Side effects of having low vitamin D?

I’m 16 weeks pregnant and am taking a vitamin D supplement because mine was a little low. I told my mom I have been feeling depressed and anxious . She said the supplement would make me feel better. But I still feel the same. I don’t want to socialize. Anyone else felt this way? Has anyone gone on medication for it? This is my first pregnancy so I’m a newbie. I have happy moments and then they turn sad. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Supplements don’t help meds don’t help I’m a mom of 3 and was depressed w my last 2 pregnancies and even the post partum nothing helps w it either. You just have to will your self even if you can’t stand doing it

You should speak to you doctor. It is something that meds could possibly help or even supplements, but because you are pregnant you should check with your doctor first.

Hormones fluctuate it’s hard your happy one minute low the next. After you have baby still feeling low get help… Congratulations on baby!! But if you’re really concerned tell your Dr.

I had to journal, music and use stuff that woukd make me happy. The journal I woukd use to document what I did to see if I was able to pin point something that may have caused it. Whether it was food or certain time of day etc. Also I ue it to write in for thoughts etc.
I am not a dr I do have depression and that was just how I helped since I don’t take meds and what not ESPECIALLY during my pregnancy. Hope you feel better hun.

Its unclear by post if you typically have these symptoms or its pregnancy related. If you’re ordinarily “normal” as in terms of mental health- your feelings make sense given your life circumstances and pass in healthy fashion I’d suggest not taking any drugs. This is coming from someone who takes a mood stabilizer, when not pregnant, and i wouldn’t advise starting one pregnant. Unless suicidal or in danger of harming yourself I suggest natural remedies-vitamins approved by doctor, exercise, healthy diet, talk therapy, connecting with new mom’s/maybe moms with similar struggles

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Depending on how low your vit d levels were it could take a few weeks to a month before you start to remotely feel a difference… if it’s been that long or longer since you’ve taken them then it’s probably just the hormones. Mine are all over the place and my moods swing I’m super irritable and get annoyed easy :sweat_smile: good luck!

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Vitamin D should make you feel better, but it takes time. Also remember your hormones are in wack rn.

Sunrise light is the best to saturate in. Bare foot grounding helps too! Take a daily multivitamin, along with herbal supplements. Healing stones, and pink himalayan salt lamps. Prayer above all.

That’s normal, ur boby is going thru a change, u will get use to it soon. Every pregnancy is different.

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Start vit B supplements too.

Try a healthy sleeping schedule I found that waking up early and taking a small nap during the day and sleeping at the same time every night really helps in maintaining your mood when your pregnant it worked great for me but you might to speak to your doctor if you feel a danger to your self or your baby

I have had to take medication during my pregnancies and trust me it helps you but not your baby! Try talking to your doctor about this, could just be hormones or something stressing you out.

Medication should be a very last resort, rake it from someone who knows.


As someone who has been the same way, I found that the Super B Complex was the answer. It gave me energy, made me want to be social with others, kept me going throughout the day, and was far less depressed than before.

Check your iron levels too, and consider counseling. I was EXTREMELY depressed for my first and second trimester

I actually have bipolar depression and am currently pregnant. I am going to finally see my obgyn for the first time next week and will be bringing up the possibility of going back into my medicine. Medicine isn’t bad. It’s not a happy pill like people say. It’s supposed to help make you feel more you and not depressed and sad. There are medications that are safe to take while pregnant. I would definitely speak to your doctor about it and let them know how you’re feeling and any thoughts you’ve had. :purple_heart: big hugs and love your way :purple_heart::purple_heart::heart_eyes:

Hormones are all out of wack when you are pregnant.

Sounds like manic/depressive episodes. Which can be part of depression or other diagnosis. Mine is bipolar 1. I take Seroquel, took during both pregnancies as I had been diagnosed as a teen and had already been on this medication for 12 years and doctors said the benefits out weighted the risks (for me.) I would contact your obgyn and make an appt to discuss the possibility of depression and/or manic/depressive episodes and they can helps you to determine what the right course of action would be and what medications would be safe for you and the baby

Girl, depression is real. If your feeling it this early definatly talk to your doctor bc your only putting yourself at risk. As your pregnancy lengthens, the worse it may be for you. Also postpartum depression is a serious thing. Talk to your doctor, don’t accept that this is normal and okay because that’s what doctors are the for, to listen and help

When I was low on Vitamin D the doctor also checked the B12 because she said if I was low on the D vitamins that most likely I was also low on the B12. Sure enough I was. I was put on supplements. I also felt exactly they way you are describing it. I was also sensitive to anyone who would touch me on my arms. It would just hurt. I started also going out a lot outside although I didn’t felt like going out but it helped increase my levels along with the supplements.

I have a vitamin D deficiency and it can definitely cause low moods and energy levels. I would recommend talking to your de about the extra vitamin D supplements because mine specifically asked me to stop taking it while I’m pregnant. They wanted me to only use my prenatal. But my best recommendation would be to go for a walk and get some sunshine and scenery. It’s proven to help fight against depression and it’s always great to get some exercise. Try walking when the sun is starting to set so it’s not so hot and drink lots of water. Dehydration is very dangerous during pregnancy.

You are going through alot of hormone changes and it’s normal to have ups and downs, I sure did. Now remember to talk to your doctor about what supplements are okay to take because not all are safe especially if you’re taking a prenatal. Get some sun, go on walks or exercise if you can, drink lots of water; these are things that can help with your mood and even you out. And if you need to go talk to someone please do so!!

Rather than speaking to your mother about it, try speaking to your doctor about it. More than likely it’s just hormones.