Should we take family photos without my bonus daughter?p

“Should we go ahead with family photos without my bonus daughter?” My bonus daughter doesn’t care for me. It’s so unfortunate. I will continue to try for as long as I’m alive. She visits every other weekend but refuses to speak to me. When she was younger, it was all fine then she stopped coming around for a few years, and started again just within the last few months. I’ve been with her dad since she was 3 yrs old & she’s 10 now. I held off on family photos the last 3 years because she refuses to be in them with us. I have an older daughter from a previous relationship, 9 yrs old and now two sons with my husband, age 3 and 1. I didn’t get maternity pics done with either of my sons because she didn’t want to be in them but I want a picture of all of us now. She is still refusing, should We go ahead and take them or wait until she is ready?