Side effects of weight loss surgery?

Has anyone here or know of anyone who have had weight loss surgery with NO complications whatsoever? My mother had it about 7 years ago and has gained back some of it (not a lot) AND she thinks she’s losing her teeth because of it. I did a little research and read that you can lose bone density (osteoporosis). Im in the process of having it and now I’m having second thoughts because of this. I feel so tired all the time to even start exercising and starting to have back pain. I’ve lost weight before but gained back after I had my baby. She’s now 2. Anyways. Has anyone know someone that happened this to ? Losing bone mass or teeth after weight loss surgery? No hateful comments. Please.

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You need to keep your calcium levels up… vitamins and minerals… calcium chews and a multivitamin every single day for life. If u neglect yourself. Things will happen later on

I had it February 2018 without any complications. Well, I did get pregnant 7 months later, but I don’t consider that a complication :joy:

I was going to get it done but after hearing about the complications I skipped it. Ended up going on a 1500 calorie diet and dropped over 100lbs in a year. I have gained some back but once I have my twins I’m going to get back into it. Just know If you do the surgery you are going to have to take vitamins and minerals like crazy otherwise you will lose hair and teeth along with the other issues it brings. If you aren’t a good pill taker I can never remember then I would try and do it naturally

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Change the way you eat. Exercise isnt going to do anything if your still eating poorly. Message me if you want help with what to eat.

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My cousin had it happen…she didnt follow the proper diet and did not take the vitamins…and she damn near died from it…spent months in the hospital…she said worst decision she ever made…and yes she lost all her teeth and nearly part of the jaw too…she was only in her 20s

My Nanny had it done and also had osteoporosis. When I feel like losing weight I do intermittent fasting.

It’s the vomiting from over eating after the surgery that affects the teeth and for the bones you need to take vitamins every day after and make sure you eat right …it’s a tool to help healthy eating if you don’t follow and stuff fatty or soda or choc of course you will get fat again