Should kids get an allowance?

My fiance thinks an allowance makes kids only want to do anything if they’re getting something in return. I think an allowance teaches them responsibility and prepares them for the work life… I also believe in teaching the importance on saving money and would love to teach my child how to buy things and use her money. My child is 2. She helps clear the table, wipe stuff up, take trash out (with dad), picks up laundry and trash, and helps clean up the livingroom with me.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should kids get an allowance?

I feel the same way as you.

I only agree with allowances if you don’t have to ask them to do chores or tasks and if you don’t have to correct them.

Allowances teach your kid financial literacy and how to be smart(er) with money. Better for them to make small mistakes with money as kids than make huge money mistakes as adults

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That sweet baby deserves an allowance. Doing all that at only 2yrs old. What a sweet lil helper. I feel the same as you, teaching them to save and spend their monies. Earn their money.

So we started with quarters, if he “helped” with the dishes he got a quarter. He became super motivated and wanted to do EVERYTHING. He saved up his quarters and was super excited to go to the store to finally buy something.
I think 2 is a great age to start.

I think cleaning their rooms and putting their clothes away is not paid! Anything else I would give an allowance for. They need to make money for all the extra stuff they would like to buy or save up for.

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I think people confuse allowance with a reward system. Twos a little young for money comprehension I only say that cause we tried doing that being like okay you earned this much so let’s figure this out and he was four lol what he heard was yay I can get toys and started loading up the cart.


For normal around the house chores, no, bc they need to learn the basics and learn to be productive human beings. For extras, like cutting grass etc when they get older then yes


You are teaching her about being part of a unit. No allowance!!!


I agree with you, teaching them young & helping establish a healthy boundary with money is essential for later in life.
Ensuring they understand their efforts are appreciated & rewarded isn’t a bad thing. Especially when you’re teaching money management, responsible spending, and raising them to respect the value of money and how it is earned.

She’s two. She would understand stickers better.


My kids do and they save for things they want

My son is 11 and has regular chores. No allowance. But if he goes above and beyond or helps us with big projects he gets paid. He gets to keep half his money and I invest the other half into a youth Roth IRA. He just got paid $60 for good grades. He gets to keep $30. We found this helped him understand that the basic things you do to be healthy, like cook, do your laundry, and clean the bathroom are regular expectations and putting in hard work gets you cash. The IRA insures he understands savings AND investing, not to mention will build wealth for him since I have no generational wealth to pass on.


I get what he’s saying but in life you only get anything if you work for it, it isn’t handed to you. So why not teach them financial responsibility from a young age so they may not end up in debt like so many of us lol


Yes, allowance - rewards for doing chores, but the ones YOU don’t want to do. They should still have “routing maintenance chores” like picking up after themselves, putting their clothes in the hamper. Those should not be rewarded. It should be expected to clean up after yourself


You are 100% correct! Teach your baby how!

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I dont believe in “allowance”. If they want to earn money, they can help neighbors. Until then you have birthday and christmas for special requests. Kids dont “need” everything they see.


You know what you’re doing, never too young to feel the achievement of helping!

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Two year olds cannot manage money. They don’t understand it. They lack the math skills. Reconsider when she’s 6 or 7.


At 2, no. She will not even understand. Perhaps when they’re older and do extra work like lawn mowing.

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I like it :woman_shrugging:t2: we only work to pay for stuff we want and to live so why would that change for a kid? At least they earned it.

It all depends how one thinks. I for one give my kids an allowance because it’ll show if they work their butts off, they get paid.

No allowance- helping to take care of the home that YOU live in is just your responsibility at any age (with age appropriate tasks of course)… if you do those things well without being reminded, I might give a little


I never believed in paying a family member to be part of the family. You’re supposed to pull together and do things together and that’s what a family is. You don’t pay them to be part of the family

She’s 2. Wait till she’s older. She just wants to copy what the adults are doing at this age.

My kids earn point for extra chores like trash ,swiffer… points equal is required along with picking up there messes

At 2 ? You can’t be serious? Older children yes.

