Should I worry about flat head syndrome?

When should I worry about my son flat head ? He is 2 1/2 months old. He used to sleep on just one side I got him to sleep on his other side as well so now he rotates during the night but his flat spot is still there. Anyone have any tips??

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They usually don’t start trying to correct it with a helmet until 6 months old or when they can hold their head up on their own. We used receiving blankets to try and get my boy to lay on the other side more than his flat side


Mine had the same problem. Just do lots of tummy time during the day and it should even out

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My son got a flat head around 3 months so I got him this and it completely fixed it!


I had to lay my daughter on the opposite side everytime she laid down until I started seeing a difference. Then alternate. Baby is young enough for you to correct it before a helmet is needed.

Turn him on his stomach. Get him off the side thats flat.

Every time you hold him rub his his head round and round and eventually you can reshape the head.worked for me

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I was told at 4 months that my son wld need a helmet. In Texas it is not covered by insurance since it is considered cosmetic. I highly HIGHLY recommend this product!!! This product got my son out of needing a helmet. We were told he might need 2. He wld need to wear it 23hrs a day and if he were to have a skin reaction we wld have to remove it until it went away. Therefore he may out grow the first one and may not see the results as effected. At 2500k each 1800k with assistance QE were stuck. Then I came accross this! And it changed ourlife! A little info about it.

This product was invented by Dr. Jane who is also a pediatrition and mom of 4! She will work with you personally and call you to follow up to see progress. We wld send her monthly pictures. My son used it up until he was 8 months and wow the results were unbelievable! It is only 29.99 and can be ordered via Amazon. Sorry for the long post hope this helps

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Rub his head before it’s too late

I agree… They already said it all. Good luck!

My son did that and i brought it up to his doctor and found out he has a condition called torticaulis. He just got his helmet today. If your really concerned about it ask tour doctor.

My sons was like that well over 6 months. Every check up my doc would say oh don’t worry about it, it will correct itself but now he still has somewhat of a flat spot and he’s 1. I would make sure to bring it to the doctors attention and keep an eye on it. If it gets too bad they’ll make your baby wear a helmet, I wish our doc had with us.

My son has a flat spot and we saw a plastic surgeon doctor at the u of m. They said it was a positional flat spot from how he was laying inside me. Unfortunately his primary care waited to long to refer us so there isn’t much they can do now, but they said that as he gets older it won’t even be noticeable. I think it’s just what makes him, him :blush: follow your gut though and see a specialist if your very concerned. Mamas know best :heart:

He needs a helmet from dr to reshape his head do it soon or it will be harder to fix

Just sit and rub his head all over. It should all even out but keep in touch with your doctir about it

Tummy time at every opportunity! Avoid putting your baby in a “container” (swing, bouncer, anything that forces the baby to lay on their back will worsen the problem). Also being checked by a doctor or physical therapist for Torticollis and getting that treated right away will help.

You can buy a pillow for this! Will help correct it xx good luck xx