Side effects of getting tubes tied?

I got my tubes tied back in May last year and my last period was in July. Also had unprotected sex. Been so bloated since January… I’m seeing my doctor in few days and yes I waited this long to see the doctor my mistake. Curious was getting your tubes tied does it stops your cycle, does it make you bloated and does it feel painful I mean cramping or off on pains. Does it stop you from getting pregnant again. Did I make mistake getting it done…I read a lot on Google already I just wanna hear from rea women and their experience with tubes getting tied.


Mine were cut, tied and burned 9 1/2 years ago and never stopped my period or made me feel bloated. If you only had them tied then there is a chance they have come untied

Following. I have similar issues with this but I had it done recently in January.

My daughter had hers clapped and later had problems because clamps moved and caused scar tissue. She ended up having to having to have all but ovaries removed

I got mine tied burned and whatever eles they done and so far I ain’t got pregnant. It’s been 18 yrs since mine was tied

Lèha Tasker you could probably help with this one, when you have time

My mother in laws tubes where cut tied and burned when she got pregnant with my husband

Had mine done during a csection in 12/2014…my periods got heavier and almost like clock work. I’ve missed a month here and there, but I went from 4 day periods to 5-7 day periods and heavy days I have to wear a super plus tampon and a pad now…

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My cousin had hers tied and ended up pregnant about 7 or 8 years after the procedure. It’s not a 100% guarantee.

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If you just got them tied, yes you can still get pregnant because they can come untied.

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This is why im getting my whole tube just taken out. All my friends that got thier tubes tied have had similar problems.

Mine were cut tied and burned. I’ve never missed a period. I was just going to have mine tied, but my doctor told me they can come undone or he’s had many ladies experience tubal pregnancies. So if yours are just tied, there’s a chance they came undone and you may be pregnant. Definitely talk to your doctor.

I had mine tied and cut in 2003 immediately after a c-section. I did not notice any difference in my flow or getting bloated.

I’m so glad my husband was snipped but also I went into early menopause. I feel for you all that have complications.

Mine were done December 2014, if anything it actually helped regulate my periods (which have been wonky my whole life)

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I had mine cut, tied, and burned. No issues, have monthly cycles, and it’s been two years.

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Mine was cut , tied and burned 13 yrs ago. It never stopped my period. Its only guaranteed for 7 yrs i believe. Ive known people who have had babies yrs after and done it again and got pregnant again.


I had mine tied in oct of 16. Had periods like clock work until may of 18. Found out I was pregnant. Ended up losing the baby so I opted for a dnc and had my tubes completely removed. It’s not a 100% you should of signed paper work that explained that. I was just that 1 in 1000

Mine were clamped. I was 21 with three kids. Had I had my third when I was 20 (which almost happened when my water broke 8 weeks early) he would not have done it. My youngest is now 8 1/2. I don’t use protection or BC. But I have endometriosis which feeds on scar tissue. It’s not only highly unlikely I will get pregnant, but also highly unlikely I would ever be able to get it reversed if I wanted to in the future.

I regret it I got mine tied Aug 2017 periods are irregular and when I do get them they are so painful I have been pregnant twice 2 miscarriages. Have had trouble losing weight and my sex drive is nil

I got my tubes taken out after delivery of my last havent had a period besides postpartum bleeding and I’m always crampy and bloated

I had the clamps done August of 2014 and havent had any issues so far. I was told that if I go prolonged periods of time without having sex, that when i do it highers the chances of getting pregnant. I havent had any since may of 2015. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

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I’ve got mine tied and the only difference I’ve noticed in my cycle is that it’s more painful. The cramps are brutal now but the flow and length is the same and they come every month still. I’ve heard your chances of getting pregnant go up after 5 years or so…

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I got mine cut tied and burnt in april 2003 and so far no pregnancies . but if you only get them tied then you have a big chance of getting pregnant but hopefully its just you might have started going through menopause and nothing serious

Most woman are complaining about it. My dr was telling me to go for it once i give birth next month. Due to what ive read from dear morhers. I denied. I better go for injection.

Mine were cut,tied and burned almost 11 years ago. No issues at all. Regular periods.

It does not stop your cycle in my experience though i have been alot more bloated and periods got alot more painful afterwards

Didn’t exp any of that because rid tubes being tied seems like u have so strong else going on I would see a doctor ASAP. I had mine done t years ago no issues

No it doesn’t stop your cycle and yes you can get pregnant again

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Why did you think you were having this surgery done? Didn’t the surgeon explain and get consent? It is supposed to stop you getting pregnant…with a small chance of failure.

I had mine tied/clamped in the summer of 2014. I would have bad cramps and one month a year I would skip a period. I AM NOW 23 WEEKS PREGNANT WITH A VERY HEALTHY BABY!!!

Definitely didn’t stop mine! Heavier, crampier, regular though.
Been 16 mo. now.

I got mine tied 8 years ago (34 yrs old) and it did not affect my cycle at all. I knew without a doubt I was finished having kids so it was absolutely the best choice I ever made.

I had mine completely removed in November and my periods just got regular last month . Some cramps but otherwise normal cycle. If you really don’t want to get pregnant again get them completely out.

I had a tubal in 1998…no issues except periods can be horrible with cramps and over the years sometimes they are real heavy.

I had my tubes removed and I still get a monthly period. Nothing has changed for my cycle at all.