Should I worry about my son having a cyst on his brain?

Hello mommas. Today I had my 20-week ultrasound, and they found a cyst on my son’s brain. My dr said that her son had one as well, and all was fine. She told me I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. However, I’m extremely scared about this news. I’ve done some research, but nothing has put me at ease. I now have to go to a Level 2 ultrasound, and I’m having so much anxiety surrounding it. I have to wait 2-3 weeks before I can go, and it’s driving me crazy. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did it go? Is it very common? I just need some peace of mind, if that’s even possible. TIA


Hello, I’m Paula. I became aware in my late 20s that I have a subarachnoid cyst. This was 35 years ago. What little information on the Internet, says the true either born with this or you have severe trauma that causes it. I do not know if this is the same as your child’s or not.

When my eldest son was an infant he got a swelling on his neck. Everyone said he had mumps, but it was a cyst. Eventually it faded away. It took a while be he’s never had problems.

My son had a choroid plexus cyst as well at his 19 week ultrasound. We were told it is considered a variation, like how some people’s earlobes are attached and others aren’t. Our doctor also said it would likely disappear and if it didn’t it still wouldn’t have any negative effects. Everything was totally fine with my son, he is 10 months old and perfectly healthy. I know it’s hard not to worry!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I worry about my son having a cyst on his brain?

I am 58 years old and have a congenital cyst in center of my brain with “tentacles” extending into ventricles. It has had no impact at all on me. Hope this helps!


breathe, & breathe & pray that when you baby is born everything is alright. If your Dr told you her son had one & is alright, then go with that. She wouldn’t lie to you, Breathe & take one day at a time

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i know it’s REALLY easier said than done, but do not stress yourself out over it!! your baby needs you to try and stay calm. and stay off google!!! that shit never helps, it just scares you more believe me! i would listen to your doctor for the meantime until you know more. best of luck mamas!!

My daughter had two. Not on the brain but same. One went away while I was pregnant, she was born with the other but it went away on its own by 6months old! Just breathe & pray!

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Daughter cyst in brain at 20 week , check up again at 25 weeks and cyst was gone . Now 7 years old healthy average girl.

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My one year old had the exact same cyst and the doctor told me two of his sons had them too. It was gone just a few weeks before he was born and he is perfectly healthy.

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If your Dr told you that it was likely nothing to worry about, then try not to worry. I know easier said than done. My son had a different issue while I was carrying him and he turned out healthy in spite of it. His problem resolved on its own by the time he was a few weeks old. And stop Googling! You’re going to stress yourself out even more. I did the same and had myself scared silly.


My son has this at 20 weeks as well. I spent the following nights hysterically crying and obsessively researching - which only made it worse. When we went for the in depth ultrasound, the cyst was gone. I’m sure everything will be fine. This is super common apparently.


They told me my son had one too… and he is a happy healthy15 yr old… no worries mama

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My daughter who is 26 had a plexus choroid cyst and it turned out to be absolutely nothing. The six weeks of constant worry was horrible, until the genetic testing came back. Sometimes these tests cause way too much worry. Hoping hearing of others having gone through this can give you some peace of mind.

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:wave: I am 60 years old I have an avm in my brain all is well

My SIL was told this with my nephew. It went away on its own and he was born 100% healthy, no abnormalities.


This happens a lot! It happened when I was pregnant with my daughter and I had the second ultrasound and there was nothing there. Even if it’s there the second ultrasound they usually go away on their own

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I was born with a cyst in my brain. I had to have it removed when I was in my 20s. No after affects of surgery and my headaches went away.

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24 here cyst on brain all my life

A choroid plexus cyst will not cause damage and typically resolves itself while in utero. My son had one they found during a sonogram and they watched it carefully. It did go away. It really isn’t that uncommon. I definitely understand the concern and anxiety that comes with finding that out though. Just breathe, it will be okay.

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They told me my daughter had one and that it should go away on its own and it did!

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Yep my son has them very common my dr reassured me they go away and cause no harm and by 35 weeks they were gone he is the healthiest and smartest little boy!

