Should my dogs sleep in my room when baby comes?

My dogs have slept in the room or the nursery (attached to my room through the closet) since all my kids were babies. You will cause resentment issues if you push them away, just like a human child.

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Too hard with the baby and dogs I think. My dog is 17 and slept with me for 15 years before my son came. He actually adjusted perfectly to being put in his crate. I think he likes his own space too. Dogs have their own personalities, maybe see how he reacts to not sleeping with you first before the baby comes

Introduce the dogs 2 baby when they get home. If theres a negative reaction then dont have the dogs sleep with u anymore. Dogs get jealous too sometimes it’s important 2 show them just as much attention. Both my dogs have slept with us even after all 3 of mine were born. I never once coslept though. They were always in a swing or bassinets next 2 my bed Or in the crib in my room. Its 100% fine 4 them 2 continue sleeping in ur room especially if they dont sleep in ur bed. If u plan 2 cosleep (which I personally dont recommend) and they sleep in the bed I would recommend getting dog beds and put them in the room on the floor if u dont already have them. I hope that eases the anxiety

We have a 3 year old German Shepherd who sleeps in our bed and on our bedroom floor. Our daughter has been sleeping at the end of our bed in a bassinet and pack and play and he has never bothered her or anything. We’ve let him come to her with introducing and don’t force her onto him. He is so sweet and gentle with her and has grown to really love her. I guess it does depend on the dogs temperament, but give it try the first night and go from there :blush:

My dog gets kennel Ed at night or locked out of mine and my kids room . Not out of fear she’ll do something but more so everyone including her has a set sleep space , and it’ll limit any un supervised damage she may try to do (which thankfully she doesn’t ) . Follow ur instincts in general I don’t trust any dog around a new person or baby no matter how long I’ve known them.

I have an almost 2 yr old retriever mix that has been with us since 5 weeks old. I also had a baby a lil over 2 months ago. Both currently sleep in our room. My baby on his bassinet, and my dog either on the bed with us, the floor, or her kennel. We don’t lock her up at night, just let go where ever. She doesn’t bother the baby at all. She kinda ignores him for the most part.

Welcome to obviously your first baby. You should keep your pups routine normal. Especially as they will be going through a major change once baby arrives. My pups have always been amazing with my kids! I am a mom of 3 and pup mom of 3. We also have cats, horses, hamsters, fish etc. we kept all of their routines very stable when our kids arrived. It helped them cope with change.

Dogs may be better baby monitors than a monitor.


I have had cats and dogs present when all 3 of my children were born. We never had any negative situations ! Yes their have been rare occasions where a child was injured by a family pet but I personally do not know anyone this has happened with. We had 5 dogs and two cats and one of my dogs was a full bred Pittie .

I had 2 GSD when I had my son. They were awesome. He would walk between them when he was learning to walk. Do protective but gentle

Im sorry to say hes right they will be fine just introduce the new baby to the pups they will love your new baby as much as you do

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My daughter brought our granddaughter home sat the car seat on the floor and it was love from the get go! Ellie (a boxer) slept under Leah’s crib every night.

I have two pitbulls. They have been around my daughter since birth. I did not change their routine. They were allowed to sleep on my bed, or wherever they chose to in the home. I had my parents bring her blanket and beanie home from the hospital before we were discharged, just so they could get used to the scent. But that’s all.

I have a German short hair who is absolutely the smartest dog I’ve ever known. Shes the absolute best girl and listens perfectly. That being said…this is my 3rd baby. And my dog who always slept in our room no longer sleeps there. Not happening while my baby is still so tiny. Shes 7 weeks. I trust my dog more than I trust most people. But you can NEVER be too careful with your child.

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Ok, this really boils down to how you feel. If the dogs sleep on the floor by your bed or just out the door there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Go ahead and set up everything (bassinet,crib, whatever else you’re going to use). Let them get use to it being there. Start using baby power lotion stuff like that for the to smell. My daughter just had her son and she has a cat we sat everything up and got him use to it all. Haven’t had a problem.

I don’t see a problem with the sleeping in your room on the floor. I would introduce the baby to them a little bit a time.