Open a bank account and put her money in that and when she 18 or when ever u decide said child can use the card them self will have own money they worked for Freon a small age very good idea

So you only give a $10 a week allowance no matter how many things they have to do that’s what they get. And yes teaching children finances is awesome so many young people have no idea how to save how to write a check how to bank or even how to be responsible it’s sad

I mean do you get paid for doing your job? What’s the difference? Your job is your responsibility and their responsibilities are chores. Why not pay them for completing the chores?

Only for extra stuff. Not what they should be doing as part of the family unit. Above and beyond…that would be the only time I’d do it.


I got one for helping

Do both! Have some things for an allowance like cleaning your room and the bathroom or whateveryou choose… but have chores like trash and dishing and laundry that are responsibilities of the house with no allowance. Teaching them personally responsibilities as well as earning… just don’t see why you can’t have both.

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I got an allowance when i was a kid. if they help around the house, then yes. If you have a piggy bank for them they can save it.

I think you should raise your child however suits you,and not listen to anyone else,chores should always be a part of everyday life it teaches them the basics of life,whether or not you pay them,is how you feel works for you and your child

my kids do chores on their greenlight card for money. normal tasks like making their bed, cleaning up toys aren’t accounted for, but helping me with my chores is what gets them their “allowance”. ranging from $.25 to $1 per chore depending on difficulty. my kids are 4 and 6

There’s merit to both points. Kids learn best how to manage earned income by having earned income. On the other hand, maintaining a home comes with responsibilities that are not compensated for with currency.

I think there is basic responsibility and then earning chores

Well the way I see it, leading by example goes along way. Kids model behavior so if they see you working hard to earn living, they’ll be keen to do the same. As far as house work, no body pays you to keep your house clean when you’re an adult. The reward for cleaning is living in a clean home. However I do pay my children to help do things around that house that is not necessarily their responsibility. Like organize the storage room, or help me with rearranging my bedroom furniture or when they’re older, running errands for me. Helping with younger siblings which is absolutely not their responsibility.


She to young for that Maybe when she’s older. I didn’t start till they were older my daughter is 13. She gets paid for her grades and only 5 dollars a week for chores. If she wants more she need to get a job. Money doesn’t grow on trees and before anyone says she’s to young to work we have places that hire 13 year Olds. Farm work is great and the school as a program for the summer so they can get paid. However I am low income and she knows I can’t afford much. She’s really good at saving her money. She is very responsible.

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Put her “allowance” in a savings account. She’s too young to really use any of it now, or at least understand it. But when she’s a bit older, she will see how much she has earned for helping with chores

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I could earn money for doing extra chores that my parents works usually do or help with them. Like during the summer we had a pine tree that dropped needles. For every bucket we raked up we got like $1.

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I try to get my kids to help out because they are apart of the family, and they need to take responsibility and do there own jobs. I don’t give them an allowance because I may not be able to afford to keep it up so instead I give them treats when ever I can in appreciation of what they do to help me/getting there jobs done


Kids generally only want to do things for something in return. that’s just human nature. I don’t know any kids that wanna do dishes and laundry just for fun… That’s where the concept of allowances comes from. Its literally an incentive. And a reward for doing things makes them feel accomplished.


Didnt get any house work is house work its not a job.

I was just talking about this today with a friend at work. It’s tricky. I get what it’s teaching. But also, we all live here. We should all be taking care of our home.


Kids shouldn’t do chores that is what parents are for. I let my kids be kids and play. They grow up fast enough then have to work everyday.


I agree with you!!! They don’t need to be paid for every little thing, but I believe in having a chore list to do to earn money. GoHenry is a great app for that. That’s what I do for my kids. They have their own debit card and chore list on there that they can earn money from the ones they complete. It definitely teaches responsibility and value of their money!!!

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A 2 year old doesn’t need an allowance. They csnt even wipe their own ass yet.
At this age they do those things because they see us doing all those things. My son is 2.5 and “helps” a lot because he just wants to be involved

I do not believe in allowance for everyday chores they are responsible for messes they make and need to contribute to helping around the house they live in and get fed in for free. Now sometimes my kid will ask if there’s anything he can do to earn $ for like v-bucks or something and we will have him mow the lawn or shovel snow from the driveway give the dog a bath help deep clean the kitchen or pull weeds in the backyard then we will pay him for going above and beyond but no not regular everyday tasks.