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My 2 yo son as 2 cysts on his brain and the neurologist said it’s nothing to worry about unless it causes problems

My daughter had a choroid plexus cyst at her 20 week scan. I cried. Doctor said not to worry as they’re super common and usually go away. Well here did go away by her level 2 ultrasound

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Very common both my boys did and are perfectly healthy

I wish someone would of told me my daughter had a cyst on her brain! It took 6 years of me pushing doctor after doctor that she wasn’t normal. One finally listened and did an mri and she ended up having surgery 2 days later. She had a 3rd ventricle cyst and hydrocephalus. Her neurosurgeons said that with how much pressure she had in her brain, they were 99% sure she was born with it.
On a plus side though, I had a friend whose baby had a cyst detected and it was gone a few weeks after.

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Don’t stress it! With my last baby I had this also. They said she had two cyst on her brain and needed to do another ultrasound and genetic testing. Trisomy 13 also has run in my family & my sister was severely handicapped so they explained it could mean Trisomy 13 but usually is NOTHING. They see it all the time & they dissolve themselves with no issues for baby. So even with my family history of Trisomy 13, my sisters severe handicapped disability & the cysts my baby girl was born completely healthy & normal. So don’t stress it, don’t research it either because it will scare you and put stress onto u & the baby that u don’t need…I’m sure all will be fine.


Its not uncommon. Ive heard most of the time they go away before birth. They disolve or babys body asorbs it. Its hard to relax when you get news but your baby will be fine.prayers and best wishes.


My daughter had 3 cysts they all dissolved before she was born …she was very healthy at birth

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Dra told me my daughter had one and monitored me very closely but when she was born they couldn’t find it anymore!

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My sister was told this about my first nephew…it went away before he was born. I know it’s so hard not to worry but try not to worry about things you cant control. Just think positive. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My daughter was diagnosed with a fluid-filled cyst on the frontal lobe of her brain when she was in 5th grade although her doctor felt that it was caused by a mini stroke at birth. She’s now 36 years old and perfectly healthy.

My son had one at 20 weeks and when we went back for the 2nd ultrasound it was gone. I’m 32 weeks now and all has been well so far he’s passed all other tests with no issues. They told me it’s rare for it to not go away

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I worry about my son having a cyst on his brain?

I know it’s hard but google is never a mom’s friend… trust me! If your dr isn’t concerned, then just pray and keep your blood pressure down and stress level down for yours and baby’s health.

Don’t be worried until you need to and have physical proof, my first born was like this. They freaked me out, I went to a geneticist and did extra test and worried for weeks. Bad for the baby stress! And in the end it dissolved and everything was fine. He’s perfectly healthy and a normal boy. One thing I hated about being prego was every week a new picture and it was more to wonder about. My suggestion is don’t worry until you have to. Most the time these things are a normal typical baby development in utero. Now the other test for all the developmentally delays or abnormal things that hurt baby’s. That the only one that’s super important and you can freak then. Till then just relax and positive thoughts.

I have three perfectly healthy babies and something was supposed to be wrong with everyone of them according to the ultrasound they doctors swore at 29 weeks my daugther need to be delivered and have immediate open heart surgery because of something they saw with blood flow to her heart i walked out that doctor and went to a childrens hospital had a second opinion and she was perfectly fine she did come a week early but she never had anything wrong with her heart and shell be two in October try not to stress

I know a cyst on the brain is different but my youngest had a chamber of her heart missing and another organ that didn’t look like it should at an 18 week scan (did gender reveal earlier than 20 weeks due to husband being in military) went back for the 20 week scan and everything was completely norma! It was the longest 2 weeks of my life. Do not google or try to look things up in hopes of making yourself feel better, you’ll definitely regret it! Leave it to God, or whom ever you believe in, and try your hardest not to stress yourself over it. it’s not good for you or baby!

When I was pregnant, my daughter had a cyst near her liver. They wanted me to have ultrasound more often than normal but everything turned out just fine and the cyst went away on its own. If you don’t feel comfortable, when your son is born, the doctor will do test but when my daughter had one, the doctor said that 99% of the cyst go away. Trust me, Google is never the answer. Prayers momma!

Do NOT google!!! It always makes things worse. Honestly I’ve had a scary situation and my thoughts on it were… I don’t know if there is anything to freak out about right now so why freak out? It helped me get through a couple of weeks of what would’ve been super high stress and helped calm me some

Give it to. God praying for him

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I worry about my son having a cyst on his brain?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I worry about my son having a cyst on his brain?