We had a German shepherd dog when we brought our little girl home n our German Shepard attached to her right off they are very smart n will love the baby


Mine always sleeps in my room not in my bed - it was fine. What is :worried:? I had watch cats - they bad get in baby bed - & face -

Don’t change their routine, they will be just fine.

They will be the babies best friend and grow up together :heart: Stop worrying, you have instant babysitters


Why can’t they all sleep in your room ?
Baby next to your bed in a playpen.

The dogs will be fine around the baby


No way. Dogs should not be sleeping where newborn babies are


They were first dont change anything

You people are nuts.! One of the many babies killed and mauled because people think their dogs need to have their face in their babies faces. stupid people


Well your baby should be in a crib or bassinet. So the dogs sleeping in your room should be fine.


My dog still sleeps in our room but my baby has her own bed so there isn’t any issues at all he just lays and sleeps on the ground anyway

My rhodesian ridgeback was a dream with all my babies, I guess only you will truly know what to do when the time comes xx

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Animals can become jealous and that can come out in a variety of behavioral issues. May want to talk to an Animal Behaviorist to get ideas how to introduce them to baby and new rules. It doesn’t need to become a bad experience for the dogs if you approach it proactively.

We always had a dog. I have never had a problem with any of them. We have a little Chihuahua now and he sleeps with me. When we brought the babies home we never changed his sleeping habits. Sometimes I would leave baby sleeping on the bed and he would lay down next to them. They are best friends now 3 years later.

Our dog started sleeping next to baby bed when we had our first


Our dog stayed with normal routine sleeping in our room. No problem. The vet agreed the same keep things normal helps. Kicking them out can cause a get for them. All part of family

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Dont change up their routine. They will be fine. I never had a problem with dogs sleeping in my room when i brought home any of my babies. And i always coslept with my babies. They are apart of your family and have their own routine. That shouldnt change just cause you are bringing home a new addition.
I also have 4 kids and went through it with dogs and cats.

My dogs were never a problem. They can smell that you’re pregnant. Have your husband bring home something that smells like the baby so they know the babies scent before baby comes home. They will probably be nosey at first but most likely will be fine once everyone is settled.

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Ist and foremost see how the dogs react to the baby if they sniff the baby and are calm around the baby it will probably be fine but they are the least bit of jealousy or barking then I would change there routine in fact I would think I would change there routine right now I would definitely give it several weeks before I would allow the dogs in the room because your going to be getting up and down feeding changing the baby for awhile and there used to you sleeping all night long

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When I had my son 29 years we owned a black lab ( she was girl never left my side) slept in our bedroom. We read in several books to treat the pets like little humans, bring the baby home slowly let daddy hold the baby while the pet slowly warms up to it. Then have mom join in with them. We also let my dog lay on my pregnant belly ( she felt the baby kick one day and gave a weird look) we also took in her in the nursery when were in there. She did very well. She even helped us babysit , if we in another area of the room nearby and the baby fussed she would pace back and forth from him to us until we went to check. Best of Luck. Congratulations !! on the baby

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My dogs stayed with their normal sleeping arrangements when baby’s came. We introduced the baby’s things as we got them set up and when we brought my babies (3, 3 years apart) home they were perfectly fine. We taught them “gentle, it’s a baby” when they were nosy in the beginning and they were gentle from then in out. If you change up your routine too much with dogs they will get jealous of the baby. You don’t want that. Your adding to your pack, your the alpha, they will fall in line with the baby.

Your dogs have their routine. If you create many changes it not only confuses them but increases the chance of hostility towards baby.

Really depends on the dog breed and how mannered they are

Never had a problem with my dog

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Watch and see for awhile how the dogs respond to a new member of the e family. Most likely they will be very protective over the baby once they realize it’s there to stay. But maybe have them sleep outside your door until you are comfortable with them around your precious baby.

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your choice if your not comfy with it then dont do it …the dogs will be fine in a diff. room

Let the dogs stay! They will love and protect that baby and then they will
be best friends.


I room shared with both my littles until their first birthdays and always with the dog and we have a pitty. If you know your dogs and trust them with kiddos I would see no issue especially if little is in a bassinet or crib as was the case with ours. The dog was actually pretty mad at us when little moved to her own room.

