Side effects of a tubal?

I plan on having my tubes removed after I have my daughter in August, I don’t want a ligation, I want them completely removed so there’s no chance of becoming pregnant again… Has anyone ever had their tubes removed? What r the side effects, recovery, etc.?


I did . I had a c section then they removed my tubes . Pain and sesitivity for about 3-4 weeks for me

Its still called a tubal litigation but i did in january!!! Proooobably the best thing i ever did. As long as you heal pretty normal it shouldnt be too bad, laprascopic so minor scarring but periods and cramps may or may not get super heavy. Totally worth it still :joy::sweat_smile::joy::sweat_smile: good luck to you whatever you decide mama!!!

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I got mine out and ended up bleeding for 20 days in a month now getting a hysterectomy but leaving my overies in

I had mine removed in Oct 2017 and my periods have been hell ever since. Super heavy and painful plus they last much longer than they used too.

Mine are out. Periods ate horrendous and I’m an emotional wreck

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Had mine removed in march. Best thing ever.

Around that time since. Like horrible

I had mine removed 2yrs ago. Shoulder pain from the gas & bloating, constipated until I took meds for that. Give yourself a full week to heal. I tried a few days & was waay wrong.

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Just remember messing with your reproductive system doesn’t come with issue. . It not easy for everyone.

Thanks for ur input mamas… this is my post, I’m hoping they will do the procedure while I’m already in the hospital having her, doc said as long as the hospital isn’t busy they should be able to to fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Make the daddy get a vasectomy!

I got a hysterectomy it’s great !!!

Just get them tied and burned you’ll never get pregnant then

Thanks for posting, I’m getting mine removed when I deliver (anytime now), I was wondering the same.

I went home doing the norm … had them removed 6 weeks after her birth and best decision no discomfort no pain

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Im scared to do it so my husband decided that one month before our baby is born on september hes getting a vasectomy.


I had mine removed when my daughter was 4 months old (4th) had no issues what so ever just had to keep the incision points clean and not lift. Recovery was about a week. Periods have changed but for the better mostly. Not as heavy and last 4 days topa


It will put you into early menopause. Premature thinking of the skin, loss ofcsubcutaniuous tissue ( premature wrinkling), early onset heart disease, sexual dysfunction— including premature thinning of the vaginal wall and vaginal dryness, early onset bone demineralization, early morbidity, loss of hair pigmentations ; basically you are catapulting your body into old age. Enjoy.


Had mine removed with my c section. 6 weeks ago. Didn’t have pain from it.

If your married your a lot better off having your husband get a vasectomy. Safer. Cheaper. Can be undone.


I understand side effects and everything will vary from person to person, I’m just trying to weigh out my pros and cons and other options

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Im getting mine taken out when I have my c section this month. Dr said it reduces chances of cancer.

Tubal lligation will stop pregnancy. I had mine cut and burned. No babies for me in 19 years. You can be up and around the same time baby is released from the hospital


I got my tubes removed when I had my c section in april. My recovery was smooth and super easy. I am having my first period and so far no cramping and its mild. I cant complain. I had a great OB !

Mine were removed 2 years ago during my last csection. My doctor never discussed the side effects listed above. You still have your ovaries, just no fallopian tubes to allow fertilization of an egg. My periods haven’t changed and I’m doing fine. It was kind of a rough recovery for me but mostly because my son was enormous and it took a lot of pushing and fundal pressure to get him out!

I had mine removed due to having endometriosis, and I think I was down maybe 4 days. Not bad at all. It was pretty easy! I’ve had 3 c sections so nothing compares to that pain.

I’m 26. Got mine cut tied and burned when I turned 21. (Just have one child) The recovery is super painful. But I healed just fine. Only thing for me is my periods are crazy sometimes. Bleed a lot one month then barely at all the next. But all around everything went okay. That was 5 years ago for me

I had mine removed 3mns ago and it was way easier then I thought

My first c section was horrible
My second when they removed my tubes I heard super fast and my pain was manageable I left the hospital a day early and had no physical pain

I stopped bleeding before I left the hospital I was walking all over with no horrible pain
My period has been very weird it’s been timely but the first time I wasn’t even sure if I had one the second I bleed through everything after a half hr was slightly concerned
I’m still a week out of my next

I honestly am not sure what is c section and what was removal but it was way easier the second time
I was down for a month healed super slow had to get more meds and antibiotics because of an infection

Why is someone laughing at this? So weird. Why would you laugh?

I had some of my tubes removed and burned at the tips 1.5 yrs ago very painful recovery but i love the decision i made.

My periods are very intense but only for 2-3 dayd verus 5 days like i did prior to having it down

My ex sister in law had her tubes cut and burned and there was a tear in her tubes a few years later and she became pregnant with her 4th child!

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I had a tubal with a C section. All went well

Mine are out and no side effects

I had them removed. Recovery was easy peasy. No side effects.

Best decision as far as birth control

I had a c-section, then went back 6 weeks later to have my tubes removed. I recovered well in a couple of weeks. I had to wear a pad for awhile, but the bleeding wasn’t heavy, it was like a light period. More annoying than anything else. Lol. No side effects.