Signs of labor?

How did you ladies know you were in labor. As far as I know, my water hasn’t broken. However, since 8:30 pm last night, I have had runs and vomiting with cramping-like symptoms. I just wanna hear different labor stories. When do I say enough is enough to the throwing up. I’m not trying to be that woman that goes to the er, but I’m not keeping anything down. I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant. Any insight would be helpful.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Signs of labor?

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Could be dehydration, a stomach bug, your body getting ready…or…it could be labour. Is baby moving? Do you feel low back pressure? Any signs of mucus plug? Go to the hospital and get checked out, have a non stress test. Better safe than sorry.
I had one baby come at 37 weeks, and got induced for another at 37 weeks.

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If you can not keep anything down you need to go in to the hospital. You do not want to get dehydrated


You might dehydrate. Effects your pregnancy I would go to ER.


My sisters water didn’t break with her second born until right before little one made her arrival! Always better to be safe than sorry, I’d go. Praying for you and your baby to be healthy and happy :two_hearts:

Rather safe than sorry …I would get medical advice and be seen! :grin:


Better safe than sorry. With the vomiting and diareah being consistent I’d be worried about dehydration.

I bled profusely with rolling contractions going up my back. Delivered by vertical c-section an extreme preemie at 24 weeks after water broke. He’s doing great today! :two_hearts:


If you can’t keep anything down I think you should go to emergency. Better to make sure you and baby are doing ok. Sorry but I didn’t have that when I was getting ready for my kids. Good luck to you

Your body is doing a natural cleaning out. I would go at least get checked. Always better to be safe than sorry. My 1st I was in labor and didn’t even know it and my water broke and within an hour I had my beautiful baby girl. Good luck

As a degrees RN, you and the baby could be in danger. Go Go Go.


Better safe than sorry. Go to er throwing up is distressing your child.

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If you can’t keep anything down, especially at the end of your pregnancy it would probably be a good idea to go in for the health of you and baby :slight_smile:


My water broke in the shower as I was shaving my legs for a doctor’s appointment. I felt a sharp pop. 30 minutes later at the doctor’s office I was told to go ahead over to the hospital because I was in labor. 3 hours later my son was born. The doctor didn’t make it there in time to deliver him, it all happened very quickly.

My last of 4 pregnancies. I had diarrhea and cramps most the day . We went to get food for other 3 kids and when at drive up window I told my husband hurry we got to go to hospital. Called my mom to sit with kids and off we went. One hour and one minute later she was born. Don t wait to long to be checked. All of my other I had regular contractions and knew when to go. They were all a little different. Only the first one my water broke before any other symptoms.


My lower back felt like I was being kicked hard. And, as painful as walking was, the more in labor I got, sitting just was torture. Felt like a knife was jammed up inside me.


I think you should call your doctor. It probably is a “bug,” but better safe than sorry.

I remember those day with my son n got real bad acid reflux about three months after he was born

I have 2 kods both boys and my doctor had to break my water both times but I know I was in labor because my contractions would be consistent time apart and time length

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They kept describing real labor as a girdle like contraction over the belly, I just felt constipated?! Then the urge to push started 3 minutes between—my neighbor (a nurse) rushed me to hospital where it settles down, I had a 16 hour labor. Husband got there in plenty of time. Noon to 9:30 PM. :roll_eyes: and everything went smooth after that!

I vomited and had the runs just before contractions got bad. I got in “trouble” for not coming in sooner.


My first baby, my water broke and went to the hospital. Then delivered 18 hours later. The second, my labor pains started, went to hospital and 45 mins later, baby came! But I agree with the other comments. Prevent dehydration.


I had morning sickness my entire pregnancy. I was 2 1/2 weeks before my due date so I thought it was Braxton hicks. That went on all night and then I got up to have my regular regurgitation when it suddenly felt like I peed my pants. But it wasn’t pee, my water broke. Then my MIL rushed me to the hospital and my daughter was born very shortly after.

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It sounds like a virus. I had 7 children and none were ever preceded by diarrhea and vomiting.


