SIgns of early labor?

I’ve been showing symptoms of early labor for a couple days, (31 weeks pregnant) and had a cervical swab done in the er. When I had my appointment today the doctor had told me that the results for the fetal fibronectin test came back neither positive nor negative and that she honestly didn’t know if the baby will be happening soon or not. has anybody else experienced this and what can I do to help ease the contractions I’ve been having other than the bed rest order I was put on?

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Bed rest up and chat to midwife. My little one tried to come out when I walking to bathroom at 31 wks. Locked my legs together to stop her. She arrived at 33+0 on my birthday

Those tests suck :joy: I had it done a dozen times and it would say positive (for labor in the next 2 weeks) and id be fine. Then it would say negative and they’d have to stop labor multiple times.
I went into labor starting at 23 weeks was hospitalized the remainder of the time and had no measurable cervix after.