Signs of a ripped c-section incision?

I had a c section almost 6 weeks ago. I started my period last week. Earlier today I sneezed and felt an almost like burning sensation. Could I have ripped my inside incision? It’s not a constant pain but it’s got me worried.


Nope. That’s just the abdominal wall healing and trying to use muscles that are fusing back together

You get all types of weird pains after a csection. The worst I think is when the scar hurts and burns around period time. And sometimes just for no reason.


I agree I’ve had this happen with other surgery incisions I’ve never had a csection it’s just scar tissue stretching and healing…

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I had two… your inside heals before your outside. My outside scar did that once… they had to re-staple it.

I had gallbladder surgery and had that same feeling. It’s fine. They had to cut through a lot of muscle to get in there. When you sneeze you use that muscle again. I was told to try and hold a pillow against my stomach when I coughed and sneezed. Now 11 weeks out the only time I have pain is if my almost 2 year old elbows me super hard in the abdomen and I’m not 100% sure I wouldn’t have the pain anyway.

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I had that for a couple months its healing

I still feel that sting 2 1/2 years later.

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You will feel pain, itchy, and numbness…it will get better…

You just had major surgery so it’ll be a while until you are fully healed. Take it easy.

Ive had 2 c sections last one being almost 2 years ago & i still feel that at times… I just think its stretching it…

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to call your obgyn. I’m sure they have someone on call.

I can’t remember exactly what I was told or if it’s even correct but something about the burning feeling is your nerves healing who knows I could be way off lol…

Five and a half years later, I still feel that burning sensation when I stand quickly or sneeze. It’s normal.

Almost 2 years later I also still have burning sensations now and then, I’m actually pregnant and I’m considering another c section

Always hold your insision when you sneeze cough or laugh I carried a small pillow with me for like a month I’ve had 5 csection and most likely you pulled a small stomach muscle but yes it is possible to RIP your inside stitches but it’s hard to do

What does your doctor say?

Not likely. The burning sensation is actually kinda normal. I’ve had 2 with my first 4.5 years ago and sometimes I still get a burning sensation