My water never broke, it slowly dripped over a period of 2 days. When the pain was finally so unbearable and I went to the hospital I was dilated to 10, no time to waste and not even an aspirin for pain. Get to the hospital now.

Yes hun your 37 wks pregnant is Obviously your
1st I’d Go to hospital a.s.a.p. the baby could be ready and telling you, your water dont necessarily have to break I wouldnt leave it going E.R for you hun, hoping all turns our for you even if your vomiting the Babies not eating that’s another reason


Call your doctor before you are dehydrated. FB is not the place to get this answered.


Have you been timing the cramps or are they there constantly? My water had to be broken at the hospital with both boys. My first I had front contractions. My second I had back labor. If the cramping comes and goes, you’re probably having contractions. If that is the case, get to the hospital!!!


With both my girls I went in for my regular Dr. appointment and they told me I was in labor. I only had a slight stomachache and to go home to pack my bag and go to the hospital. That took me all of 40 minutes and 10 minutes later and 14 minutes later my sweet little girls were born. Went home the next morning and with each one when I got home I planted my vegetable garden while my husband had bonding time with them.


That’s exactly what was happening to me to a T! I went to the hospital and was 6 cm dialated. In labor. They said that the throwing up and diarrhea was my body getting ready for labor. I thought I had a stomach bug! Went to the OBGYN earlier that day and wasn’t dialated at all. Then the next morning at 4 am I decided to go to emergency and boom , happen so fast. They also had to break my water after I got there. Time your cramping it may be contractions

I had the same symptoms with my second pregnancy…went to emerg thinking I had a horrible flu, turned out it was labor


Go to the ER, the last thing you don’t need is to be dehydrated. They will probably give you something for vomiting and an IV so you don’t dehydrate.

I’ve had 6 babies and each labor was different but if you have been vomiting then you should go to ER even if it’s just for an IV to hydrate you. Then they can check you there and will know what’s next.

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My 1st i was already in hospital about to be induced My 2nd I had zero clue what was going on. I asked my mom how do I know? I was just super uncomfortable, couldn’t sleep, no pain, some Braxton-hicks (or so I thought). She said let’s go to hospital just in case. Turns out I was 5-6 cm. Nurse joked, “Glad you decided join us when you did”. Dr had to break my water

I’ve never heard of those symptoms for labor. I certainly would call your doctor.

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Absolutely go in cramping puking and diahrea is a bad sign


If you cant keep anything down and have watery stool your probably dehydrated and that can cause cramping. Go to ER and get fluids. Let them decide if it’s just illness or labor. Dont play with your little ones health

You can’t keep on with the diareah and cramping. At this stage in your pregnancy you need to go to emergency room. Are you running a fever? Get there asap

I had my daughter 2 weeks early. My water did not break. I had a couple of sharp pains. Just showed up at hospital and was 8 cm dilated. Just go. The worse that can happen is they send you home. God bless you and the baby and congratulations!!!


Call your OB and then follow that advice. My water broke and I never went into labor. I eventually was given the choice of C section or induction. I chose the Section with no regrets.

I was in full labor full contractions no pain what so very I ask them to do a black but no one agree to deliver him that way so I had to have C-section.

I would say 24 hours is enough. Does not take long to get dehydrated and that’s not good for either of you.

You need to go in, you will be dehydrated before you realize it. If your throwing up and have the runs.

My water never broke and with my son my waters didn’t break until he was on his way out in the birth canal I felt a gush and his head came with it.

Go to the hospital, I’ve had 3 kids and when I started vomiting was when I was in transition. Daughters 2 and 3 born with in hours after vomiting.

You have to be.careful you don’t get dehydrated with the vomiting. I would call your doctor.

Go to the doctor you will dehydrate easy probably all ready are dehydration can bring on labor cause heart palpitations.

My water broke at 930 pm didn’t go to hospital til 1030 had him at 1017 am the next day

I had alot of cramps and pressure. 30 years ago they gave you an enema

Every pregnancy is different…call your doctor the baby might be stressing …do Yu feels movements

Call your on call doctor. You don’t want to her dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea!! I had contractions and water break.
Cramping extremely hard

I was in labor for over 15 hours and my water had not broken. They had to break my water in the delivery room to get my baby to be born!Then they had tout me under to finish delivering him.

