Should kids watch jurassic park?

Should I let my kids watch jurassic park? I know it is not technically a scary/horror movie but I am afraid they will have nightmares of the dinosaurs…am i over thinkin this?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should kids watch jurassic park?

How old? My kids are fine with it, but they’re older.

My daughter is 8, and loves anything horror. She’s seen the forever purge, Halloween nightmare on elm street etc. it’s generally up to you if you want your kids to see it or not, I’ll be taking my daughter to see it. If you feel it’s not appropriate for them, then don’t. Watch it first then make your decision.

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My kids have watched them all since they were just a few years old… They’ve turned out just fine…

My daughters are 6 and 10 and watched all the other Jurassic park movies and LOVE them. They can’t wait to see the new one

Yes! My 3 year old now almost 5 was insisting, so we let him and he’s been obsessed ever since! Forget the cartoon Dino’s lol he wants them all realistic!

All my boys love Jurassic park/Jurassic world, they’re 1,3, and 4. They’re all ridiculously dinosaur obsessed. All they wanna do is watch anything dinosaur while playing with their toy dinosaurs lol, I’m like please find something else to be obsessed with cuz mama had enough dinosaurs lol

My kids just went 3,5 and 12 no issues they watched all the others too

All my kids have loved Jurassic park! I see nothing wrong with a kid watching it but you are the parent and it is up to your discretion what you want your child(ren) to watch,

I would say yes. However you know your kids better than me, I would have no problem with it though.

It’s one of my 4 year olds favorites!! I gauged it with him though…. He watched a few minutes of Jurassic world after we finished the Cretaceous park cartoon on Netflix (that show was lit :fire: btw) and he said “mommy that was Awesome!” So we went on to watch all of them together.
Try with the cartoon. If they do well, move on to the real deal :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughter’s about to be 5, she loves it. But she’s also a fan of spooky things, loves Nightmare Before Christmas and this ghost show on Netflix kids. Idk, you know your kid better than we do. I will say though that I don’t plan on taking her to the new one, once it’s out of theaters and streaming maybe.

My 6 year old has been obsessed with Jurassic park and all things dinosaur related since he could walk at 10 months old. He can say and identify almost every single scientific name for dinosaurs that existed from watching those movies and documentaries on them. Let the kids be kids! They just might teach u something after all.

My almost 3 year old loves them movies

How can you NOT let your kids watch Jurassic Park is a better question. It’s a classic!!! I say not letting them is doing them a disservice…

My son is 4 and i myself was kind of iffy as well so we chose the animated series on Netflix (Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous) and he loved it… so we let him watch the movies and he’s OBSESSED! He’s learned so many dinosaurs names i was shocked.

My two youngest have been obsessed with all the Jurrasic Park/Jurrasic World movies since they were 2. No nightmares at all. They are now 6 and 4 and we still watch them at least once a week.

Depends on your kid. I grew up watching Freddy and Chucky. My kids have also watched all kinds of scary movies and even The Walking Dead on a regular basis. My kids are now 12 and 6. My 6 yo struggles more than my 12 yo did when he was her age. Now I myself am OBSESSED with Jurassic Park. So naturally both kids have seen all but the newest movie out a number of times since they were both very little.


Ive been in love with Jurassic park since i was a kid. I think u should let them watch it

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If your kid gets frightened easily, show them behind the scenes videos on YouTube after it’s over :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh no… you don’t want to know my son’s favorite movies lol


When I was little I was allowed to watch the original Jurassic Park and literally was never scared of the dark before that movie was terrified after and started having nightmares…I couldn’t watch it again until I was like 16 and I was freaking out :laughing:

We’ve got tickets for tonight my 6 year old has watched them for years and absolutely loves them

Watch during the day.

I used to watch it as a kid. Never got nightmares from it

My 17 year still won’t watch it :rofl::rofl: Tried to at like 5 and she was terrified!! But my other two had no issue

Let me tell you a short story that my mom told me…she took my older brother, when he was like 8, to see Jurassic Park 1 when it came out in theatres. She said the whole theatre was filles with kids. During that part when the t-rex comes over the fence while they are in the cars, when the t rex roared she said all the kids were screaming their little asses off and some were crying. Lol i thought that story was funny. But seriously though, its a classic, let your kid watch it.

It really depends on the kid my nephew has been watching it since he was 2 and his 5 now really depends on every child and there imagination

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It totally depends on the child……

When the Jurassic park came out in theaters my parents took both me and my 3 year old brother, it was dead silent during one scene and my brother ROARED so loud, a couple people screamed but then everyone laughed.


My husband did and now our oldest is OBSESSED with dinos. He was like 1 at the time. He’s now 4 and still it’s all he talks about. He knows more about them then the adults do.

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my bfs little brother is 8 and he LOVES it. never scared him.

It’s Jurassic Park! Your required to have your children watch that movie.


Let them watch if their afraid then turn it off but my 4yr old loves dinosaurs and the movies he knows every kind by name


How old are they? It’s a good movie and a family one.

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It depends on the child. Some children will find the movies terrifying, some will love them.
Both my 6yo and 3yo have seen all the originals. They did fine with them. Some of the originals have foul language. So just watch them before your children.

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it depends. if your children are scared of dinosaurs then no. my son is three and we have watched every dinosaur movie going because he loves them.

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I’m taking all mine youngest is 8 stuff it they see worse on YouTube do they watch huggy wuggy and fnaf?

Definitely over thinking it.

If they love dinosaurs, they’ll be fine, will just think its loud.

I saw the original in theatres when I was 7.

Dominion is very tame compared to the rest.

They should be fine if they’re dinosaur lovers.

Yes you are overthinking it lol let the kids be kids.

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I watched I when. I was 6. Never had problems from that. I had nightmares from predator and it …

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I always had nightmares :laughing: still can’t watch it to this day.

