Side effects of getting a tubal?

Questions for women who got there tubes tied ???
Is it normal to feel discomfort here or there kinda pains ? Sharps cramps and tighting. Also feel like I’m gaining weight more then I ever had !? Also is it possible to get them undone. I should of did my research more on tubes tied never thought I would be pain.


If it is less than 3m since procedure, could* be normal. When in doubt reach out to your OB :yellow_heart:

Its not suppose to, but its very common. Weight gain is one of the main side effects. You can get a reversal, but its all out of pockect insurance wont pay for it. Where im at it averages $10,000 not including hospital fees.

I would call your OB. I had mine done and my ob said if there’s any pain or discomfort to call her. I would ask her about the weight gain, too.

It is possible to be undone, depending on the type of “tie” you have and how long ago it was done. Another question your OB can answer.

Honestly, any medical question is best answered by a medical professional rather than people on the internet. Nothing wrong with asking advice or looking for support online, just always check with a doctor in person before making any medical decisions please :blush::blush:

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yes u can get them undone but it is costly make sure to do all the research and get the free consultation to see if u r even a qualified candidate. i had mine done 18 months ago i no longer feel the pain but for the first 6 months its ur muscles adjusting is what my ob said.

Had mine done 18 years ago. Never had any trouble first few weeks had some cramping but that was normal. Mine was cut then burned and folded with silicone bands So I doubt they do a reversal on that did you watch the film on how they done them before you agreed?

Since I had mine done (cut, tied, and burned because we weren’t taking any chances), I notice around mid cycle I get some cramps and aches. Nothing major, more annoying. Depending on the severity, it’s worth a call to your Dr and maybe an ultrasound to see if anything is going on.

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Holistic approach:

Who the hecka gets there tubes tied without knowing all the facts? Now you want the procedure reversed?? Crazy