Signs of labor?

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Okay momma’s serious question. I’m 27 weeks second pregnancy. I have been cramping bad enough all day literally all day the cramps would ease up then come back and feel stronger than the rest some not so strong but it’s been pretty bad. My back has a dull ache with them bad enough standing at times is a no go I already got checked out said my cervix isn’t dilated baby is moving bunches like always heartbeat staying at it’s normal 156 I’m having a girl. My son was born 36 weeks 4 days. Want some input cause they said drink more water I already drink a glass of water probably 3 times a day sometimes that’s all I drink but I also drink juice with my son and soda sometimes. What do all u ladies think am I just not able to tolerate pain well enough. Lol my water broke on it’s own with my son if it’s common for the next to be like the first


3 glasses of water a day is not enough. You’re probably dehydrated and the soda doesnt help with that


You should be drinking at least 100oz of water a day. Really 120oz when you’re pregnant. Not enough water can cause preterm labor.

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girl you should be drinking 120oz a day if not more

Lots more water and eat Bananas too. Potassium helps.


That’s not really enough water and with my second I just cramped a lot period idk why but I’d say it’s pretty normal
But defo drink plenty bc being dehydrated can make cramping worse and later on give you false labor contractions which apparently tea can do too which I didn’t know until I had them :woman_shrugging:t3::joy: coconut water is p good for keeping you hydrated or if you don’t like the taste it’s in body armor drinks and they have all kinds of flavors

More water. Soda Will dehydrate the body. 3 cups isn’t enough

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That’s not enough water you should be drinking way more water

dehydration is making you cramp

Drink more actual water…as suggested by your medical professionals

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Lmao 3 glasses of water?! Gorllll DRINK MORE​:clap::clap::clap:

Drink more water! I got bored with the flavor of water so I would cut up fruits and cucumbers to make it easier to keep drinking :blush:

You need a gallon of water a day. Other liquids do not count as water intake.

3 glasses of water is not near enough during pregnancy. I got admitted during pregnancy for the same symptoms and it was because I was dehydrated

Could be Braxton hicks that’s what it sounds like to me, also you should talk to your dr in case it’s not. You know when something isnt right. There are plenty of alternatives to just drinking water I couldn’t drink water at all after 20 weeks I would cry from the heart burn so your not alone with that. Soups and broths and other liquids count too :slight_smile: But please talk to your dr if you have concerns no one knows your body better than you and they can help you :blush: best of luck and congratulations!

Braxton hicks…alot of water

I had constant shooting pains with my son called round ligament pain. Always had me worried if I was going into labor but I heard it was very common

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You need a lot more water.

More water no soda and like big glass of water

Could be gas also. I was told by my doctor I could take gas x which helped.

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It could be that your body is stretching and shifting that’s why I cramped alot with my second pregnancy…

How much you weigh is how many ozs of water you should be drinking.

Expect your pregnancies to be different. Cut out pop, increase that water intake, it sounds like a combo of sciatica and braxton hicks.

If the doc advises to drink more fluids there is a reason and it probabaly is cause your cramping

No all babies are different. But if you keep hurting i would talk to my doctor.

If your dr is recommending water it’s because you’re having false labor contractions or braxton hicks, it’ll stop it from happening if you drink tons and I mean tons of water. 3 glasses isn’t nearly enough no matter how big the glass is that you’re drinking out of.

Everytime you drink water chug & count to ten (one second is usually 1 oz) it has helped me IMMENSELY to get enough water intake for the day.

you need to drink LOTS more water. Your baby LIVES IN WATER! 3 glasses a day is nothing! Lay on your side & DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!

Thanks ladies it was Braxton Hicks but I am a cm dilated