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I watched the exorcist at age 9 ,I’ve always let my kids watch anything, if I know it’s got blood horror I will warn them ,or if really graphic I haven’t let them till a certain age. Anything with sex scenes, not until a certain age, as for jurassic Park my 7 year old has watched them and can’t wait for the new know your own kids.

Would help if we knew the age of the kids. But id say 7 and up is good. That’s when i watched it

Jeeez… If the dinosaurs end up scaring your kids, you can always use it to your advantage. “Oh no, better go brush your teeth or I’ll let the dinosaurs in the house…” lol


If you’re worried about your kids having nightmares from a movie about dinosaurs then either your kids are way too young to watch it or you have some really weak kids.


My 6 year old loves it. He loves dinosaurs.

We love it. Kids age 7,10 and 13. Been watching it for years. Going to see the new one tomorrow! If you think your kids will get nightmares then dont let them watch it. You’re the parent tbh and your parenting is different from others as well as your kids!! Do you

My daughter did get scared…

Of the bathroom. I couldn’t figure out why. Finally she told me she thought a dinosaur would eat her! She was 7…lol I didn’t even think that’s scared her

My 4yo daughter loves the movies. She’s big into dinosaurs.

if you think they will or might have nightmares, then don’t let them watch it

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If they get scared…switch it off

Depends on their age?
My oldest is turning 9. He watched Jurassic world with us at 6/7 and had no issues.
My youngest didn’t really pay attention to it.

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It’s grand :roll_eyes: if they get scared just turn it off

My 4 year old loves all of them and has a Jurrasic World bed set. She’ll point out the dinosaurs while we watch it and even knows what they’re called

Mine love all of them…seeing the newbone this weekend. We love zombies as well​:rofl::rofl:

My son is 3 and has watched them all over and over and over again, he is now obsessed with dinos and can identify and say up to 30 different dinosaur names

Lol I grew up watching the first 3, my kiddo watched the new one when it came out, he was maybe 4. To me not a big deal my kids understand that dinosaurs are no longer and it’s just a movie

My 3 year old loves scary movies :tipping_hand_woman:

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It depends on the kids, my middle boy who is 6, absolutely loves all things dinosaurs. We have let him watch them, during the day, with his dad and i with him…
he was not once scared, he loved them, but my older boy who is 7, didn’t care to watch it.

I think it depends on your kid. Mine hasn’t seen the whole thing. But bits and pieces. Didn’t phase him

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My kids (2&7) love them but i know not all kids can handle movies like that until older.

Mine have been watching them since they were toddlers. I believe it depends on the child.

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My daughter’s been watching Jurassic Park since she was like 3

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My 3 year old loves them…

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I was 8 when it came out on the big screen. I still love dinos. Land before time traumatized me more when the sharptooth ate littlfoots mom…

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My 6 yr old loves dinosaurs and has seen ALL the Jurassic Park movies. He can’t wait to go see the new one in theaters.

I think your kids will love the movies ! Mine do

Let them watch it ! My 13 year old watches horror movies with me… he has since he was 8.

My kids watched it at 3 or 4

Lmao none of the jurassic movies scarred me…the Tim curry IT is what got me.

Lol Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies and have been watching it the majority of my life. I may have had some Velociraptor nightmares throughout my life but still love all things dinosaur and that movie. Might as well let them watch it :woman_shrugging:

Yeah you’re over thinking. Lol

I think I watched it for the first time when I was 6 or 7 and it honestly scared the crap outta me. I love it now though.

My 3 year old just stomps and roars when the dinos do. Not every child can handle it though.

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No. I personally make my kids stick to kid things.

My son is two and loves these movies. I think it depends on your child. My husband was 5 when the original came out and he watched it with his grandma and he ended up getting nightmares.

My son has been waiting them since he was 2 he absolutely loves dinosaurs never had a nightmare

Lmao my 6 year old started watching Jurassic park when he was 3. Sky rocketed his LOVE for dinosaurs and still does!


I’d allow it but he doesn’t want to bc it’s too scary lol

My kids have been watching it since they were 1. All of them. Taking them both to see the new one when it comes out here.

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My son has been watching It since he was 1. I was watching it then. We are going in a few hrs to see the newest and supposed last movie. My son is now 8. At 2 I was watching Candyman.

Taking my 5 year old and 7 year old to see the new one tonight. They have always watched them and Owen is my 5 year old daughter’s boyfriend so its not like I can keep them apart :laughing:

Definitely over thinking it my 6-7 year Olds love it I can wait to take them to see the next one

Yes you are lol my kids watch all the Jurassic park movies. They can even identify some of the dinosaurs by name. They are 2,3, and 9

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I was fine with Jurassic Park growing up. It was Mars Attacks that scared me, but my 5 yo thinks it’s hilarious. It’s hard to say what will and won’t affect your child.

I’ve been watching jurassic Park since I was younger and I’m still obsessed with them, I showed my son the movies when he was two and he’s 6 now and equally loves them just as much as I do.

My 3 year old loves them

Mine wanted to watch it so bad but then yeah she realized it was too scary lol 

We have 2/3/4/5/6 year olds watching it. They love it. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Jurassic Park I think helped my kids love dinosaurs. My youngest 2 sons so much that they wanted their room Dino themed.

My 18 month old walks around going “RAAAA” how ignorant are you? Its an animal printed on baby clothes :joy: grow up! They become afraid of what YOU make them afraid of!


my daughter just turned 4 and she’s obsessed with dinosaurs… like OBSESSED. but i don’t want to show her these movies cuz i’m scared it will squash her love of dinos. we’ll eventually watch the movies just not now :joy:

My kid was obsessed with jumanji at like 5, so I’d let her, she’s currently 10.