Should I wake my infant to feed her at night?

How often does your infant wake at night to feed? Should I be waking her up? I breastfeed so I am worry about my supply when she decides she wants to sleep all night


I still got up and pumped to keep my supply going well. Mainly so I wasn’t leaking to be honest lol.

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I wouldn’t wake her up. If you’re worried about your supply just pump. I never breastfed so I don’t know but I’m assuming it’s the best way to do it

It depends on the baby’s age. How old is your baby?

They all say to wake them, for this I think it depends on how young and how long between feedings. If you know your baby had ate a good amount during the hours they’re awake then a good night’s rest should be ok. I know they say this for certain health and growth scares, some babies have become dehydrated from going too long.
But its also important to know that sleep is a huge piece to your babies growth too. So just keep track of how your baby is eating and sleeping and try to gage the best for your little one the way you find works vest for you


My 2month old wakes about every 4 hrs. And has been like this since the beginning. During the day he nurses more frequently than at night. Each day is different.
If gaining weight and meeting milestones, I feed baby on demand.
You supply will meet your babies demand, and will change with baby.

Pump to keep your supply. Baby will let you know when they are hungry.

this is why its good to hve a pump even if you plan to breast feed.

Let sleeping babies lye. Until decides to wake to feed