Side effects of the Mirena IUD?

Any mama on here have the Mirena IUD and having issues with it.? I’ve had mine just a little over 2 years.


I don’t have one anymore. But I did for years and loved it.

I’ve had mine for a little over a year and have had no issues :dancer:

I had mine for 5 years, no issues.

Had mine since nov works a treat no issue at all

12 years and no issues, I get a new one every 5 years.

I’ve had mine for 2 years now and no issues

I had mine it was fine. My sister had one she cramped it rejected fell out and she was pregnant t within 6 months.

I had mine 3 years, my only issue is it sometimes had me thinking I was pregnant. I would have the same signs and symptoms of pregnancy. But I never was!

My friend has one. She’s had extremely bad cramps ever since she got it. Has had it for about a year.

Mine got lost… I had to have surgery. I could feel it moving in me and it hurt! I’ll never recommend it!

My aunt had it after a year she started having bad cramps and found out it had moved and got stuck and she had to have surgery to remove it now she can never have kids again because of it

Constant nauseousness, headaches, fatigue. Had mine for years and as soon as I had it removed I felt so much better

Totally stopped menstruating…

I’m on my 3rd one no issues. Goodluck

I got mine a month after i had my daughter. Id never once had cramps in my life til the mirena. They get so bad sometimes that i cant breathe and just have tears streaming down my face. Ive had it for 3 years now and stopped having a period at all after the first 3 months on it. I still have the major cramps all the time and theyre completely random. I also get the weird pregnancy symptoms which can really freak me out since i dont have periods any more!!! I also have like no sex drive now. And even though i dont have periods, i still get the PMS symptoms and get super cranky randomly for 2 or 3 days and my boobs will hurt and the cramps will hit super bad. Its not even monthly though, sometimes a month between, sometimes several, sometimes a week. Its weird. And the cramps i jist get randomly all the time even without the pms symptoms lol

Had my gallbladder removed yesterday, they found mine floating in my abdomen. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

I had mine 6 years. Weight gain, hair loss, no sex drive, problems removing it and now I’m infertile

Cramps, continuous bleeding, dark brown heavy bleeding.

I had it for three years had horrible cramps never had my period (which I was happy about) and my husband hated it he said he could feel the metal stings and it hurt plus it made sex hurt it fell out on its own at my three year mark

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Bad experience here. I think everyone is different so if you feel it isn’t right see your doctor