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We had a copper Siberian Husky she’d slept with her head on my tummy. After baby came she was always by him somehow. When he started crawling she wouldn’t let him leave the living room by grabbing him by his diaper and hauling him back. Never did she try to grab him anywhere else and was always gentle around and with him. Only you know your dogs.

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We have 2 dogs and from the time I knew I was pregnant I would always tell them to watch the baby so they wouldn’t jump on my stomach or anything like that so when we brought the baby home we kept saying the same thing and we’ve had no problems whatsoever and they sleep in the same room as the baby


My dogs have always slept with me and I haven’t had any problems he even sleeps with my toddler now like he’s guarding him.

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Our dogs slept in the room with us. Once our daughter was in her crib one of the dogs would sleep under her crib and would come get us if she made a noise. They were wonderful with her. They watched over her and wouldn’t let her go near the road. They were both German Sheperd mix.

I agree with Rachel. We lived with my in laws when my oldest daughter was born and the dogs were very protective of her.


I have a large dog that stays in the room with my son. He had since he was born. We just always stressed to him to be gentle and they are best friends. Zero issues with them sharing rooms

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I have a GSD who loves babies and children but when my baby came recently, we no longer allowed him in the room because although he is sweet he is also very clumsy and sheds a crazy amount. I just didn’t want to fight the dog hair on the baby or have him jump on me while pregnant or the newborn baby out of excitement. We transitioned him while I was pregnant so it wasn’t so hard on him. My son is 3 months and he loves him of course and is already trying to bring him things to fetch. I wouldn’t worry too much about the transition if that’s what you feel is best. I just suggest doing it gradually. Also I saw a comment that said introduce the dog to the baby so they’ll be more gentle and I would also suggest this if you do separate your dogs from the baby in the beginning. We just told him “look at the baby, be easy. Settle down” as well as letting him smell him and his things. My GSD will be transitioned back into the room when I feel the time is right

GSD are way more in tone with their family and switching routine now could create issues. Instead work with them on being gentle they will understand using the sit n stay command when you have baby. And as for the sleeping routine no need to change it cause changing now could cause behaviors issues. Practice with a fake baby and when they do what you want reward them. Our gsd is our shadow and is anxious when we aren’t in site


I have a Great Dane that knew from the moment I was pregnant until the baby came home! She thinks that is her baby & just wants to be near her. She’s as gentle as can be and we’ve had no issues even when she has slept on the bed. I trust her more than most people. Lol! Baby is now starting to go in her own room and my fur baby has her own bed in the baby’s room.


If your dogs is known to be wonderful around babies, toddlers and children let them stay. My german shepherd mix adores all my kids. When my youngest was born, annabelle wouldn’t leave her side. So sweet.

If your dogs aren’t familiar, then I agree, boundaries need to be set up.

We put the baby down for the dog to sniff, watching CAREFULLY, of course. Once he knew what was wriggling around, making noises things were fine. Friends who tried to keep their pets away kept finding them trying to see, sniff, lick, check out what was going on and THAT was a problem. Dogs are curious, once they know who the new puppy is they can decide how to act.

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No matter what you choose, just don’t let them alone together. Our dogs stayed in our room but never with full access to the babies.

Also send home a baby blanket that was used in the hospital prior to bringing baby home amd put it in swing or someplace baby will be so they know the scent

Don’t change anything. When I was pregnant with our son, our two german shepherds slept on the floor next to our bed or on the couch with our door open. I didnt co sleep but our son slept right next to our bed and the dogs did perfect with him. They were naturally gentle the moment he was born. And loved him even more when he started eating real food and started dropping food from high chairs :joy: shepherds are natural family dogs!


I wouldn’t change anything. Fogs get jealous. If you change their routine they might get mad.

Try current sleeping habits when baby is born. If they don’t work… then make changes.

Our dogs have always been around our kids, they love them and we wouldn’t change a thing :heart:

Don’t change the routine keep it and they will adjust for the baby

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Never ever have dogs sleep with dogs in room.

Yes of course. They are family

Worse that happens is the dog thinks you forgot the baby and brings it to you!

Honestly any other breed of dog and I would kick them out…if you are going to change sleeping plans I would do it waaaaay before baby comes so the dogs dont think it is baby’s fault. They will be great protectors:)


I’m bringing home baby next week:)


If they never cause an ounce of trouble why the need to change things?!
As long as they are not treated any differently when baby arrives they will accept the baby & protect it forever & will have an incredible bond.


