Signs of labor?

How did you ladies know you were in labor. As far as I know, my water hasn’t broken. However, since 8:30 pm last night, I have had runs and vomiting with cramping-like symptoms. I just wanna hear different labor stories. When do I say enough is enough to the throwing up. I’m not trying to be that woman that goes to the er, but I’m not keeping anything down. I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant. Any insight would be helpful.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Signs of labor?

I would go get checked this happened to me but they just told me my body was preparing itself.

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Call your doctor, if they dont have an after hours number go get checked at the hospital.

Please keep in mind that everyone’s labor is entirely their own. It’s different for everyone. You need to contact your OB or get seen at the ER.

Dehydration causes contractions- even if you are not in actual labor you should go in if you can’t keep anything down - they will at least give you some bags of fluids


I got woke up in the morning, walked to the bathroom to pee and my water broke as I was bout to sit. Lol I’m not pregnant. That was my experience

If the cramping is 5 minutes apart, go in. I didn’t realize I was in active labor until mine were 3 minutes apart. The contractions weren’t as intense as I expected them to be.

If you’re vomiting I recommend you call your provider give them an update and go from there.

Even if not labor, don’t get dehydrated

I woke up with lots of pain and pooping a lot !!

Go to the hospital…you’re dehydrated. I got sick a day or 2 after my daughter was sick and had the same symptoms. You need fluids. They will check you then go from there.


I was in labor for 4 days, but my water didn’t break until I was completely dilated. I was cramping really bad on the third day and had to constantly go to the bathroom. That’s when I went to the hospital and was admitted. Everyone’s labor is different tho, so it wouldn’t hurt to go get checked

I would definitely go to the doc… I was like that with my first and come to find out I was just really dehydrated and the placenta was doing everything it could to give what the baby needed

Go to er please don’t take chance with your life or your babies. I had dry birth with second son. So don’t wait for water to break you might not have any left. I was wet whole pregnancy

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Exactly like that all three times lol

my daughter just had some cramping she called it that lolz but was contractions she laughed at us as we packed up the whole car to prepare for delivery we took her to the labor and delivery at her hospital for delivery and yep we were on it almost 24 hrs later my gb was here better save to just be checked🥰also my daughter was 37 weeks and water unbroken to but labor started better to just get checked best of luck to u!

I thought I was Constipated with my first one. Sit on the toilet for almost 7 hours until my doctor’s appointment. I was dilated to 4 1/2 and thinned out 80% :rofl::woman_facepalming:

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My water broke I thought it was pee, i was throwing up and over heating in a snow storm

IF you have gone more than 6 Hrs with out being able to hold anything down you have to go to the ER anyway… They will Do an Infusion to hydrate you. Good luck


You will know when it’s “go time” — your body was perfectly designed for the process. But do check in with your doctor, to make sure everything is ok. Good luck!:four_leaf_clover:

Early labor, get checked!

With my first I went into labor at 37 weeks 5 days on my own. Got to the hospital at 8cm and my water never broke, the doctor had to break it. Definitely go to doctors and get checked!

This was happening to me at 37 weeks my OB prescribed me zofran for vomiting and it helped instantly.

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I had vomiting cramping while I was in labor went to the dr was 8cm dilated no contractions

That’s your body getting ready for labor. Keep hydrated though.

That was me in labor for the first like 8 hours then the contractions kicked in hard and I gave birth in like 10 mins lol I’d go in

I experienced your symptoms around 38 weeks with all 4 of my oldest children and went into labor 2 weeks later

I ignored those symptoms not wanting to be THAT chick and barely made it to the hospital. 30 minutes after we parked my baby was born. No time for an epidural, the dr. Barely made it to the hospital and my SO didn’t make it into the room until just after she was born and I was delivering the placenta.

