Signs of a miscarriage?

Hi mamas! So I had my first pregnancy appointment and my doctor is concerned that I may miscarry. We thought I’m supposed to be 9 weeks but the baby is only measuring at 5. She did say that it’s possible that our dates are wrong too. So my questions for you are, I got my blood drawn 48 hours apart and the first one, my hcg levels were at 5002 and the second one, they were at 9240. Is that a healthy rise? Or is it not because I didn’t quite double in 48 hours? I’m really hoping we just got our dates mixed up and I’m actually 5 weeks. This whole situation has my anxiety through the roof so any feedback is greatly appreciated


I was the same way. I thought I was about 9 weeks when I went in and they said I was only about 5. I’m now at 10&1/2 weeks and things are moving along.

Sounds healthy to me but I’m not sure. I’m here for encouragment. I hope everything works out for u.thr dates that u concieved might have been off. We never know when we ovulate

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Don’t freak out just yet. Even if you have an ultrasound now it will be too early to see anything. When you get to 7/8 weeks you should see something. Try not to stress.

Sending love and prayers.

Your numbers went up so that’s a good sign and in the 5 to 6 week range. I had similar experience last year at 9 weeks baby measured at 5 weeks but also had low heartrate. I did lose that baby but they thought that all along bc of heartrate. I think your fine though.

Stress makes pregnancy harder so relax and give it to God


Your levels are going up and I was told by my doctor as long as they rise it should be a healthy pregnancy


I miss missed carried. My level continued to go up but gestation stopped at 7 weeks.

Yes that is a increase not down crease , sometimes the only way to tell is by ultrasound how far along , my friend thought she was 6w and ended up 5 weeks , but 9weeks is a little off by 5weeks , mabe u just didn’t count it correctly bc if u was miscarrie yr leavles would drop not rise

I just want you to know if it does happen just know you are not alone. I had it happen to my first baby…it took a year but now I have my rainbow baby! She’ll be here on Halloween lol. But keep your head up don’t stress and like I said it happens often for many reasons don’t try and beat yourself up about it👏🏻 you got this girl💕

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That’s not a bad increase, most likely you ovulated later than you thought.

If baby has healthy heartbeat and is growing at next appointment ur fine :slight_smile:

I remember the doubling was every 72hrs. My daughter was told the same thing. Welcomed a 5lb. 1oz healthy baby girl full term.

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My middle was a wrong on dates baby (we thought I was 13 weeks but when we couldn’t find the heartbeat, I think it was I was actually 8?) The last ultrasound before I had him said I was supposed to have a small 6 lb baby…he was born at 8 lb 11 oz, 26 inches.

Numbers going up is good.
One thing to know, miscarrying at 9 weeks takes a few weeks to happen.
Miscarrying at 5 weeks is generally called a chemical pregnancy, and comes on like a very heavy period. Remember, they start counting weeks at your last period, so 5 weeks is actually more like 1 actual week of officially being pregnant.

Wishing you luck, try not to be too stressed.

You could’ve just ovulated later than you though. I would’ve been 15 weeks already according to my last period but I’m only 12 weeks.

Just relax n try not to stress the numbers sounds good to me. But it could be wrong that u are around 5 weeks.

I had a 14 day difference in this pregnancy from where I though i be and where I was my first appointment ( first one i was supposed to be 12+ weeks and I was only 9 and baby hadn’t made it ) and im now 32 weeks pregnant with a health baby my cycle is kinda odd so my ob said I could have ovulated late they should do a nother ultrasound in a few weeks to make sure and check for a heart beat

Its just a estimated measure with tools. Dont stress yourself out. Try to see the good- levels did go up. When they use sonograms to see how far along you are its usually not exact.

Realx. They are going up thays a good sign

This same exact situation happened to me. My baby is now 9 months old. Stay calm and wait for your ultrasound. Your levels rising is a good thing!

Get a ultrasound, my numbers didn’t double either and I ended up having a ectopic pregnancy at 13 weeks. It burst and I lost my right tube because of it along with internal bleeding that almost killed me. Don’t take chances or wait it out. Best of luck :heart:

With my current pregnancy, it took around 57 hrs to double. My levels were also only around 900 at 7 weeks. I’m 37 weeks and 3 days right now. It aint over til its over.

Dr said I was due Feb.28,Don was born Mar.28, somebody didn’t count right.

They were like that with my 3rd! I had to take progesterone my entire pregnancy… they just kept a close eye on her the entire time…my baby did have velamentous cord insertion which could have been the cause of all of my issues… I def would not stress!! God has a plan​:purple_heart::purple_heart:

I had that, they werent sure if it was miscarriage or eptopic pregnancy… (@7 weeks along) then when my levels didnt double they ordered more ultrasounds & tests (they saw a sac but didnt see the baby) after going back to the er to get these other tests to make sure we werent miscarrying, we found he was just up very very high. Im currently entering my 30 week mark, and he is now measuring 3-4 weeks ahead.

Your levels are rising so don’t stress. Stress isn’t healthy in pregnancy. Your probably got the dates wrong. We thought I was only 6-7weeks I was actually 12 almost 13weeks. As long as your levels rise you’re okay :blush: you can’t see anything at 5weeks so hopefully they reschedule your dating ultrasound and they can get a bette look at babe