We also have 2 GSDs who sleep in our room with us and sometimes even on our bed. We never changed a thing when we had both our girls. We never let our babies sleep in bed with us though, they were always in a bassinet until they moved into their cribs. I think if you make them sleep in a completely different room from what they’re used to that’s going to be the thing to cause a problem. Our daughters are 3 and 1 now and they all love each other.

No your dogs will accept the new surroundings as long as you make no special adjustments and you don’t need to be quiet just because babies sleeping live as you always have just when the baby starts crawling around remember babies get into everything dog food water bowl cereal have baby locks on cabinets and in light sockets god bless and have fun with your new baby!

Dogs are your kids to. They will get very jealous if they are treated differently. You want them to pertect the baby. They will be the babies best friend you watch

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We had two dogs before the kids. We didn’t change a thing. Dogs loved the kids. We all and the dogs slept in the same bed. Our bed lol

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I suffer from anxiety, my baby was born in January, our dog is loving, calm and sweet. We have been introducing him slowly to the baby for the sake of my anxiety. We had new sleeping arrangements and he adapted very well, he got a big comfy bed. I still don’t feel completely comfortable letting my guard down and all those reports of friendly family pets just mauling babies doesn’t help and not only that, my dog is a 75lbs Australian Shepard, one of his happy paws is as big as the baby’s face . It’s a lot of changes, and I just didn’t want my dog to be something else I wanted to worry about. New sleeping arrangements definitely worked for me and our dog is happy in his new bed. Do whatever gives you peace and less anxiety and when baby is born slowly go back to the way it was.

When I had my first baby, I had the same concern about the dog. But I’m so glad we decided to let her continue as normal. My son stopped breathing one night and had the dog not alerted me the outcome may have been completely different. She woke me up and they were able to save my son. Without her I would have continued to sleep while my son most likely would have passed away that night.

As much as you may think you know your dogs, they can change in a second. I’ve personally watched a dog who was scared to even squeak his toys because he thought he was hurting them turn and try to maul a dog who was no threat.

Your dogs will already be going through a HUGE change welcoming a baby into the home, something like that CAN cause anxiety in dogs and anymore changes can just heighten the anxiety.
The safest place for a baby to sleep is in their own crib on their backs with no pillows, blankets or crib bumpers.
If your baby sleeps in its own crib at night it should be fine to allow the dogs to remain in their current routine.
When baby arrives pay attention for sign of stress and anxiety in your dogs and contact a behaviorist to help you and your dogs. An example of an unsafe situation is the appearance of your dogs attempting to “cover” the baby with a blanket by nuzzling a blanket around them or over them, that is not “cute” bahavior it is a sign your dog isn’t comfortable with the new baby, stressed and is attempting to smother it.

Tbh I think it would be best to have them round the baby as much as possible to get them used to all the different noises and smells that are going to change in the house and they will be growing up together so the more they are used to the little one/s the better and if there is any problems with the dogs over stepping then talk about it then , but I would defo consider having them around as much as possible as this is going to be a big change for them also , only thing I would say is never leave them in a room with a baby/child on there own as it doesn’t matter how mice u think your dog is they never should be trusted around a baby/child who wouldn’t be able to defend themselves if something where to happen

I’ve had numerous dogs and never had an issue with my kids or anyone else’s. I would not be anxious about it at all, unless the dogs have shown aggression towards small children. Im sure you can read up on how to make the introduction go well.

We had our two German shepherds sleep in our room with our newborn in the beginning. After a few weeks we moved them to the living room to fit crib in room and they were content with that.

Ours sleep in our room. I don’t get why them being in there is an issue

I mean as long as you both are there I don’t see the issue.

Never leave a child unattended with a dog, but I wouldn’t change the rules with your pets if they already are so comfortable being next to you. Your dogs will have to get used to a baby so don’t limit their attention or interaction just because a baby is involved.

Let them stay with you and the baby.

Our dog ALWAYS had to be right next to our baby, from the second she came home. They were completely inseparable for at least 2 years. I don’t regret it for a second. Just take necessary precautions and watch them closely.