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Go to the hospital that sounds like labor to me.

although that did not happen to me, at least not with my first three, i know a lot of people this happened to. i wouldn’t say it’s quite active labor, BUT for those i know who’ve dealt with that it usually started within a couple days. i was told sometimes people’s bodies basically clean them out before labor truly starts which is far better than it doing it DURING labor. but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to call your doctor just to be on the safe side and hear what they have to say… they may want you to come in or at least can tell you at what point they should. good luck mama :pray:t3:

The doctor had to break my water! I had the runs the day before going into labor. The night before I lost my mucus plug and had steady contractions that slowly got closer together and more painful.

Had diarrhea almost didn’t get to hospital

Sounds like you have a virus you will have pain in your belly a different kind for labor

What did your OB say? Usually it’s when the pain last about a minute every 5 minutes for a hr
then head to the hospital. If it becomes too unbearable with the runs & vomiting…i still would head to the hospital. You don’t need to be dehydrated. Now as for the runs… it’s always good most of its out before you start pushing…:grin:

My water broke at around 1am with my first. I didnt know i thought i just peed on myself. Cleaned up went back to sleep until 8 am, woke up contracting. Turns out she pooped and inside me so it had a yellow tent. Born at 11:03 that night healthy as can be.

I noticed by the contractions coming in waves my first time around. I woke up to a funky pain. It seemed to be worse than brackston Hicks. Its hard describe but basically I felt like it ran down my whole belly and back to my bottom. Being sick the way you are Could be early signs of labor as well. Don’t worry about being that girl. You being dehydrated stresses the baby and your body which is no good for either of you

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You’ll know. It isn’t cramps.

Your body is likely preparing for labor! I had to same systoms and about 48hrs later my water broke.

I definitely had diarrhea about a week prior to birth. Your body could be transitioning

1st bub was induced.
2nd bub I thought I pissed the bed as I ran to the toilet because waters just kept coming :joy: and then the contractions started.
3rd. I woke to contractions and losing my mucus plug.
Everybody is different, better safe then sorry. Go & get checked, all the best :blush:

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The day before labor all I wanted to clean so we scrubbed my friends kitchen (had it heavily ventilated ) the next day I was crampy and just wanted to nap, I went into work and felt pain (they took me off the schedule 2 weeks before and they don’t pay maternity leave) so of course I took washing dishes for a few hours in labor. I told my boyfriend at the time “be ready if we have to leave in the middle of the night” couldn’t sleep due to contractions, well daylight came he went to work, I took a nap instead of showering and as soon as I laid down water ruptured! So 30 mins of waiting for my mom ate since I knew I wasn’t going to be eating, 45 mins to the hospital crying, 4 hours later epidural, 4 more hours later rushed for an emergency c section but didn’t have to have and 3 hours later and 1 hour of pushing she was here!

We never want to be “that chick” but its better to be safe than sorry!! Go get checked out.

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Unfortunately I was never able to go into labor on my own. With my son who was born in Aug 2016, I was induced as I was 42wks & 1 day. He didnt want to come out lol. I was also induced with my daughter who was born Aug 2017. She was a preemie & needed out before she caught CMV. She was so so tiny, her clothes fit baby dolls. But now I have 2 happy & healthy kids that are 3 & 4 & turning 4 & 5 in August.

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Call your Dr. Especially if you can’t keep anything down. Dehydration causes contractions as well.


Even if its not labour, go into hospital if your not able to keep anything down and having D&V you could become severly dehydrated and that could cause harm in pregnancy.


Well either way. Force fluids and rest. Cause all that going on will throw you into labor.

Throwing up for me is how I know I’m in labor!

2 kids and honestly I have no idea :woman_shrugging:t3::joy: with my first I didn’t have a single contraction until my water broke and she was born 10 hrs later. My second I was in “non progressing ” bs labor for 7 weeks with contractions 5 mins or less apart sometimes even 2 mins apart. Then ended up getting induced and she was here 4 hrs later

I had to go to hospital like 3 times before my cervix would progress enough to deliver with my last 2 kids. I wouldn’t worry about “being that chick” I would just worry about how uncomfortable it is to repeatedly get your cervix checked when you’re contracting. I got checked like 3 times per visit. Every nurse and dr estimated progression differently. Part of my body was trying to force the kids out and part was trying to keep them in. It’s better to be safe than sorry for a plethora of reasons

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go to the hospital, better safe than sorry.