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With my boys they helped do stuff like clean their room pick up after themselves help me clean up here and there and didn’t get allowance until they were old enough to understand that even though I was gonna start paying them to do some extra stuff that it don’t mean to stop doing the usual things. I started allowance when my oldest was around 10. He wanted a phone so I put half of his allowance for the month to go towards his phone. Then the ok ther half to whatever he wanted to do with it. My youngest saves his money but I’m really bad at just putting in his bank so I just take him out every so often to pick out a few things tyat he wants to buy and spend his allowance on. They offer to help me with things all the time or don’t always think they are gonna get paid cuz I ask for them to do something extra.

You can teach your child fiscal responsibility by paying her to do chores … you can teach your child the difference between chores and helping others.

There are times to motivate your children with money, and there are other times to encourage your child to interact in community service.

Teaching your child the difference between the two is very important. When she “earns money”, it will help her to develop self respect & to learn that her time and efforts are valuable and appreciated. When she volunteers her time to help others, or to do community service, it teaches her about compassion and about being rewarded in so many ways other than monetary.

Try to balance the two lessons. Both lessons are equally important.

Nope… They need to learn life skills. How to take care of a home. When was the last time you got paid for washing dinner dishes?

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Keep on teaching your child exactly what they need to learn :clap: :100:

My kids only get chore money if they help out with big jobs or special jobs.

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My son has received an allowance since he was 2. It’s not a lot, but he has certain chores that are just life skills that every person has to do, then he has extra chores he can do to make money. I agree with you on this post. As long as it’s not huge amount and you’re not paying for every tiny thing, then I see nothing but an educational opportunity.

I believe in an allowance with older kids who are doing the chores on their own.

We never got allowances…and we grew up to know to work for what we need…we even worked and paid into our family household expenses…that taught us what we would have to do for the rest of our lives…we can survive anything

Depends on the child. Your idea worked with my son but not with my daughter. Taught my son how to earn and then spend money. Taught my daughter to only do a chore IF she would be paid for it. Also taught her that she thought she was worth more than a few bucks to clean her room or help out around the house. :frowning:

As a Parent of 30 years, No we didn’t do the Allowance thing, We did the You Live here and will clean up after yourself thing. Doing household chores without being told is what EARNED extra curricular activities, Baseball, dance, ect, trips to the water park, Saturday night at the skating rink, Going to the movies with friends. Learning to clean up after themselves wasn’t OPTIONAL in our home.


For their own messes, I don’t think they should be paid to clean up after themselves, but if they are extra helping around the house, I say go for it. I definitely think this applies if it’s a harder job. I agree that it’s a great way for them to learn to earn and save money, humans work off of rewards system all the time. I’m going to make mine a flat amount when the times comes.

Give the set chores for the week
And give them $10 a week providing they have done their chores
That’s what I do for my grandkids
Ages 14 12 and 9

I believe that everyone saying she’s too young is correct, but also don’t disagree with the savings account idea. On that note, I don’t believe that my kid’s should get paid for doing house chores. Why? when you grow up and get ur own place do you get paid to do anything you ask for the kid’s to do? ( take out the trash, clean your room, do the dishes etc ) I mean to each their own, but I feel like if it’s not going to happen like that in the real world why not show them now. :woman_shrugging:t4:

We had 3 children .We have allowance for over and above regular chores.Like when they had to clean up their toys ,bedroom make their bed those were their normal things that I taught them to be responsible for w/o allowance.But they got allowance for pitching in when not asked to help like helping Dad snow shovel ,cutting the grass,taking the garbage out ,helping mom clean the house ,unloading the dishwasher etc …kids need to be taught that there are some things they’re responsible for w/o pay cause the pay off is teaching them responsibility, But they also need to know the value of earning $ So when they grow up they know how to save,spend and use that hard earned money !So we did it this way as I stated above .We have 3 very responsible adults now they work hard and play hard.So for us that worked !


He is actually right :white_check_mark:

When I was a kid I agreed with allowances cause we did work Move lawns
and stuff Today the kids do nothing It’s time to make them work for nothing just to live and learn how rent is and how it cost money to live so the live so no no allowances today

I give pocket money when I feel like it and because I want to . I dont actually expect anything for it. The kids all clean up after themselves without being asked so the house is never messy so im happy . 26 yrs of parenting with 3 adults now working and living successful independent lives .

