Signs of labor?

Hi lovely mamas. Just a curious question. Any of you beautiful ladies nest when you are in labor? Ive given birth to three boys and the day of labor i just wanna clean and make sure not a rag is dirty and such… so just wondering if it only happens to me…

Thank you


One child. And no. I never got that urge. I did buy waaaayyy to much stuff and felt secure and prepared so maybe that is a form of it?

Im like that the night before my csections… I clean everything the day before and I only get like 2 hrs of sleep before I go in at 6am… I go through diaper bag over night bags you name it’s been touched like 100000 times lol…

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I want to nest but can’t because my husband is too perfect! He needs to sit his ass down & let me!
Plus we can’t set up her room until my stepson leaves for the summer. So it gives me extra time to buy room décor for her.
I have the urge, the want & need. But my husband is way too helpful!

My sister in law woke up and cleaned her whole house top to bottom and vacuumed the living room 4 times before she went to the hospital and was In full labor lol

I did with my second. I started with pains around midnight and knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep. So I made sure everything was ready and clean for when we got home. I let my husband and daughter sleep. When they woke up I told him her wasn’t going to work because he had no idea I was in labor. I even did my hair and makeup in between contractions. :joy: he kept trying to push me out the door and saying I couldn’t have the baby in our brand new car.

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I think it happens to everybody i had 5 kids and I went crazy like I was sterilized my house like If i was in the hospital or something

My mom went out and rode sleds with my cousins and then mopped the floor on her hands and knees then went to the hospital to have me

Prior ( maybe 2weeks before) I clean and have all in plac-all 4 pregnancies

I did like two days before i had my last daughter… I gone bat shit crazy and opened a window and started tossing shit out the window… I had just gotten back home from spending most of my pregnancy in the hospital and my daughters father just destroyed my house and lived like a complete pig… Hell i almost said fuck it and burn it down and call it a day… Called my mother and was freaking out because of it all and she just came and got me and i stayed with her and two days later was in labor… I ended up leaving his ass and never looked back… Can’t stand a filthy person… I almost think he did it on purpose…

That was my biggest nesting weekend lol

With my first i started pain t five in the morning woke up did breakfast thenstarted to clean and do laundry left home at 1 had baby at 1:26 second was induced with third water broke at 7 a.m. got up had breakfast went shopping a bit came home did laundry had lunch left to the hospital at 1 had baby at 1 46… my mom thinks im nuts lol

I’ve went through it as well but not particularly the day I went into labor. It usually starts like a month before.

I felt this way with my second a few hours before going into labour