I had horrible case of the stomach flu when I was pregnant. I had to be admitted to the hospital because I couldn’t keep anything down, and was violently throwing up. Call your dr office and speak with a nurse or call labor and delivery at the hospital you will use to deliver to get their opinion.


I personally didn’t have this happy but my sister n law couldn’t keep anything down. She actually thought she had food poisoning and she ended up being in labor

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I just had back pain like cramps and vomiting when I was in labor with my second. It wasn’t a terrible pain, I didn’t think I was in labor but everyone told me to go to the ER

You should be seen. You’re likely dehydrated which can cause cramping/contractions that aren’t usually productive contractions (yes, sometimes they can be productive and cause dilation, however usually they’re not productive contractions). And for some people, this is just what labor can be like too. Either way I would go get checked out. Worst case they give you fluids and send you home.


Mine were different with all 3. First one, water broke in my sleep. Second one, I had contractions so I went to the hospital… 11 hours later, they broke my water. Third one, I was induced because she was small so I had a set time/date.

Never hurts to check! I had some stomach bug at 38 weeks and was sure was in labor due to consistent contractions (4th baby) but was caused by the vomiting/dehydration. They gave me meds and fluids and monitored and was sent home til baby came two weeks later!

My mucus plug came out then started with contractions

OB nurse here. You can be dehydrated and dehydration can cause contractions. If you cant keep anything down and you have diarrhea, you may need to be seen for rehydration and meds. It may not be labor, but dehydration isn’t good for you


Literally that’s what I was experiencing when I found out I was in premature labor. My 2yr old was sick that week and I thought maybe I caught what he had,I couldn’t keep anything down I was puking and has the runs,water wouldn’t even stay down. I told my husband if it wasn’t gone by morning I was going to the ER ,sure enough I went there and they got me I to a room and started monitoring me. They gave me 2 bags of fluids and I was still having contractions, they told me I earned a room up in L&D(they were full when I first got there so I was in the ER) well my contractions kept coming even though I was hydrated,well they got me upstairs and checked me I was about 3cm, I was only 35.5 weeks they told me I was too far along to stop my labor(if I was in Labor) but it was also a little too early ,well few hours later i was at a 5cm and my contractions we’re coming more frequently,they finally called it premature labor and moved me into a delivery room and by 6cm they popped my water and about 8pm I finally got my epidural and they had to give me pitocin cause my contractions and back off and we had to get the baby out cause my water had already been popped and then being in labor all day at 12.47 am on April 10 I had my baby boy

Consistent contractions. Bloody show and my water only broke with 1 of my 5 kids. I only had bloody show with 2 of my kids. Went #2 a lot the day I was in early labor with #4.

I had all symptoms you’re describing, although it was just braxton hicks, track your pain, how often you’re having them, and how far apart they’re. If you can’t keep anything down id go into labor and delivery. You dont want to get dehydrated. Your body is showing signs of getting ready for labor. I wouldnt worry about being “that girl” who comes in everyday. I’d go in. They’ll also check to see how progressed you are. Sometimes they’ll even swipe your membrane, if they get permission from your OB.

Call your OB, they will advise you if you need to go in or not

I never knew I was in labour I had a sore leg and hip just went to the hospital I was 5 and a half centimetres :rofl:

Call your OB or call your hospital labor and delivery unit and they will tell you if you need to come in to be checked out or given fluids

I had a horrible stomach bug when I was pregnant and thought it was just me being pregnant. But 3 days later I was back to normal. I’d say if you go 72 hours without getting better you need to go to the dr.

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GO to the ER. I was that person and almost lost my son because of it, dehydration can take it’s toll so quickly on a fetus and cause a number of other issues. I will never wait again especially while pregnant. GO GO GO.

I had severe back pain for week or two and then waters went but I think everyone’s different. If you’re really sick get checked