Side effects of a tubal?

So I’m getting a tubal next week. What should I expect as far as the procedure goes, the recovery, etc. I’m super nervous because I’ve never had a surgery before and I’ve never been put to sleep :sob:


I used to be a labor and delivery nurse. The procedure is very quick about 20 to 25 minutes. Recovery is pretty easy. Incision is usually less than an inch. It will be over and done with before you know it.

I’m trying to reverse mine they say theres no side effects they lie!!


My shoulders hurt after due to the gas they give you to enlarge stomach for the surgery.

I did mine. I was up the same day like nothing happend. My friend hurt and was vomiting from pain. It is always different for everyone. Aa far aa going to sleep. They make a med that helps with anxity. Ive had 70 plus surgeries and still need it tp be put to sleep. You’ll be great. Just let it heal in its time… periods did get worse for me. I actully just had my uterus taken out from my tubes trying to heal themselves. Made matters worse. Good luck

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I was scared to but it’s normal to be it ended up being me over reacting lol you’re awake and you don’t even realize when you pass out. (Just talking about being put under in general haven’t had a tubal)

I did not have any problems at all had same day surgery done was up and about, don’t do any heavy lifting or vacuuming or anything like that listen to the doctor. Don’t get scared or bombed by some of these comments because everyone reacts differently. Best wishes to you

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I had mine done when I had my csection so recovery, I can’t give a whole lot of opinion on but I wish I wouldn’t have done it. I ended up having a partial hysterectomy because of severe pain, abnormal heavy periods and my tubes being infected.

I was put to sleep and they went thru the top of my belly button and did mine. In and out the hospital in a matter of hours. No down time. Didn’t hurt me at all.

Anyone have a tubal during csection? Is it any different? Ive had 2 csections before this time around heard it will be better to get a tubal done at the same time?

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You will have a small slot because they do lazer now.You may a small amount of gas pain as they so fill your abdomen with gas so as not to puncture any other oegans.Ots very safe and the recovery is about 24 hours

Had mine done last October. They did it on a Thursday and I was back to work Monday. I couldn’t even take pain meds because I had an allergic reaction to them. One tiny incision on the bottom of my belly button. You can’t even really see it now that it’s healed.

The gas is the WORST part of any surgery in the abdomen area… WALK and get it out or you’ll be miserable

Mine was done with a local
In 1963.