with what we agreed on.

Am I wrong for not 100% trusting him and his new family? (He’s a good dad) should I let him go to the beach?

Our son has barely left my side since he was born! I’m nervous his father will try to keep him from me, we don’t have any court orders and we’re legally still married.

No, you are not in the wrong. I personally don’t trust my kids with anyone around water. I HAVE to be there. And you don’t even know this woman, you have a right to know who your child is around.