Should kids clean their own room?

Are kids responsible for keeping their rooms tidy and cleaning up after themselves?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should kids clean their own room?

Depending on age :tipping_hand_woman:t3: age plays a big factor here and if someone is expecting a young child to be able to completely clean/ tidy up their own rooms there is something wrong


Depends. On age, my 13 year old keeps his room “clean” (not destroyed) and my 6 year old helps clean up his messes as well

Of course. Mom is not the MAID

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Depending age depends how much help they need, but yes they should be expected to clean their room.

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Mine def are! It not only teaches them how to clean but also responsibility etc. my smaller children (4 and 5) I do help but the things that they are capable of doing-know how to do I make them do and things they don’t know how to do I show/help them.

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Kids should be given reasonable expectations according to their age and abilities

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Yes,my four year old grandson’s parents have him pick up toys,help put his clothes away,he tries to make his bed but momma and daddy has to give him a hand,his two year old sister picks most of he toys up and puts her dirty clothes in the hamper.

Yes and the younger u start the better. I made a mistake and did everything for my kids when they were little that now I gotta get after them to do their own chores. Teenagers are tough lol

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Yes. BUT… if we have friends over and their kids help make the mess, they are going to help clean it up. I make sure the parents & kids know before we send the kids off to play that my expectations are that all who play will be expected to clean up!” Same thing with when we visit friends at their home. My kids will assist in cleaning up before we leave!

My kids clean thier room since they are 8yrs old

yes. even my 1 year old can put toys away and put his blankets back on his bed. my mom cleaned my room for me till I was like 12 and I hate cleaning now lmao

Yes but not to your standards just to their ability… and if it is a teen close the door… they need to have everything on the floor as they are hunting for themselves :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Newborns infants… No.
Help them around ages 1 to 3… possibly 4.
5 and up do it on their own

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Yes ! If they don’t start when young they will continue to grow up and think everything is entitled! That’s what is wrong with todays young generation!

I help my 6yo if it gets out of hand. But we are minimal so it doesn’t become to overwhelming. They need to be shown how and what to do.

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Absolutely! Unless you want to be the maid instead of the mom, start instilling that in them as young as possible! Not only picking up after themselves and keeping their room clean, but simple chores as well.

Yes they bc should but they rarely do

Yes. The entire house. If you got it out, you put it away.

Yes. It’s a life lesson. They need to know how to do things for themselves

Absolutely. Part of their discipline and hygiene. My son by the age of 5 on his own used to fix his closet and keep his room neat, at 21 now his room is impeccable and the bed is always made, thats the very first thing he was taught when he was able to do it on his own.

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Yes! My 7 year old does 85% of of keeping her room clean. I’m there for the other 15% that she needs help with

If they aren’t they should be. Encourage them to appreciate what they have and to take pride in having clean surroundings. It’s a lesson that will carry over into their adult lives.

Yes, it teaches them responsiblity.

What kind of question is this? Being a mother doesn’t mean you’re a lifetime maid :joy:

No you need to do everything for them so that they will feel entitled. Dang straight they are responsible for their mess.

They should but how much they do depends on the age. Little ones should help clean. Seven Eight years old should be able to clean all of their room

Are you really asking this?

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Yes, they need to learn responsibility.

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I can’t believe ur asking this question, kids need responsibility so after they start understanding that they to clean up their own messes then they should be responsible for straightening up their own bedroom! Kids need responsibilities


Yes my 4 year old already cleans his own room they learn early .

After a certain age yeah

Was this written by a 7yr old who didn’t believe mum and dad…?


If you teach/ show them how and parent enough to hold them responsible for doing it, then yes. Consistency is key. If the expectation is set and logical consequences enacted, responsibility will follow. Here’s an example…
My step-daighter had two sets of rules to live by. Mom wanted to be her best friend and did everything for her. At our house, she was expected to pitch in to make our home more comfortable to live in, as we all worked together. Her room was a wreck, so one day she and I had a ‘clean-up party’. I showed her how to tackle each little mess and explained to her what the expectation was for the future. I came to find out that she truly enjoyed order and despised chaos. When she’d leave a toy out for more than 3 days, we discussed why she did that. She knew my rule… if it’s left out, she loses the toy (not forever! Just for a little while). I’d pick the toy up and put it on a high shelf in my room and at the end of the month we’d revisit the shelf and she could decide if she wanted it back or wanted to donate the toy to another child. We were consistent with her, though. She loved the constancy and always knew where she stood with us… and she really loved going to sleep in a neat area. I know not all kiddos are the same… I raised 3 boys of my own and they were all very different, but they are all respectful and responsible adults to this day. Seriously, communicating, modeling, and consistency are the keys!

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Yep. Since around 2 they’ve been cleaning up their own space. That isn’t to say I’ve never helped, but they definitely know their room is their responsibility.

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Yes! In my household, they’re responsible for cleaning their own room, cleaning up after themselves, and doing a daily chore. We all live here, we can all contribute to keeping up the house. My daughter has been doing her own laundry for years and my son is about to learn how to do his. These are basic life skills that need to be taught.

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Yeah its their room the perfect place to show them responsibility for their belongings.

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From the age of like 5 or 6 and up… absolutely

Absolutely, it makes them more productive adults.

My 3 year old has cleaned her own room since she was 2.

Yes I have my sons pick up thier room every night

For every day cleaning, yes. Deep cleaning may still need parental help until the age of 12 I would say

i believe yes, but my kids are 8,7,4 and they wont clean their room unless im helping.
my 8 year old will clean but she hates cleaning up after her sisters

Is this a serious question??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: