Side effects of the IUD?

How long did the bleeding last? Yes, I know everyone’s body is different, but I would still like to know… I’ve googled everything I could about it, even been to my Dr office… And they don’t seem like it’s a big deal… It hasn’t stopped. It’s gotten worse. And I’m honestly sick of it… I’ve tried countless times to get a hold of them again, but nothing works…


I got the Mirena and bleed for about 3 months on and off. Very heavy at times. It was a pain and I hated it and questioned what I did. But honestly it has been the best thing I did for myself. I no longer get a period and am on my 3rd one!! I love it and plan on continuing it. The beginning was awful but so worth it for me. I hope things get better for you!


The Mirena or Para guard? When you start bleeding, take ibuprofen go get the uterine muscles to relax.

I spotted for 6 weeks straight, then randomly off and on for the first 6 months. It was honestly not fun but after that it did get easier.

I had the mirena, bled super heavy for 2 weeks but havent had a period since

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I bled for six months when I got mirena

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LITERALLY ME! I got mine about 2 months ago and it’s been a constant annoyance and all they seem to say about it is it can happen for 6 months…. Lol bull if you ask me

I got mine in the day after I had my 3rd and bleed for 3 months straight it was horrendous but now it’s great not bleed since xxx

I got my mirena IUD a few years ago still have it in I bleed straight for 4 months then normal monthly for 6 months then nothing no bleeding it’s great.

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I got the mirena IUD aswell. But I got my period the usual time I did last month. This is my 2nd period postpartum and I’m almost 4 months postpartum. I got the IUD and then it feel out my period starts 2 days later same time as the month before. Usually my body automatically stops when I get birth control,but this time it didn’t. I bled for a week and half and it was bad,through pads and tampons,never bled like that before. Well I barely had a period when I got my IUD put back in,but the process of it made my period start back up. I’ve bene on my period for a total of 19dayd now and hasn’t stopped. I’ve never been on a period this long before. So I’m not sure if it’s the IUD or, me being postpartum, or my thyroids,or just the general issues i have with my system.

Never bled. But my friend bled for 6 months

I had a normal cycle, but my friend bled for six straight months. Heavy duty maxi pad style.

I bled for 6 MONTHS STRAIGHT with a Skyla IUD😭

When I got it I was fine. When I took it off I bled for 2 or 3 months.

I have morena for 5 years now. I bled/ spotted weirdly for a couple months, then it just slowly got less and less every month till nothing. Haven’t had a period in years. I love it

Depends on the IUD. Like paragaurd makes periods heavier.

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yeah most definitely a bunch of strangers on facebook know medical stuff far more accurately that your doctor or vetted medical sites…