You will know when its labor. Your water will break they say when your labor gets to a certain point your face will tell it all.

Go on to the er, shouldn’t be vomiting at 37 months. Might be something else.

I was told you will know the difference between Braxton and actual labour…I find myself saying the same thing lol. You definitely know when ya know lol

You need to call your doctor and see what he/she says…no to alarm you,but my niece did this then delivered a still born baby at 33 weeks…If your doctor is not available go to the ER.

I had the same thing and Pharmacist gave me peragroic to take. I went to sleep from it and woke up to labor pains to quick and very hard. My baby was born with a swelling on his head from labor being so hard. He was fine though.

A lot of woman do not have their water break until they have been in labor a long time! It is usually on TV or in movies that your water breaks and you immediately have a baby!

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Yes go in! To be checked out. I did that too not good idea. Go in & be checked out

These symptoms can be many things when you are pregnant call your dr. Or go to the hospital.

Had hard pains in my back…they had to break my water in the hospital

If your water broke i would go to the ER they saying giving a dry birth isnt good

Call your OB and let them know what is going on. You don’t want to get dehydrated. Your OB can tell you what to do. Good luck, luv. Take care of that little one and take care of you!


Id be seen right now. Vomiting and the runs is not normal labor,
And could indicate a big problem. Dont wait. Get checked out now

I did that the day before I went into labor on my second baby.

And Facebook is where you checked first? :frowning_face_with_open_mouth::mask:


Your are in labor your water has not broken yet

No sure my first went from nothing to labor to baby in 9 min

None of us are doctors. Better not to take risks.

I have had 8 kids and I had to get the hospital to break my waters

Go to the ER don’t wait everyone is different and has different symptoms.

With miss 5 i knewmimwas going to have her on time she was due on the -5th september and had her at 2.38 16th september on the 13th i had a backache and cramps and the runs alday then started having irrefulaar contactions on the overnight the 13th the contactions were becoming regular and were mild and became closer together i laboured at home 13th 14th and untill 8.45pm the 15th met my midwife at 9pm on the 15th at the local bithing home laboured there untill her birth at 2.38 am with mr 3 i had the runs and a backache allday with a few random contradictions i went to bed slept all night woke up did my normal morni g things and felt very sluggish had back ache etc i hung out a load of laundry on the clothes line at about 8 am and had this weird feeling thay i was going tomstart labouring very soon at 8.10am i lost my mucus plug at 8.30 i started labouring and progressed quickly giving birth at 11.40 am

Call your Doctor. He may want to bring you in for IV therapy. Don’t want to get dehydrated. Good luck!


Sorry to be scary. These are also the symptoms of COVID

You need to go to the hospital cause you could get an infection


I had them an they told me to get up there


Call your doctor. My water never broke. They broke it in the hospital.


Get your butt to the hospital. You need to keep liquids down for the baby and yourself


You don’t want to get dehydrated. I would check with my dr before the weekenc

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You should go to the ER…better safe than sorry!

Be an awesome mom and get to the hospital now

No call dr. I dont wanted dehydrate


Get to the ER to be safe the vomiting is not to cool,

Go to ER, dehydration in a 37 week pregnancy is not good.

Go to the hospital. I need iv fluids

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You need to seek medical advice.

Get checked out! Better safe than sorry!

The runs is the best sign of labor

You should go be checked out you don’t want to get dehydrated

Yes that’s what happened to me. Call your doctor

Labour actual pain always start from lower back and comes to front…
My labour pain lasted 20 hrs
And my baby girl was born on 14 th February :heart::heart:

Everyone is different, you should probably go get checked

Contact your midwife… not face book… far to many opinions

I think you should go ask the doctor a real doctor

Call your doctor or midwife

Hope you will get to medical care soon. Blessings

Go get checked out. If if not in labor, you could get dehydrated

You need to call your dr get medical advise.

Call your doctor if it’s after hours they will contact him. Every labor is different. Call your doctor immediately