If baby will be in a cot beside your bed then it should be fine. I kept our dogs in our room, but had baby sleeping in a cot and never in our bed. When she got to an age where movement in the room disturbed her sleep I moved her into her own room.

My dog protected the baby
When baby is born show your dog’s…they know you are pregnant…
My dog started sleeping across my open bedroom door before I knew for sure I was pregnant…he knew…

If they are no trouble now, no sign of temperamental issues, and are loyal they’ll do great in the room with you all. My rott has been with us every step of the way and she’s a gentle giant with my little.

My dogs slept in the same room when my daughter was born. If they weren’t in the same room, they would pace and whine. My daughter loves the dogs and the dogs love her. Both of my dogs are German Shepard/Rottie

They will be fine. If you kick them out they will be sad and maybe even jealous - not something you want them associating with a new baby.

Please though, as the baby gets older and grows into a toddler and young child, PLEASE teach them how to treat and respect a dog properly. Don’t just expect your dogs to put up with everything, and then be mad when they don’t. Perhaps you already know this, but just in case!


Our dog sleep in my room with my all my 3kids since they came from the hospital just make sure the dogs are well groom you’re baby will fine

My dogs slept in our room. But my kids always had their own room.
It’s a good idea to have them around the baby, supervised. If them being in the room bothers you at night, start training them NOW with a new place bc they won’t understand & it may cause anxiety if you just start when the baby shows up. ESP if they’re protective.
You can play videos of babies crying & all. Get them used to the sounds now. Start having the baby stuff around & rolling the stroller (even walking with it & them for practice), the swing/bouncer, etc. The sooner you get them used to as much as you can, the easier and safer it will be.
As a pet owner & parent, you’re still responsible for training. Starting now will ease your anxiety.
Also, if there’s any trainers around, I advise calling them for more guidance for a smooth transition.

I have two GSD, I had them almost a year before our first child. Now the GSD are 6 years old and we have three kids. They are so protective of my children. They are great dogs and will understand when your baby is brought home. We tried the “new rules” but it absolutely didn’t work. They just slept right outside our bedroom door and it broke my heart. They guard our room right below the bed. They are happy to be involved

Wow These comments :joy: There dogs not people, they naturally know how to live outside lol

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Our dog has always slept in our room, even with both kids in the bassinet. It’s everyone’s preference but I wouldn’t have kicked her out because we had a baby in there.

I would cross that bridge when it is time. Wait to see the dogs reactions when you bring the baby home. Most of the time they will be very protective. If not out of the room they go. People forget they are the dog you are the master and the baby comes first. Even though you like them they are dogs not your kid

Both of my dogs sleep in bed with me. Even when my son was tiny his bassinet was by the bed and the dogs were in bed. That being said… my husky and my 18 month old are inseparable now. So instead of sleeping in bed with me now, he sleeps by his crib.

I mean. If ur concerned and it causes u more stress, then have the doggies sleep somewhere else for awhile. My cattle dog and all 4 cats slept in my bed, but my son was in a bassinet next to the bed. I wasn’t concerned about the dog at all, I was concerned that a cat would climb in with him and crush him tho :woman_shrugging:

Had dogs in the room with two of my kids as babies. They always sleept on the floor. Never had a problem and if anything added a whole new/diff level of protective instinct. I would have felt bad for a person breaking into our home then/now too. The boys were/are so protective over our babies they would’ve ripped out the poor fools throat who thought to sneak into our house at night.
Your dogs are your first warning , will hear/ smell someone in the house before you even know someones there, and first line of defense against home invaders. Let them do their job.
Just sayin

I think it’s ok , our son and his wife have a SHIH TZU!
He was 3 when the baby came into his world :relaxed::dog:! They always continued to let ( Louie ) in the Bed , it was a process even still ( baby ) is now 27 months!! They had to gets professional advice from a Dog :dog: trainer ! They use melatonin and a anti anxiety medicine, but it has all worked out , now Louie love ( AJ ) and they share toys !!
They all get in the Bed :sleeping_bed:!!! I would say yes , but you have to give your dog 100% Love :heart:
Every day!! It’s not there fault you had a baby :heart:!! :+1::+1:

I’m pregnant with twins right now and I have no intentions of kicking my dogs out when they come. It’s already going to be a huge change for them, why make it harder on them if they are already so good?