Should toddlers have watered down juice?

I took my son to his 15 month check up today… the doctor found out I gave him watered down juice and freaked out on me and told me at his age he should only have water and milk… am I a bad mom for letting him have apple juice?


Not a bad mom but I personally find it young. But I woukdnt judge another mom for it either. Not my beeswax

The dr shouldn’t freak out but tbh they don’t need juice. We use juice as a treat. Like if we go out and he’s offered a juice that’s fine but we give him milk and water mainly


Not a bad mom. I gave all 3 of mine juice. And IMO if it wasn’t ok why would WIC start giving you vouchers for juice at 12 months old?

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Both of my kids were drinking juice at like 11 months. Their doctor was fine with it. Nothing wrong with it at 15 months as long as he isn’t allergic to it.


You’re not a bad mom at all, just doing what you think is best. I personally never gave my kids juice or milk. Too much sugar. Spikes their insulin every time they drink it. Poor little kids. To each their own, it’s really not necessary for them. Not to mention the cavity factor.

I always added water to the juice never an issue. 3 kids still add water to their juice.
Wic gives juice by the time their a year old…


I gave my daughter watered down juice and her dad would always give regular juice starting at like 20 months. She’s 14 now and has never had a cavity. I just made sure to brush her teeth or and brush her tongue after she drank it.

I’m dealing with a cavity now and only gave watered juice a few times and I’m regretting it so much

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No, you are not a bad mom for it. Just don’t make it the main thing they get. Milk and Water are most important, Juice is a treat.


My daughter is 18 months and we do apple juice for constipation, per her pediatrician🤷‍♀️

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My dr always said half and half


Baby will be ok with watered down juice

It’s more of the sugar content on the juice then anything my doctor don’t like it either due to that so it’s a treat if we get a bottle.

My daughter loves unsweetened tea and we do mio in water once a day for “juice” as she’s very much. Water / milk girl

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This is when you find a pediatrician that is on your level. No you’re not a bad mom. However, I didn’t give my kids juice bc its full of sugar (watered down or not) and pretty much no nutritional value. If you read up on the amount of sugar a person is supposed to have vs how much you’re consuming you’d be very surprised. Milk is even loaded with sugar! It just starts a sugar addiction and in turn can cause a ton of other issues that present in different ways. I’m no nutritionist but when my 3rd kid was diagnosed with ADHD and a bunch of other lables at 4 I started looking into the foods I was feeding him and what may be causing some of his issues. I modified his diet and believe it or not sugar had a huge impact on it.

Definitely not a bad mum :blush: but there’s not really any need to give juice on a regular basis every now and then sure but just water is fine.

In moderation it’s fine. Watering it down is perfectly acceptable, but keep daily juice intake low. Make sure to brush gums/teeth daily and all should be fine. Both my boys had watered down juice before 1 (my current toddler only had 3-4 oz at max daily until he was closer to 2, though)

What?!?! I was told by w.i.c to start giving juice before a year.

I always did half and half… and clearly my mom did too cause I am 100 years old still drinking half and half. There is nothing wrong with giving them juice but if you start sweet… they will want sweet. Once they start it is harder for than to go back to less sweet.

Lol my kids had there first sips of juice before age 1

Nothing wrong if it’s actual fruit juice and it’s watered down (as opposed to squash or cordial or syrup). It really helps them not get constipated. Let him put his energies to the parents giving their kids cola at nine months instead :joy:. I would say it’s best drunk in a regular and not sippy cup though.

No. My kids loved juice when they were about 14 months old. I gave them mainly water with a hint of juice.

You are not a bad mom. All of my kids were given juice. They are all extremely healthy, smart humans, now ages 22, 20, 18, 14, and 5.

We do sugar free flavor for our kids’ water. Works wonderfully!

No lol probably one of those no sugar dr. The kid will be fine.

Sounds like you need a different doctor for your child.


I mean all things in moderation. I’d be most concerned about sugar and teeth. So if you brush them it should be fine. They don’t “need” juice but over half the shit we give our kids they don’t need lol.

All doctors are different… depending how much sugar is in it you gotta decide what’s best…

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Milk is pretty high in sugar too… so by that logic, only water should be given.


They don’t need juice; there is literally nothing in it that’s good for them. It’s full of sugar and their little systems aren’t built to process it. Develop good habits now for better results later. You aren’t a bad mom at all. We are all learning how to parent our kids and it’s not like they come with a book- (I am thinking if they did no one would have them) but really when it comes to the whole juice thing, ask yourself why they need a cup of sugared water when you can just give them water to develop better hydration habits when they are older.


“Doctors recommend only water and milk as juice has a bunch of unnecessary sugars that kids just don’t need” that’s what I was told, but also I got family and friends questioning why I don’t give my 3 year old soda. :sob::rofl:


My daughter’s doctor says it’s a good thing that my daughter doesn’t like juice. High in sugar, stick with fresh fruits instead.


I’ve been told by the dentist that Apple juice is terrible for their teeth - too much sugar

Not a bad mom, us moms learn as we go. however i personally rarely give my child watered down juice and she is almost 3 i see it as a special treat. No candy either unless a special occasion occurs. I find it unnecessary for children to drink or eat sweets at such a young age. When their are so many unhealthy additives, color dyes, tons of sugar and highfructosecornsyrup. Instead my daughter gets real fruit for any type of “juice”:slightly_smiling_face:. oranges, apples, & grapes are her fave! 🫶🏼

Watered down juice is fine my kids had watered down juice till later years. But they didn’t have juice all day either mostly milk and water. There older now .

Not at all a bad mom, most drs will tell you to give them juice for constipation, my youngest is 18 months, & oldest is 3 yrs, they both get watered down juice every so often. It’s like alittle treat. But their main source of drink is water and they r fine with that thankfully.