I think 2 might be a little young to understand and appreciate money, but once she gets a little older, I don’t think it would be a bad idea.

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Allowance is money you allow your child to have. Doing chores is something you do for your family out of respect. and love, and every child needs to do chores to learn how to take care of themselves. They need to learn how to pick up after themselves, cook and do dishes and laundry. That is a part of life that will always be there. They don’t get paid for that. When you give them an allowance, they need to know how to save up for special things they want and not ask for everything they see.


We don’t really pay our 5 year old for chores. But we do give her a “thanks” for being a great big sister. & if I run to the bathroom & leave her & her little sister in the living room or if she gives her the pacifier at the end of the week we give her some cash because she’s not the parent of our little one.

At 2? I don’t think an allowance is necessary for a 2 year old. Start her a savings account.


Nooooo that’s way to much she’s only a baby my step son 13 lives with me and has 2 chores, walk the dog and clean his room and he gets £10 a week if he does them. I have a 4 year old and an 8 year old my 8 year old help with his own laundry but absolutely do not let my 4 year old do chores yet, they are children, allow them to be children they don’t need so much responsibility at such a young age. Maybe it’s alot different back here in the UK.

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Right I have helped raise a 12 year old and am now helping my best friend raise her two year old I believe in allowance in moderation so at my house you keep your picked up and do your dishes as your done with them and help with your own laundry if you want fun money for toys or savings or going to the movies with friends over the allotted monthly fun money that’s given for doing the basics (it’s literally not much at all enough for the movies once a month or so) they help around the house they get that in cash at the end of when they do chores we have a cleaning list for each room of the house and depending on the amount of chores/room of the house is how they get paid so yes allowance is great with structure imo

We only pay allowance for extras done.
2 is a bit young to me tho.

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Money is the root of all evil. We reward our kids with trips to the zoo or museum but never ever with money. Money is used for school supplies and books and some school clothes. Nothing else. The best reward to give your child is education, not money. Not looking to have more kids go into a field they don’t love just for money. Money should never be a drive. Their dreams and imagination is the ultimate fuel, the real power and most rewarding. For a 2 years old, a trip to the zoo with mom and dad speaks for itself.

My 6 yr old gets $5 a week for:
Feeding and watering the cats
Putting his clean laundry away
Putting his dirty dishes in the sink
Putting his dirty clothes in his laundry basket
He saves his $ for big lego sets

The earlier the better


I tried allowance for a short time, so much for each specific task,then the kids got picky and some tasks went undone, ah, nope. It takes all of us working together, and ALL tasks need to be done. I had 3 kids, and we rotated the task, so no one got stuck with a sucky job… If you do your job, yard work, school work etc, you’d get money to go to a movie,or for ice cream etc…

Yes. It teaches them responsibility as well. Not only demand something from parents. There’s a difference between allowance n getting an insensitive 4 helping out around. They would appreciate things better as well

I don’t understand getting paid for things you’re already gonna have to do. It’s not like you get paid for doing chores at your house, pay them to do things they don’t necessarily HAVE to know but should (changing oil/filters in YOUR car when older) or they have an interest/skill and you have a need involving that skill/interest such as if they get interested carpentry and you want a bench for the garden. That way it actually teaches them work and doesn’t give them the expectation to get something for washing off their plate or sweeping, the reward for that is a clean house.


I think every household is different. If you can afford to give an allowance, do so. I think you’re starting your daughter off right. Is she a little young to understand the whole allowance thing? Possibly. But she’s not too young to understand that everyone puts forth in the household, & pitches in where they can. Whether that be financially, or doing things to improve & keep up the space that you all live in. That’s what we tell our kiddo, & then we give her pocket money when we can.


My daughter is 3 and is getting $3 a week for:

Cleaning her room
Making her bed
Watering the plants
Feeding the dog (with help)
Helping to take the trash out

However, rather than just giving her money, we let her decide on a fun activity once every couple months or so that costs a bit of money, and let her use her allowance to pay for it.

