Should you get pregnant right after having a baby?

Enjoy this one first! Mine were 5 years apart. They still argued and the older one was bossy but they are still very close as adults with their own kids! That’s my opinion. :grin:

My first and second are 15 months apart, my second and third are 16 days shy 3 years apart, third and fourth are almost 3 years apart, and fourth and fifth are 2 year apart. Honestly with me, I preferred the 15 month difference. They are so close now it’s amazing. And with the 3 year difference, they got used to being the “baby” for so long and my third child wasn’t happy with his sisters coming haha

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4 years was to many 2wasnt enough in my opinion

I’m going to wait 3 years before I have another, but i did feel myself wanting another already early on…

Be kind to your body. If it happens it happens. But it is SO SO HARD on your body to have pregnancies so close together. I didn’t plan mine and I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with a 9 & 1/2 month old and it’s HARD. I physically had a hard time carrying her at this point and my current pregnancy has been severely complicated which makes taking care of an infant extra difficult anyway

I waited 10mnts before trying again, i fell pregnant 5mnts after my son will be 2 a week after due date and believe me i am thinking how will i cope with 2 with that age gap :thinking::joy: Enjoy your time with your 1st as they grow so quick also give your body time to heal :blush:

Mine are only 16 months apart not easy. But it’s a personal choice, there are many people like to have kids close together, others want one out of diapers before having more. Having them really close is hard for the first 4 to 5 years. Gets better as they get older

7 years apart for mine. Wanted to have about 2 years between, but had trouble conceiving the 2nd after being on birth control. If you & hubs feel ready for another, go for it.