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My youngest had a cyst on her brain and underdeveloped kidneys . I went to Boston for a Level 2 ultrasound. It was terrifying and the days of waiting were a blur.
The Dr told me that trisomy 13 was possible with a cyst on the brain but that he felt everything was ok. The cysts often disappear by the next ultrasound. This happened with my daughter.
She was born healthy and just graduated from high school and starts college in the Fall.
Best of Luck to you :blue_heart:


be calm- baby still cooking/growing-worry after born if needed-prayers!

My youngest had a cyst on his brain, as well as under developed ventriculs in his brain were found. We went for the level 2 ultrasound and that doctor found everything to be fine. My baby boy was born happy and healthy.


When I was pregnant last year the doctor told me they found something on my daughters brain and her heart, but told me that he wasn’t worried because of my history and it is very common and it usually goes away by the next ultrasound when the baby is bigger. I was shitting bricks that whole month, terrified. I went to my follow up and the spots were gone. My doctor told me to trust him and that if he was worried then he would have me do more than what I was doing, and he was right. Prayers for baby🙏🏽

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My dr told me mine had a hole in his heart, went for a level 2 and there wasn’t a hole. Scans and equipment are so strong yet sensitive it very well may be nothing. Try not to stress, that is worse for the baby.


My best friends daughter is pregnant and her son also had cysts on his brain and enlarged kidneys…the cysts on his brain went away on there own but still has to follow up with a urologist after hes born…

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My second pregnancy the 20 week ultrasound also showed a cyst on the brain and when I researched what that meant I was absolutely terrified. A follow up ultrasound 6 weeks later showed no cyst. That child is transferring to a prestigious 4 year engineering university this summer with$25 k in merit scholarships and earned her Eagle last week. Trust that everything will be ok.

They found a cyst on my daughter’s brain but luckily it went away by the time I had my follow-up. Very scary and the news caused unnecessary stress during my pregnancy. Try not to worry until you know something is actually wrong!


My daughter also had cyst on her brain while in the womb! I was terrified!!
We did a level 2 ultrasound as well! She was born healthy! Today she’s 15 days shy from turning 1 year old :relaxed::heartpulse: and she’s the healthiest, strongest and smartest baby I know!!
I’d say be positive and have faith! :heart:


Can’t attest to finding out before birth (my son was 3 yo). If your child still has it after he is born go to a Pediatric Neurologist and have it check out. From personal experience don’t go to a regular Neurologist for a child! Also our sons doctor told us it wasn’t causing his developmental issues and they were wrong. Trust your instincts. I am very glad I did. Prayers! :pray::heart:


My doctor found a large cyst on my daughter’s ovary, I’d say I was about 7 months pregnant. They said it was my elevated hormones that caused it. It looked so huge to me in the ultrasound. I was a complete mess. They assured me it would dissolve on it’s own after she was born and sure enough within few months it was gone. She’s almost 12years old now and perfectly healthy. Obviously not as serious as the brain but try to stay positive and trust your doctors. Best of luck :pray:

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Bit different but my daughter had a massive cyst on her ovary before she was born. I panicked like mad over it in case she would lose an ovary as a baby and had to go for all sorts of scans but it did shrink and disappear before she was born. Best thing I can say is talk to the doctors about any anxiety your having about it and try your best not to worry because it will make you ill stressing about it. Sometimes midwives don’t actually know much about this stuff as non I spoke to had heard of my issue so speak to your doctors and consultant. Fingers crossed all goes well for you :heart: xx

I had this happen with my daughter , it’s very common , you can get a follow up scan later in the pregnancy to make sure they are gone. Imaging see it often and it usually goes away on its own.
Imaging has improved greatly over the years and now things are seen that they couldn’t before.

My niece had one on her brain and everything is fine thank God it went away she is 10 years old now and healthy :slight_smile:

My anatomy scans showed that my son had missing CSP, which to explain in simple terms meant that he could possibly have adhd or schizophrenia down the road after he was born. They said that we’d have to have an MRI after he was born to see it better and then go from there. We did the MRI earlier this week since he’s only 6 weeks old. They said he’s not missing that part of the brain, and it all came back normal.

Unfortunately ultrasounds aren’t always as clear as we want them to be. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

My eldest had a few cysts on her brain but by the time they checked again in a few weeks they were gone.