My kids don’t get money for doing chores. They are task they will need in life


My son is 4.5 and every time I catch him doing something nice/ helpful and without me asking he gets 50 cents and he has a little “money box” he puts the coins in and he can either save up and get a toy at the dollar store or a store we go to or he can get a soda from the vending machine by the supermarket. If he’s bad I take money away from his box

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When I GAVE an allowance…BUT…Kids had to pay for their extras…They need to learn …working and they need to learn to budget their own money…Finally my children said …HEY MOM…we do not want an allowance any more…As you can see they got close up and personal knowledge of all we were doing for them every day…

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Kids should have chores to do. Starting them early makes it feel more natural to them to be doing these things. If you wait till they’re 4 or 5 you’re bound to get more back talk than cooperation. But yes, kids should help out with maintaining the home. They live there and contribute to the mess, use the resources, it’s only fair. An allowance is different. It’s for other things. For me, we ran a duck farm. So I wasn’t getting paid for house chores, but my allowance was kinda for when I went above and beyond with the ducks. There was more to it than making sure the feeders were dispensing food and cleaning the waterers every day. You had to walk through them and remove the dead ones, the ones killed by predators, and remove the sick ones before they got the whole flock sick. As they grew, they had to be transferred to other quarters twice. If there was a duck disease going around, you had to give all 6500 + or - of them shots. Then when they were 7 weeks old, the trucks and trailers would come to get them and take them to be sold. All 6500 plus or minus, had to be chased up a ramp into the trailers. You started out at 4am and finished up around 10:30am. Big job. So that’s how I got my allowance. You’ll have to decide on your kid’s allowance.


Your child is 2? Too young for an allowance. Wait til they are 5 or 6. Even at 5 or 6, they still don’t know that much about money.

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An allowance is payment for completion of tasks during the week. That is a very important lesson for kids to learn

An allowance should not be linked to chores. Chores you do as part of being a family, an allowance is to teach value of money and money management.
We started a savings account, while kids very young and I’m going to start giving allowance & notebook to track it (was meant to start on 6th b-day). Idea is kid gets $1/year of age, can spend or save it as they like, but every cent is tracked :slight_smile:


As an adult , you don’t get paid to do things in your own home. So I personally don’t agree with an allowance for everyday things like cleaning up after yourself. However I’m sure you can find other things for kids to do to earn money. I do agree on teaching them the value of money at a young age, just not with certain things like chores.

Do what’s best suited for you and your family. With mine, I didn’t pay them for general chores, only for certain jobs they wouldn’t normally do. But I also made them find weekend work as teens and when they got paid, they would give me a certain amount to put away for their savings.


Figure out what jobs you want as family chores(things to help as part of the family) and other things that she doesn’t necessarily need to do but can for some money.


When children are old enough, they should have chores assigned to them. As far as an allowance goes, if you want to give an allowance, it can be a set amount per week. You can require that half be put in a savings account and half be saved for whatever extras they may want (movies, bowling, video games).

I think it’s a good idea. I know there are people that don’t agree, but how else are you going to educate your kids about earning, saving, spending, and how money really works? It’s a hands on learning experience for them.

I give maybe $5 a week or so to my kids. They have been learning how to set goals to save for things they want. They want a toy or a game? It usually comes from their fund. Sometimes, if they’ve been saving for something for a good while and are close, I’ll kick in a bit and help them finish paying for it, but it isn’t something they expect from me. My kids are 6 and 4, and it has been a really good learning experience for them.

At 2 years old??? I had an allowance, but had things to do, so did my sister. I was kind of miser and saved a lot of mine - I knew I wanted to go to college (at middle school age) and would have to pay my own way. I also babysat, starting at 11 and cut lawns for a couple of people.


Honestly plz do teach your kids to except SOME sort of return in this world - whenever/how ever small atleast, because if you raise them as i was they will be used dried up and left when they cant anymore - as i was… so take it from me. I used to think oh be all unconditionally sweet and stuff but growing up made me realize that is a fantasy and NOT safe and teaches people to casually use others for free services.

My kids got allowance once they started to have independent chores that weren’t self care related (cleaning room, bathing, putting away their own clothes,etc.) but household related. And they only qualified for the paid chores if their self/personal care and space was also clean.

Taking out trash is a chore but if there’s trash in your room that’s not picked up then no allowance. Vacuuming the living room is a chore but if the floor in your room is a mess then no allowance.

An allowance teaches financial responsibility.