SIgns of a miscarriage?

So I previously posted how I kept spotting an had on off light bleeding and had found out this past weekend that I am pregnant. Well yesterday I woke up with heavy bleeding and so I went to the ER. They said it looks like this is a miscarriage. They couldn’t see anything in the ultrasound and my hormones levels were only 39. They couldn’t tell me how many weeks along I was. My guess is that I was probably around 3 weeks going on to 4. So they want me to go back tomorrow to make sure my hormones levels r going down :sob:. Not sure what to think cuz I still have bleeding but it is much less like a light flow n I haven’t experienced any cramps either. Now I am heartbroken but okay cuz this would be my third miscarriage. With that given said I am not sure if I want to try again. Please mom’s with similar experience what do you all think? I am just scared how it will affect my health since I am anemic. I do have two beautiful girls a 5yr old and a 8yr but I always wanted to have 4 kids. Thank You


Get this herbal iron

I’ve heard its amazing

I’ve heard of women getting pregnant after taking these too;cl_tp:srp,ui_tp:gst&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjvh6zWzPjiAhVOPq0KHZXtD7YQp-gCKAV6BAgMEBI

You can get a health analysis done too which tests all of your organs, hormones, toxins etc. On a toxicity scale of 1-10. This is mine…they just took a piece of hair. Now I know the biggest target problems.

I’m so sorry for your loss. If you’re anaemic, u should try to take an iron supplement to boost up your blood supply. Who knows, it may help w trying for another one w success along w prenatals. I also suffered a miscarriage w my 2nd pregnancy but didnt fully miscarry. I had to get a DNC done cuz baby didnt exit but heart stopped beating. Was carrying a 9week pregnancy up til past my 11th week b4 finding out it was fetal demise. It is hard but u do have 2 beautiful children to cherish in the mean time. Best wishes to u and again, I am so so sorry.

PM me if you’d like to know more. I believe you can get the test done at swan valley herbs in bigfork mt or you can do It with jolene at bigfork alternative medicine. Its $80. I invested in it and I’m super happy I did because I feel like it saved my life. But, if you feel that you already know the root of your problems it would be unnecessary.

You could probably just send them a hair sample in the mail.

I’d suggest switching your diet around to organic nongmo too.

I am anemic, I had two children and then 3 miscarriages before we got our daughter, then another miscarriage before our youngest boy, and soon after pregnant again with our 2nd daughter. All children healthy. I did have issues with bleeding during every one of my pregnancies… but nothing crazy.

Good luck and sorry for your loss

I have also had 3 miscarriages in a row and am anemic as well. My doctor told me his wife had three miscarriages, then carried on to have a healthy baby afterwards. There’s nothing you can really do except not lose hope. Keep taking prenatals, eat healthy, exercise. Anything you would do while pregnant.

I am anemic. I had my baby, 3 miscarriages and a rainbow baby. Still holding on. Going in for iron infusions next week. Start taking prenatals and talk to your doctor about getting your anemia under control. Have both blood types tested for the RH factor. Talk to an OB about the miscarriages. Do things to reduce stress in your life.

If you havent passed any clots please stay hopeful, if u are only 3 weeks they wont be able to see anything in an ultrasound… its too soon the baby is just a grouping of cells right now…with my 1st born i went to the er for cramping and bleeding they told me i am probably miscarrying due to them not seeing anything in the ultrasound… i was also about 3 weeks. They told me i could get a d&c or see what happens naturally… i waited n my baby boy will b 10 this year

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I bleed so heavy and passed huge clots and didn’t loose my baby. I ended up having placenta previa. If you are suffering a miscarriage I’m so sorry and my heart goes out to you.

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I’m anemic and I had heavy implantation bleeding that mimicked a miscarriage but my hormone level kept rising so my pregnancy continued.

I really dont want to get your Hope’s up hun so just wait and see. I hope it goes the way you want it to.

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I’m literally living this right now. Prayers to u, whatever happens. I’m going to the doctor at 1:40 and I expect to hear the worst. I feel terrible, emotionally. I’m heartbroken and I can’t stop crying. I wish u peace and healing :pray:t2::pray:t2:

Start with iron supplements I’ve had 4 miscarriages and I have 4 healthy living children. Hold hope, that’s why God gives us rainbows :heart::purple_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

I bleed at 5 weeks with my son. Was told I miscarried but before doing a DNC had my levels tested with my doctor the next day then went back exactly 48 hours later to have them tested again to see if they’d go up or down. They went up and I was put on bed rest the whole time. It was my placenta wall that tore and caused the bleeding. He’s almost 12 now. Pretty good for a boy I was told I lost. Good luck you’ll be in my prayers