My granddaughter had several cysts on her brain in the womb.shes now almost 22

My son had the same exact thing and they told me not to worry. Of course I was a panicked mess. Everything ended up being totally fine. My friend who is a labor and delivery nurse said it is very common and nothing to worry about. My son is now 4 months old and healthy and happy as can be

My daughter had them starting at 16 weeks. They did more ultrasounds and they where there all the way until the skull formed to where they couldn’t tell if they were there or not. She is a healthy 4 year old today. Everything will be ok.

my husband has a cyst in his brain and he is now 30 … he does get alot of headaches but hes fine. aslong as its just a cyst im sure there is nothing to worry about

My daughter was born with a heart defect that did not show up on any ultrasound or tests. At least the doctors know about this even before the birth so try to be positive about it. I know very well that doing that is easier said than done but l am certain the doctors will have a plan if it is more serious than expected. Have faith and pray if you believe. Best Wishes.

My daughter had a cyst on her brain at our 20 week ultrasound. We did some blood tests and then another ultrasound at 24 weeks and it was gone. After that I found out from 3 of my friends that they had the same thing happen so it seems to be pretty common. I did the same as you and googled it and I started to panic but in the end it all worked out.

I think I was 21 when I found out I have a cyst on my brain … neurologist said it was nothing to worry about and I was probably born with it!

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The same thing happened to me yesterday. My doctor said they are perfectly normal and only an issue if other abnormalities are seen in the ultrasound. She said any further testing is my decision. 1 in 50 babies are said to have these CPCs. I’m nervous, too

Google is not your friend.


Nameless, put it in God hands he will fight your battle. Just trust him.

Make an appointment with a midwife or doctor, have a chat with them, they should be able to help with accurate information. Hope it all goes well x

My daughter had a tumor in the spine at 8yrs old. Different but since it was benign they did radiation therapy and it shrunk. She could have been paralyzed. Modern medicine is awesome. You are in good hands.

You need to get of Facebook as no one here is a doctor and listen to ur real doctors :woman_facepalming:

Only God can give you true peace! Have faith and believe!!:pray:

Prayers all will be okay

Speak to your care provider! If it’s what I think it is often this type of cyst resolves, but speak to the midwife/OB caring for you

We were told at 28 weeks that our little girl had a cyst and was under weight we had another scan at 30 and 32 weeks and the cyst was again according to drs reports the cyst was kicked up at 12 weeks but because it was under a certain size we wernt told she was born healthy and 7pounds and is now 8 months old no signs of cyst

Some cysts will go away on their own but if not typically it could be something genetic. If you want to put your mind at ease get the genetic testing done. My daughter had some abnormalities and without the genetic testing doctors thought her condition was way worse then what it really was. Highly reccomend it. It’s going to be ok though! Hang in there. I’ll be praying for you and your sweet babe. Doctors tend to tell you bad news just to prepare you and it sounds like yours isn’t to worried about it :slightly_smiling_face:

My son had 2 cyst and when I went back 4 weeks later for a repeat ultrasound they were gone. My dr told me it was pretty common. But regardless you’re a mother you’re going to worry, just try to stay calm mama💛

Our 3rd had one at her 12 week ultrasound. We had the extra testing done for any abnormalities. It was negative and the cyst went away by the next Sono.

Easy to say hard to do…try and stay positive…Stress is really bad for you and baby …
Keep busy to keep mind off…again easy to say .
I have zero experience with this. Just know how bad stress is…
Good luck .by the sound of other comments all will be ok

A cyst is just a pocket of fluid. Usually just trapped fluid when the brain is forming. The ultrasound technology is just so advanced now they are seeing things they could not years ago, they are just being safe. Almost always just goes away.

My now 3 year old had one when I was pregnant with her. Hers was gone before birth. Shes healthy as can be

Girl, I’m 31 weeks and at my 20 week ultrasound. My baby had one and it’s common. They tend to go away on their own. By the time I had my next ultrasound the cyst was gone. I was such a worry wort, I couldn’t sleep or eat but it turns out everything is fine :grin:

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My son had the same, but they told me at the instant that it could go away in a few weeks and that it was relatively normal. So I just waited and for the next time it was gone.
When he was like 2 months they did him an brain scan to be sure and it was alright.